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Lunar Survival
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 20, 2016 @ 3:10pm
Oct 23, 2016 @ 11:57am
Release date: 2018
About the project

"Lunar Survival" is a first person survival adventure game with horror elements. The game is based on different missions which have it's own map and story. The character will have it's own natural limitations and will fight against mystery challenges on the unfriendly surface of the Moon. The game play is designed as a combination of survival-action, map quests, realistic Apollo mission technologies and collection of the most exciting Moon mysteries ever! Players will need to take in consideration of the different technical aspects to pass missions, such as the amount of oxygen, electricity, player's stamina and the space suit temperature. Players will be able to repair, fix and build different mechanisms and upgrade their suit which will help them to spend more time on missions without coming back to the Lunar Space Module to recover. The game will have everything that survival, space, planetary, mystery and light horror players'll love so much!

The story

We all know that some space agencies don't tell us everything. They may not lie, they may not tell us everything. Alina Digital has discovered an unknown documents in ex-Soviet archives about the last Apollo 18 mission to the Moon. Based on this secret documents we've decided to tell you, the truth; and why it was kept a secret for so long. As we have learned from the secret files, Apollo 18 mission didn't succeed. The mission was to land right on the edge of the light and dark side of the Moon. And Apollo 18 did; but not in one piece. The communication with the craft was broken, and one of the astronauts disappears as it lands. The remaining astronaut, was by himself, without any possibility to get any help from Earth. Soon, he realizes, he is not alone. But maybe, the crash wasn't a coincidence. Apollo 18 was going to somewhere special, and Houston knew it. And this was one brave man's struggle to live, and survive. No matter what! No matter how. There is a reason why this story was kept secret.
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The Gaming Womble Nov 10, 2016 @ 6:44am 
Release date: 2018 - Now a certain rodent worn as hair gentleman will soon have his finger on the button, not sure we'll live to see, why not vote yes?
Invisigoth Nov 7, 2016 @ 10:25pm 
Voted Yes. :InfectedObserver:
Ank Nov 3, 2016 @ 2:15am 
and where is Horror?
lspraven Oct 30, 2016 @ 8:58pm 
this game looks awesome, but is it free to play or not, and if not what will the cost be when it comes out?
Solarstrike Oct 29, 2016 @ 9:50pm 
Was the Nvidia Apollo tech demo your inspiration? Because it looks almost the same assets..!/apollo-11
Valdemir Oct 26, 2016 @ 9:23pm 
Fantasy !!:steamhappy:
J.T.Kirk Oct 25, 2016 @ 10:23am 
Whats about VR ?
Plus One Second Oct 25, 2016 @ 1:32am 
Plump4Trump Oct 24, 2016 @ 10:31am 
LK| Greldnar Oct 23, 2016 @ 10:18pm 
@lajoswinkler The Sun is a star the fact you don't see other stars because they are not visible due to their distance compared to the sun. But asides from that yea I agree.
Do keep in the stars at night but keep them varying because of their distances and not all stars shine as bright as each other so keep that in mind but don't let the light from the stars affect the darkness okay let the Suns light play a little part in alluminating in some places along with shadows that are barely visible but still noticeable okay but so far so good. I do believe the Character/ Characters are in a state of fear so adding some Shadows that have no real reason plays on the mind of people even if nothing is truely their so it adds some more horror in the game. I do hope you read this and others aswell for I will be checking on the Progress and hope to get feedback from others who are following this. Goodluck Dev and others ..... Crevnar