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Interesting Recruits!
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Interesting Recruits!

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A relatively low-key mod that adds in a multitude of Unique followers who will each have their own unique set of dialogue and dialogue package.

The mod also aims to achieve to give each unique follower its own dialogue package or otherwise improve them if one already exists.

The mod includes a variety of basic followers which will allow you to diversify your squads' skillsets, appearances, in-game lore, and your own cute little head canons.

Unique Followers include: Grimm, Yunomi, Mikael, L' Cie, Okuro, Katharciss, Optic, Orphis, Palach, Pepssim, Opsmit, Gnume, Ordis, Eldritch, Potpourri, Kazakh, Tyran, Delend, Arien, Tortuga, Elizabeth, Irdat, Slezkh, Josef, and Yiannas.

Please note that Unique Followers will "Fast Join" your squad, meaning you will not be able to edit them without taking them to a plastic surgeon. This is intended. I did this to showcase the unique followers as presented, make the game feel more as if you are simply another person wandering Kenshi's roads, (I wonder what they'll name the continent...), and also to prevent crashes regarding Katharciss and Delend's cannibal tattoos in the editor.

Basic Followers include: Thieves for Hire, Wayfaring Monks, Disgraced Ninja, Out of Luck Shop Keepers, Bored Citzens, Bored Farmers, Bored Shop Guards, Beggars, Disillusioned Slavers, Embezzlers, Heretics, Escaped Slaves, Ex-Caravan Guards, Ex-Cops, Exiles, Failed Samurai Recruits; Mercenary Captains, Heavies, and Soldiers; Reformed Bandits, Ronin, Tribal Shek Warriors,Broken Thralls,Incapacitated Hive Princes, Incapacitated Flotsam Scouts, Incapacitated Holy Servants, Incapcitated Wanderers, Curious Hive Princes and both Veteran and Washed Up Holy Nation Soldiers.

::Current To-Do List::
1:Dialogue Packages for Uniques and Basics.
1A: Timing fixes and additional dialogue lines.
2: Unique Dialogue Trees
3: Recruitment Dialogue on listed Unique Recruits
4: Wandering Recruits as slaves that need to be freed!
5: Moar Basic Followers- Suggestions welcome!
5A: Skeleton Basics
6: Agents of Narko Mercenary Shop
7:Retrofit Versions
8.Update on Lo-Fi Forum and Nexus Mods
9. Get other races in on the mix.
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ngonStrafe Apr 17 @ 7:03am 
Conceptually a great mod, and of the characters I have recruited I've liked all of them. But it's all but impossible to find a number of the OG uniques, so if that bothers you, give this a pass until OP updates again. That said, if you're sick of seeing e.g. Ruka and Griffin in every game, this will alleviate that.

Forewarned is forearmed here - nothing like trekking your squad halfway across a continent to pick up a specific Unique only for them to be absent, replaced by a character with solid visual design but far less backstory or dialogue.
Josef Senpai  [author] Mar 31 @ 7:16pm 
Yes, they do. I do play the game every now and again to see them myself, lol. I did double check the way I have it all set up as you're not the first to mention that you're not seeing them, I can see why. Looks like at one point I may have deleted my recruit list for UC and simply merged it the Vanilla recruitment lists, I didn't realize I did that. I can confirm they will still spawn just about anywhere that has a bar that's not Black Desert City (right now, at least), but the UC bars do have a much more limited chance of receiving the basic recruits. In addition, the Shek Kingdom has a significantly more limited chance as well, but that's on purpose. I'll get on expanding the lists ASAP.
So, do the 'basic' followers ever actually spawn? I can never seem to find any.
Josef Senpai  [author] Mar 30 @ 8:07pm 
@TermiNATE(Sub to PewDiePie): Added to the bug tracker.
@A Big Ball of Meat: That's why it says that they will have their own unique set of dialogue and dialogue package. I ain't done yet, bruttah :D
A Big Ball of Meat Mar 30 @ 9:47am 
The description of the mod says they have custom dialogue. I keep encountering OP recruits that are free and have no dialogue built.
teammatenateTV Mar 29 @ 8:55am 
When attacking these people in the bar nobody else cares but other recruits from this mod. Also if you take their clothes its does not count as stealing. But otherwise great mod adds some depth to kenshi.
Josef Senpai  [author] Mar 28 @ 6:27pm 
That depends, most of the unique followers have their own unique dialogue for recruitment, however most of them don't have a unique dialogue "package", so they don't all have their own weird little quirks and one-liners that everyone else has. I also wanted to add more dialogue to the packages of my basic followers as well, but that's tedious and takes time. About 6 of the unique followers are in need of recruitment dialogue, and 18 of them are in need of Dialogue Packages.
DizzyCrash Mar 28 @ 2:04pm 
Wait... .they dont have custom dialogue yet?
Warlord Knight Mar 21 @ 10:10am 
@Josef Senpai I hoped you liked the Suggestion, I made the characters in comics before, 'Sire and Billy the Squire', the Knight never had a name, but it was basically the Knight being a murderous, chivalrous warrior who's only good at bashing everything into the grave while his squire constantly backtalked him and they said quite a few 'explicit' words, never knowing how to really shut their mouth XD
It would be hilarious and amazing to see those two hooligans in this game.
Josef Senpai  [author] Mar 20 @ 10:08pm 
Sure, throw it in the Suggestions thread, I may make more as I feel inclined, lol.