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Oct 16, 2016 @ 5:49pm
Sep 16, 2017 @ 6:05pm
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Workshop of Horrors 2016
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Welcome to Camp Saxton!

Slasher is a one-of-a-kind Halloween map built from the ground up as an all-out Boss Rush Roulette map!

In addition to the King of the Hill gameplay, Slasher will also throw randomly-selected Halloween threats at you every 3 minutes! Merasmus, Monoculus, the Horseless Headless Horsemann, Skeletons, the Skeleton King, and good ol' Zepheniah Mann can all be thrown at you to take you and your team on!

If that's too much to handle, swing through the treacherous interdimensional Underworld to grab a rare spell and a powerfull buff to take them down!

Think you got what it takes to face the roulette and survive? Bet with your life and roll the dice!

Happy Halloween!


Update: 9/16/2017

- Fixed a bug where spell-casted Monoculus will have the same effect on the capture point as the Boss Monoculus - i.e. locked, timer paused, etc, courtesy of a fix from Valve.
- Merasmus now doubles as an announcer throughout the round, replacing The Administrator in full.
- Improved optimization brushwork.
- Increased round time to 7 minutes.
- Fixed leftover playerclip brushes that would get players caught on a set of doorframes.
- Changed any stair and underworld platform clips from playerclip to blockbullets.
- Fixed floating props.
- Completely rehauled 3d skybox.
- Fixed some displacements that were clipping through others.
- Scaled up water in the lake.
- Updated materials for the Totem Pole.
- Added more grass to the lower half of the map.
- Reduced overall grass sprites by 40% for optimization.
- Harshened prop fade distances.
- Updated detailing on the lakeside building routes out of the spawns.
- Raised the high route buildings.
- Fixed some Red textures that weren't changed on Blu.
- Fixed a road overlay that wasn't applying to part of its faces.
- Updated structure of the lakeside mid buildings for detailing renovations and optimization.
- Added cross-mid sightline blockers to lakeside paths.
- Fixed discrepancy in the rock symmetry between yards.
- Disabled nobuild on mid building rooftops.
- Added custom soundscapes.
- Lengthened mess hall buildings and revised their detailing.
- In addition to the Ghosts that patrol the map during the Haunting event, other Ghosts will now pop out of randomized points in the ground briefly to spook players in rapid succession.
- Fixed some pumpkin bombs spawning in world geometry.
- Updated FX for when a Boss is spawning in.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the first roulette spin wouldn't happen for over 3-4 minutes into a round.
- Fixed players not being properly oriented when teleported to the Otherworld.
- Improved lighting around the point.
- Various detailing additions and improvements.
- Improved clipping.
- Closed a doorway in the boathouses.
- Fixed players being able to hide buildings in the trees at mid.
- Improved detailing in the boathouses.
- Fixed vphysics console spam on map start.
- Added menu photos.

Update: 10/19/2016

- Raised cap area slightly to cut sightlines.
- Closed previously open large gate to mid towers.
- Revised design of lakeside mid buildings and upper mid bridges to benefit optimization.
- Removed railing from upper mid bridges and added a short balcony in its place.
- Increased optimization overall.
- Rearranged some detailing for visibility purposes.
- Removed shallow water puddles at the base of mid.
- Fixed a bug where the cap would be locked and the timer paused when a player casted the Mini-Monoculus rare spell.
- Changed water in the lake to be better optimized.
- Fixed a bug where the eyes in the Underworld would sometimes render in the sky of the Overworld.
- Fixed some bleeding on a few displacements.
- Detailing updates.
- Increased Ghost speed by 50%.

Update: 10/19/2016

- Fixed clipping in mines where players could previously get through the barrier.
- Fixed a bug where Engineers could build teleporter exits in the bonfire.
- Fixed various texture and displacement seams.
- Fixed a bug where Ghosts would get stuck in a few displacements.
- Adjusted teleport time of the Ghosts.
- Fixed missing fence on RED side.
- Optimized fade distances on select props.
- Swapped select expensive models in place of brushwork.
- Revamped clipping in select areas.
- Fixed particles not rendering.
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Sep 7 @ 5:41pm
New bosses, maybe?
Jan 4, 2017 @ 2:55pm
Jan 4, 2017 @ 2:55pm
< >
You kidding? That's the best part.

This is the 2nd, if not the best map this year, tied with Cursed Cove; it plays great, looks great, and is just a ton of fun.
It's a shame your done though.
Sofus Nov 5 @ 7:22pm 
For the love of god please disable the Merasmus announcer throughout the map, it's driving me batshit crazy from having to listen to him shout S T O P T H E M at x10 times my game's initial volume every single time the opposition goes and steps on the point, which they do all the fucking time.

And it's sad because I really wish to enjoy this map, not only has a lot of people filed complaints about experiencing performance issues on Slasher, but this ridiculously loud Merasmus announcer and his cut out voice lines from otherwise actual dialogue is driving me absolutely mental.

Other than that, Slasher is truly one of the greatest looking maps that has ever been added to the game and I'm surprised it was never added during the earlier years.. but then again, when you look at all the other trending and newly submitted crap that Valve tends to priotize accepting into the game prior to what's been on the Workshop for ages.
Velbud [Soup Rice] Oct 22 @ 12:00pm 
Those green crystals kind of get me thinking that there is lore that connects all the green colored characters (most of the bosses), that this is what keeps them alive after death, or gave them powers when they were alive. :P Just a funny thought.
>:FestiveDragon:< Oct 20 @ 9:22pm 
Are we allowed to use any custom content this map has?
DANJ16™ Oct 19 @ 9:55pm 
My new favorite halloween map.
Dogman15 Oct 19 @ 6:55pm 
I've never heard of this map before, but I look forward to playing on it. It looks fun.
Myahster Oct 19 @ 2:34pm 
Tartarus Oct 19 @ 2:06pm 
Congrats, your map finally made it in!
thaiguy2003 Oct 19 @ 2:05pm 
it's here
Krakawski Apr 13 @ 6:56am 
If they don't add this to any SF, im gonna question my life