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Cinematic Camera Extended
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Oct 22, 2016 @ 3:24pm
May 24, 2018 @ 11:10am
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Cinematic Camera Extended

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.10.0-f3 (Park Life)

Capture different camera positions and play a cinematic transition between them.

Extended version of Cinematic Camera by Icob.

Click on the clapboard icon (can be moved with right mouse button) at the bottom right of the screen or press C to display the user interface.

Click the + button or the + key on the keypad to capture the current position of the camera and add it to the path.
You need at least 2 captured points to be able to play a cinematic.

You can edit the easing (auto recommended), duration, delay and fov of each point to fit your needs.

The fps option
When enabled, the fps option will allow you to set a specific frame rate. It is important to note that the simulation will be in sync with the frame rate. One frame = one simulation step.

This is especially useful if you get stuttering because you can record at a lower, more stable frame rate with the simulation in sync and speed up your recording in post production for a smooth video.

Other options
- Playback speed: Speed up or slow down the speed of the playback.
- Hide UI during playback: Uncheck this to keep UI during playback. You can play the game normally during that time except for camera control.
- Unpause simulation: If checked the simulation will be unpaused when starting the playback.

Hit the Save/Load button to manage your saved paths.
Enter a name and click Save to save the current path.

The saved files can be found in the following folder %localappdata%\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\CinematicCameraExtended

C = toggle UI
C = stop playing
+ (keypad) = add point
- (keypad) = remove last point
Enter (keypad) = play

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borg2003 Apr 5 @ 1:29am 
This mod has only one, but it has a big drawback: the camera does not ignore collisions, which makes it impossible to take pictures from low points. This makes it a little sad. Is there anything you can do about it?
Mr_Bubbles6891 Apr 2 @ 8:42am 
Ultimate glitch-infested mod, this one is.
YNGDJA Mar 2 @ 5:54pm 
Is the camera for this mod still bound by the tiles you have unlocked or is it totally free?
PColumbus611 Feb 13 @ 1:23pm 
I encountered the following error when trying to take some cinematic shots of one of my cities...

Object is not synchronized [System.Threading.SynchronizationLockException]

No details
Jasa Feb 1 @ 4:47am 
Great work! thank you very much!
1373994326 Jan 30 @ 11:03pm 
livstealex Jan 19 @ 4:22pm 
Help Hi everyone, could anyone help me on this issue? When I zoom in, my screen is blur just like the screenshots below. Is it because of the resolution of my monitor? Or do I need to subscribe another mod to maximize everything? Thank you in advance~
ryl◯n Jan 18 @ 12:40pm 
Hi I'm trying to put together some cinematics of my city. Using the FPS limiter I noticed a problem in some recordings, part way through, seemingly when reaching the end of a keyframe and starting another, the FPS limiter will disengage, so the city is running at normal speed again. The camera speed remains slow, so after post-production suddenly all the cars and people speed up.

Have you encountered this before, any tips for how to avoid it?

-= Montana =- Dec 11, 2020 @ 5:18am 
Game crash with this mod.
Kaaiinn Dec 9, 2020 @ 12:26am 
I absolutely love this mod and have been using it for ages, however recently I have discovered that the first 'scene' I record using keyframes works fine... but if I set it to film another then the whole game crashes and I have to relaunch the entire game.

Having to relaunch the game for every cinematic is starting to get frustrating! I hope you can find the time to resolve this, your mod is one of the best.