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Oct 23, 2016 @ 12:16pm
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DESCRIPTION: ----> Single Player only!

This Mod adds other Survivors with basic AI that will spawn randomly into the world around you!

The main purose of this mod, is Not so much to add interactive and intelligent NPC experiences but
to add the chaos and mayham to the game that many people desire in their single player experiences by adding basic AI NPCs to the game. A skilled player can still make use of these NPCs, once partied with, can be given various orders to help with fighting and with working.

- Survivors are much more likely to spawn in town than out of town. Furthermore they are more likely to spawn inside buildings than out of buildings.
- Survivors may spawn in groups with a leader where the rest of the group follow the leader.
- Survivors can be hostile, with chance to be hostile increasing over time.
- Survivors may or may not go with you when you invite them to join you.
- Some Survivors are preset to spawn in certain exact locations with spesific characteristics.
- Hostile Survivors groups can spawn after a certain amount of days have passed and enter the area, certain traits may give you a warning that this event has happened.


- Most options can be found by simply right clicking on Survivors but there are hotkeys for some things aswell. Such as various orders you can give one or all your members to put them to work for you.
- Pressing Tab will toggle control through your party.
- Pressing backspace or clicking the pvp icon will toggle global pvp


- You can control the Survivors in your party by right clicking on them, choosing thier name and choosing "Control" or by pressing Tab.
- If you go too far away from your Main player, control will return to your main player.
- If you Die as a controlled player, control will return to your main player.
- If your main player Dies game will end even if you are controlling another Survivor

This mod has good support for and encorporates the items and machanics for the follow mods:
- Hydrocraft
- Driving Cars Mod
- Chainsaw Mod


- Single Player only!
- Survivors cannot run so they have slightly increased walk speed to make up for that.
- Survivors don't need to "Sleep" but they can still get tired (low endurance).
- Survivors have increased enduracne regen when idle. So let them stand somewhere idle to rest.
- Survivors need food & water
- Survivors will feed themselves from food in a bag they carry or by walking to food container like fridge if they are Idle and have no orders
- To ensure a Survivor has no orders and is Idle, just give them a "Come" command

If you want your survivors to be free to walk around your base and go fridge eat food ect. Give the order "Come" to them, because after they come to you from that order, the order is finished and they will have no current orders after that, and they assume they are allowed to wander a bit. if they are following orders like guard, stand ground, follow, patrol etc. they will never wander or go to find food in container


- Survivors are saved in the Map ModData which can sometimes be unreliable. Espesially if they game is not exited properly or from other in game errors, survivors may not save themselves into the map properly and will therefore dissapear next time you enter the game or return to the area.
If you think this happened to you and caused a loved survivor of yours to
Vanish, you may be able to restore him by going to where he disappeared, then hold down right shift and press M. This will force reload all survivors from save files.
- PVP is either globally on or globally off. Hostile survivors will force pvp on if they attack another player, so be aware of friendly fire.
- Survivors see bleach as a way out

There is a settings file you can edit to customize much of the settings:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\786130456\mods\Survivors\media\lua\client\settings.lua
Open it with notepad and edit the values as described in the file.
You need to reload lua or restart pz to make your changes to this file take effect

Record your adventure is the survivor stories discussions!

Thanks to GN88 and Mr_Sunshine for contributions to survivor dialogue
Thank Capt_Paradox on Discord for Designing and implementing the Military Blockade map AND the Hilltop Survivors Camp map!

If you would like to contribute to this mod, send me a message. I have a SVN code repo set up so we can easily support many contributors.

PLEASE don't post complaints about NPC development here.



Workshop ID: 786130456
Mod ID: Survivors
Map Folder: Hilltop Survivor Camp
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{S.A.M} Thorilin 20 minutes ago 
Hi, I have a little problem, i'm french so i play this game with an AZERTY keyboard, so i'm using the ZQSD controls, but when i press Z my character shout " Attack ", there is a solution to change that ?
likwidfingers 5 hours ago 
Haha...My NPC's just threw a coup!
My fault, i think. I may have shot one, accidentally, while clearing a hall. One second, im shooting into a cluster and the next 4 or 5 NPCs are f@@@ing me up. I obviously waited the 5 seconds or so to watch and see if my character would bite one of those sunzabithces. Nope. Katana to the face.
Funny as hell. Got to respect their pixel loyalty. I am going to head back, after grabbing something to shoot them all with.

God, i love/hate this game!
SkyLance Aug 18 @ 5:20pm 
Ahh well that explains it. I missed it but it was obviously removed for a good reason, updates wiping java edits you've made to get that working would be reason enough, it's that or copy/paste files after every update. Depends on how much editing you did to get it working, but I could see that getting annoying and tedious after a few weeks. Nice to hear that it may come back in the future though, hopefully RJ adds it in.

Anyway, not sure if you noticed it in my last post but I'll say it again: Good work with the mod, it's come a long way since it started. This mod has always given me the most fun in my many playthroughs. I just wanted to convey my gratitude, cheers!
nolanritchie  [author] Aug 18 @ 5:58am 
the full control feature was made with java edit which meant you had to past files into your pz install directory to install this mod. It also means that real updates to the game can break it and it has to be re-made once that happens. And thats what happened. I did however ask RJ to put in the function i made into the java class the next time the game updates so it can be re-added without pasting files some day.
SkyLance Aug 18 @ 2:08am 
What? Survivors had inventory and you could equip them with stuff? Damn it, why did I have to be gone when this was implemented. It's something I always wanted to see in the mod.

I'm assuming there was glitches with it and Nolan had to remove it. Is there any chance of this feature returning? Or is it a 100% no go?

Anyway, now that I have had my tantrum I'll say congratulations to Nolan for how this shaped up. It was always amonst my favourite mods but he's done a lot with it since I last played PZ. It's definitely come a long way since it started.

@Teacher, they won't join at all if they say "No! Leave me Alone!". I think it's to simulate paranoia, hysteria and distrust. At least that's how I read into it, you can test it with the nurse in Cortmans Medical. Shes a static named survivor so shes always there, in some games she will happily join you but in others she flat out refuses.
Teacher Aug 18 @ 1:54am 
ddable Aug 17 @ 9:55am 
The 1st option seem more probable.
ddable Aug 17 @ 9:52am 
I don't know, but last time i tried his buddy recently died. I don't know if it's because of this and you need to wait a bit until they calm down or if it's just scripted like that.
Teacher Aug 16 @ 9:49pm 
thanks for great Mod!

question:How can i make friends with survivors who says "No,leave me alone!" when invite he or she? Is there anyway I could?
dakotagau07 Aug 16 @ 8:20pm 
Also, they can't walk through gates, i assume zombies cannot either. Might wanna fix that :P