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VU Meter
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Oct 24, 2016 @ 5:33pm
Jul 1 @ 8:47am
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VU Meter

A basic VU meter. Responsive to Audio. A bunch of configuration options included now too.

Wallpaper now supports translations. If you want to help out with translations see this topic:

For bug reports/suggestions regarding the translation site see this topic: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/786782443/1698293068430393747/

Current translations: English, Dutch ( 98% ), Chinese

Chinese Version / 中文版
Wallpaper has be updated to be multilingual . You can pick your language via Wallpaper Engines' settings panel: https://imgur.com/tsZbmWg

壁纸已更新为多语言。 如果您想继续使用中文,请将Wallpaper Engine设置更改为中文: https://imgur.com/VQnpVsR

Original Chinese version:

For other translations, please hold on until we can add translations into this wallpaper. I have done the chineese version as 80% of the users are chineese, but would like to have all translations in this wallpaper when it is possible to add them.

- Can change background color ( gradients possible )
- Can use background image
- Can alter the 2 color gradient of the "leds"
- Can alter transparency/opacity
- Can change light orientation.
- Can alter light size and bar count.
- Adjusted to FPS settings
- Adjust margins to offset from screen edge. ( currently still somewhat limited for multi-screen users )
- Toggle Normalizing the FFT data. Normalization was the default, can turn it off if you wish
- Can adjust amplitude ( seperately from normalization )
- Can hide "leds" when there is no audio.
- Can reverse audio frequences. So lows and highs will reverse.
- Added option for smoothing. This is not averaging over time, but more like a blur effect, smoothing out the peaks and valleys of the data.
- Can adjust the shape of the VU meter to match a surface in your background screenshot.
- Color Rotation option. Color rotation is based off selected colors so you can still use gradients for those.

Show me your creations!

No background images included, screenshots are just an example. https://www.reddit.com/r/wallpapers/ is where I pulled most from over the years.

Presets were ( are now ) not supported, some examples settings can be found under the wallpapers discussions: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/discussions/786782443

Positioning Explained

Not reacting to audio
Check the sticky, it mentions several reasons for wallpapers not reacting to audio.

Update notes
[Removed old notes]
Renamed "Background Gradient/Image" to a more logical "Use background Image"
The color fading use to display the full area when adjusting positioning now shows longer. Also tweaked the effect a little to use less CPU.
Added additional positioning system which should work more accurate when using a background image. This is mainly aimed to be able to copy the settings better from one system to another. I will be updating the existing settings under discussions in the coming days.
Added some extra explanations in the settings themselves around the positioning system.
Added Top/Bottom layout
Added color rotation ( cpu intensive option, but added setting to compensate for that )
Added option to animate when silent, instead of hiding or doing nothing.
"Hide when Silent" is renamed to "When silent", where you can find the animate option.
When starting music or whatever after a long periode of silence, the screen doesnt max out like it did before. The "normalization" values are reset now to instantly adjust.
Merged positioning option and autotmatically hiding settings depending on what you will be using. This also means that for the few that might have been using margin settings in addition to positioning setttings might have their vu meter reposition as from now on its either one or the other.
Added slideshow.
Fixed 2 small bugs in the slideshow
Added option to enabledisable individual slideshow transitions
Removed unused "use background image" option
Fixed bug in color rotation option that caused leds to "hang"
Fixed bug with screen center positioning in the last update.
Fixed settings not working if selected background image got removed
Added option to disable flashing when adjusting position options.
Fixed Animate when Silent animation not showing when audio was not normalized.
Updated background code to include support for a single video. This also caused some reordering and updating of those settings.
Fixed background video restarting instead of resuming where it was paused.
Fixed bug where selecting a background video while the wallpaper is paused would cause the video to be played instead of queued to be played when the wallpaper resumes resulting in unnecessary cpu usage.
Reuploaded with correct project.json. Last update included a test version not ment for public use
Translations Update
Added Left/Right option for orientation/layout option.
Fixed bug where "Image Size" option might not have been shown
Added "silence threshold" option. To be used to adjust what "silent" means and have the wallpaper ignore soft noise that some applications have.
Fixed bug where screen based positioning didn't work without an image
Modified Edge offset to allow negative values
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Jun 6 @ 11:39am
The wallpaperPropertyListener needs to be created outside onLoad event
Apr 16 @ 5:49am
Need help ?
Apr 16 @ 5:35pm
removing the back ground color?
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Squee  [author] Jun 21 @ 3:49pm 
Yeah PNG work just fine. I have the option in another wallpaper already. It should be easy enough but can't make any promise when I will be adding it.
Snuggles Jun 21 @ 11:21am 
Any thoughts of adding a foreground option that would appear in front of the visualiser? Assuming images with transparency work the way i'm expecting them to.
Squee  [author] May 26 @ 1:54pm 
To clarify, would you want only the left channel on the left side of the screen? Would you want the right channel at the top of the screen? Or are you already using the positioning options?
Squee  [author] May 26 @ 1:51pm 
Have you used the positioning system? In that case the positioning system might help ( thought I found out I got a bug in it somehow that I am fixing ATM, will update tomorrow after I test some more )

If you use the wallpaper fullscreen ( so haven't altered anything with the positioning ), you could basically use the positioning system to stretch it so that half falls offscreen ( after I fix this bug that is ). If that is the case I could explain how to get the right coordinates for what you want to do.

Let me know what exactly you are looking for. I ask as if I would only be displaying a single channel I would have to write/update all the calculations for the different layouts. So if it is achievable via positioning that would save me a lot of time.
Vash May 26 @ 2:21am 
thank you a ton for adding left only and right only selections i hugely apreciate it but 1 more request is it possible to add an option to select audio channel? left right and both or.... some way to achieve it?
alecman3k Apr 18 @ 10:17pm 
Thank you! Awesome Content you got here.
Squee  [author] Apr 18 @ 5:28pm 
If you look under the discussions of this wallpaper ( link at top of page ) there are some old threads labeled "wallpaper build". Some of them are how to setup some of the examples images that go with this wallpaper and some are community created .. Don't forget to look on page 2 of the discussions for more :)
alecman3k Apr 18 @ 2:18pm 
Oh nevermind I think I get it now. I was under the impression that there are presets or something to change how everything looks, more like a theme i guess? Anyways thanks for the info i'll mess around with it and see what I can do :D.
Squee  [author] Apr 18 @ 10:41am 
what do you mean other visualizations?

If you mean different wallpapers, then right click on the wallpaper engine icon in the tasktray, and select change wallpaper to open the wallpaper browsers.

If you mean change how this wallpaper looks, open the wallpaper browser as described above, and on the right you will find settings to play with.

Wallpaper Engine also supports saving your own presets and loading them again if you click on the line behind "Properties" at the top of the ( wallpaper ) settings on the right of the wallpaper browser.
alecman3k Apr 18 @ 6:14am 
How do I switch to other visualization? Sorry i'm new to this.