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Oct 23, 2016 @ 12:16pm
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INSTALL: ( THIS IS REQUIRED!!!!!!) - ingore this and survivors will be weaponles and copy your every move
go to this link:
to get a zombie folder download to paste into your pz install directory.
The survivors are spawned with the IsoPlayer class and need this This is the javaside fix to disable the keyboard and mouse input from controlling them.
This installation step is IN ADDITION to subscribing or copying to mods folder

disable all other mods. (until you get it working)
if you think you messed up your install files then reinstall.
roll back to stable version (NON IWBUMS Build). Then use this zombie folder dl:
You paste the zombie folder onto your zombie folder(merge) not in it so you end up with zombie/zombie/. merge and copy/replace when asked to confirm.


DESCRIPTION: ----> Single Player only!

This mod will make other survivors appear as you explore and team up with you!

Survivors spawn randomly when the map loads for the first time. Some survivors have preset locations where they will spawn. They may be friendly or hostile or neutral depending on your settings.lua file.


As of recent updates, many control options have been added to the menu when you right click on a survivor.

Backspace key to Toggle PVP (Recommended you keep OFF )
Hold END key down when near a survivor to MEDICAL CHECK (Or right click)
Hold HOME key down to rally your party to your location
Press - on your number pad decrease party follow distance
Press + on your number pad to increase party follow distance
Press Enter to toggle the Follow or Stay Command aka FollowMe
Press Pause/Break to disable recruiting and press it again to turn it back on

Use the [ ] Keys on your keyboard to toggle through these individual orders explained below. And then Press TAB to select ONE of your party then press Z to issue the command to the selected party member or X to give that command to everyone in your party. Current commands are Explained below:

Attack order will make a survivor go to where your mouse is pointing, and will attack anything they see along the way, including hostile survivors that they have not yet exchanged attacks in
Dismiss order will kick a member out of your team.
Explore order will make a party member wander around the general area until you say to do otherwise
Patrol order will make a party member walk back and forth between their current location and your location.
Guard order will make a party member come and stand at your current location in attack mode
Come order will make a party member come and stand at your current location
Chop wood will make a party member go chop wood if any near by and if they are holding an axe
Stand Ground will make a party member simply stand where he is and not move. They will still attack any zombie that comes within attack range.
Follow will set one party member into follow mode who will follow you even with FollowMe Mode off
Drop All order will force a party member to drop anything in his inventory that is not equipped
Drop Bag order will force a party member to Drop any and all bags even if equipped.
Forage order will make a party member wander around foraging.
To clear / stop a survivors current orders, Turn FollowMe ON and force party members to follow you either by holding HOME or moving beyond the Follow Distance

PVP is enabled so you can "accidently" harm or get harmed by survivors if your not careful. Or kill them on purpose, survivors have a chance to have a preper bag in their inventory with some supplies.
Survivors will retaliate against friendly fire
Push Backspace to toggle PVP

Right click on a survivor in your party when you are near him to swap weapons with him.

likewise you can also drop food or water at thier feet, and they will take it and consume it.

Survivor spawn rate can be tweaked in the settings.lua file
Survivors spawn much less in the wilderness / outside of town
Survivors spawn rate Much higher in buildings
Survivors spawn rate decreases in areas you have already explored

Some survivors will spawn hostile and will attack anyone human or zombie.
Hostile survivors will not spawn if you have pvp turned off.

survivors don't need to "Sleep" but they can still get tired (low endurance). They cannot "rest" but they have increased enduracne regen when idle. So let them stand somewhere idle to rest.

Other than sleep, survivors need just about everything you need. Like food and water etc. Survivors that get too hungry will turn hostile. SoBeware.

There is a settings file you can edit to customize much of the settings:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\786130456\mods\Survivors\media\lua\client\settings.lua
Open it with notepad and edit the values as described in the file.
You need to reload lua or restart pz to make your changes to this file take effect

Record your adventure is the survivor stories discussions!

Thanks to GN88 and Mr_Sunshine for contributions to survivor dialogue
Thank Capt_Paradox on Discord for Designing and implementing the Military Blockade map AND the Hilltop Survivors Camp map!

PLEASE don't post complaints about NPC development here.

Workshop ID: 786130456
Mod ID: Survivors
Map Folder: Hilltop Survivor Camp
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ddraigcymraeg  [author] 47 minutes ago 
@Staz: Yeah it is frustrating that this occasionally doesn't work for all players and their systems. Nolan has had to do a load of work to work around engine limitations and glitches (ummn... bugs) to get survivors to persist, since NPCs are an after thought in the game at the moment. I just had a long playthru and they worked fine for me, but I do have a new system.

as far as a player being invisible on the others screen in splitscreen, I will take another look at that when I get time and motivation. I never found this much a problem when I played splitscreen, but friendly fire when PVP is on when players are close to each other I can see being a problem, if players are not careful.
𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔃 2 hours ago 
By the way, if you ever need a french traduction of your mod, call me <3 xD
𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔃 3 hours ago 
It must be frustrating to not know the reason of a bug in your mods, aye?
𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔃 3 hours ago 
RSHIFT+M seems to have worked... Thanks for the info.
𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔃 3 hours ago 
Maybe is it caused by something in the save function? maybe the survivors aren't saved when the game save when closed...?
Ɛɭ Ɓʊɧɖąį 3 hours ago 
@nolanritchie I did right shift + m, and he appeared on my screen again! However, I disappeared on his screen. Is there any way you could fix this? For reference, I was Player 1, and added him as Player 2.
𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔃 3 hours ago 
Problem is, they literally don't appear in my party list anymore.... will it work anyway? otherwise, is there any way to spawn them manually? i like to only have ONE with me, so spawning ONE everytime wouldn't bother me..
nolanritchie  [author] 4 hours ago 
if it says setPlayerIndex not found do the install. it means you did not do, or did not do correctly, the part about downloading, unzipping and pasting the watch the install video closely, see what gets pasted where and what prompts shoudl come from your OS about replacing 3 files.
Tamers12345 4 hours ago 
Yes, though I dont find any new info about anything I haven't already done :/
nolanritchie  [author] 4 hours ago 
well, it says,"read the desc" did you do that?