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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Maids II: Deception - Supplementary Materials
By Enter_77
Add-ons, texture packs, ending cutscenes, walkthrough, download mirrors, developer credits, & more for the mod Maids II: Deception.
Recommended Archive Manager
Offsite packages are compressed using the 7z file format. Use 7-Zip[] for extraction when necessary.
One optional add-on is available for M2: Wild Encounters.
Texture Packs
The default textures included with M2 are on par with the texture resolution of vanilla Skyrim without any DLC or mods. Two optional high resolution texture packs are available. From lowest resolution increase to highest: High Resolution and Maximum Resolution.
Ending Cutscenes
Due to limitations on the accepted mod file structure on Steam Workshop, the ending custscenes for M2 must be downloaded and installed separately. While completing the M2 questline is possible without having the cutscenes installed, context will be lost. The cutscenes have been compressed into one package which can be downloaded from the site below:

Extract the Bink Video files (.bik) into the "\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data\Video\" folder in the Skyrim directory or use the preferred mod manager for automatic installation.
User Resources
The User Resources package contains the following content:
  • Uninstall Batch File (.txt)
    • A batch file for mod uninstallation. Intended as a last resort for when no backup saves are available. Read the instructions at the top of the document.
  • Remove Stuck Music Batch File (.txt)
    • A batch file to remove music added by the mod in the event it becomes stuck in a loop or all music ceases to play throughout TES5.
  • Brothel Price Calculation Sheet (.xls)
    • Prices for services offered in the Euphoria Palace Brothel. Irrelevant for those playing the Steam Workshop version of M2.
  • Map of Innocence (.png)
    • A diagram map of the Innocence dungeon layout.
  • Max Kasia Points (.pdf)
    • A chronological list of relationship points that can be acquired for Kasia during the questline.
  • Resource ID List (.docx)
    • Contains a list of base and reference IDs for NPCs, quests, scenes, and more.
  • Walkthrough (.pdf)
    • An illustrated walkthrough of M2's quests and features.

The User Resources package can be downloaded from one of the following sites:
Standard vs. Abridged
M2 was originally available only on Nexus Mods. In order for it to be published on other sites, several changes were made. Two variants of the mod now exist.

Standard is hosted on independent modding sites. This edition is the full version of the mod and may be updated in the future with new content.

Abridged is hosted only on Steam Workshop (TESV - Original) and Bethesda NET (TESV - Special Edition). To meet the requirements of each platform's terms of service, it removes the optional brothel system and disables certain NPC dialogue. It also does not come packaged with unique idle animations and the ending cutscenes due to these sites' file structure limitations. It will not be updated with any new content in the future, but it will continue to receive the same bug fixes as the Standard variant when applicable.

Both variants are convertible, meaning if you wish to switch from Abridged to Standard (or vice versa) then it is possible without incurring any conflicts.

TESV - Original

TESV - Special Edition

TESV - Special Edition
For a list of developers, voice actors, and other contributors who helped develop Maids II: Deception, download the Credits package from the site below. Included in the PDF document are links to mod pages of third party assets that were used in M2.
Please do not upload Maids II: Deception or a variant mod without permission. There are several assets in this mod that required explicit permission of use from their original creators.