Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

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Oct 14, 2016 @ 4:34pm
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Codex Modpack
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Codex is a massive overhaul mod that reworks almost every aspect of the game.

Only Works with Rising Tide.

The main Goals of this Mod:
  • Create more interesting bonuses, add more depth and a stronger sense of progression
  • Make games longer (~250-350 turns on Standard Speed depending on the level of optimization)
  • Make every match play somewhat differently
  • Create more interesting gameplay and choices
  • Add more depth to city and empire management
  • Add more personality to the Affinities


This mod will not work properly if you do not activate mods twice!

After launching the game client, you need to do the following steps:
- Go to the Mod menu and activate a mod. It does not have to be this mod, just choose _a_ mod that loads quickly.
- Click 'Next', wait until the "Configuring game data... please wait."-dialog is gone.
- Click the X-Button of the dialog box (or hit escape), you will return to the mod menu.
- Now disable all Mods except the ones you want to use, then click the 'Next'-Button again.
- Done.

You can now start the game and the Unit Action Icons will appear properly. You have to do this whenever you start the game client, but it will then work for the rest of the session, until you close the game. I apologize for the inconvenience, it's a bug in the game itself, unfortunately there is nothing I can do to prevent it.

I heavily suggest to not combine this mod with other mods outside of the Codex Mod Collection unless you really know what you're doing. This mod replaces a lot of files, makes changes to many systems and is likely to run into compatibility issues with almost any type of mod, and not all of them may be obvious while playing.

If you really want to combine this mod with other, unsupported mods, make sure you get familiar with the Logging system so you see whether there are compatibility issues or not.

If you run into issues, this Guide may also prove useful.

With that all out of the way, some of the main features of this mod.

The Empire Manager
The Empire Manager is a new tool that allows players to specialize their empire as a whole, decide what yields to focus on, and trade resources.

The Moonbase
During the game you gain Access to the Moonbase to excavate progenitor ruins found on the moon and gather some strong bonuses. A heavy investment is required though. "Solving" the Moonbase is also required for the new Contact Victory.

Random events trigger during the game, making every game play out differently. Most events are positive in nature and provide opportunities for players to alter their playstyle and change their plans for maximum benefit.

Every planet is slightly different from other planets (well, unless you roll the same biome twice. :p), and some Resources will be stronger or more numerous than on other planets.

Affinity Overhaul
Affinities have been reworked heavily and all now have their own style. Affinity is no longer mostly gained by technologies; instead, players generate it from many different sources - buildings, wonders, satellites, improvements, and more. Similar to Religions in Civ 5, Affinities now fight for the minds of the people living on the planet: Spread your Affinity to your neighbors and prevent your own population from being converted to get even larger bonuses!

New Tech Tree Layout
The tech web has undergone a lot of changes, and is now more representative of a tree than a web. It is a bit more linear for a greater sense of progression but tries to keep a lot of the freedom of the tech web, thus has kept the concept of Branch- and Leaf-Technologies, and has differentiated their roles further.

New Worker System
Using a system that I have totally not at all copy-pasted from Civ VI workers now finish (almost all) improvements instantaniously, but only have a limited amount of "charges" before they need to be replaced with new workers. This makes placing improvements more of a "burst"ish ability, which, in my opinion, is a LOT more fun*.
(*Also check out the new Worker Keybinds, they should be a LOT more convenient)

...and lots of new buildings, abilities, perks, and overall tons of changes everywhere!


- This Mod uses artwork taken from two other games for some of its interface elements: Master of Orion (the new one) and the Mass Effect Series.
- The Moonbase Artwork is taken from an old wallpaper found on many wallpaper sites, couldn't find an artist to credit.

Modder Resources used:
- Vice Virtuoso's Modular Script Loading
- Machiavelli's Policies grant Perks and Buildings
- This mod also uses scripts and snippets based on code that other uses made public on Civfanatics, a great community.
Note: This mod uses EDITED versions of those Resources, the fact that they're listed here does NOT mean this mod is compatible with other Mods using the same resources, it means the exact opposite.

Creative Input:
- Gaga Extrem[]
- Big thanks also to the beta testers who provided feedback and suggestions, especially TheIllustriousYou.

Also many thanks to those who have reported bugs and problems after release!
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May 29 @ 10:39am
Graphics error
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Ryika  [author] 12 minutes ago 

Improvements that show no yields only have situational yields if placed in certain situations. There's currently no way to see them ingame before unlocking the improvement.
Ryika  [author] 13 minutes ago 
The Update is now live and contains some other changes as well:


- The mod now takes into account AI flavors when forcing them to rushbuy buildings or when it moves research to a different technology. This means that AIs now more often choose things that fit their overall preferences and follow a more cohesive game plan. The Script will now also spread building purchases out to different cities, instead of focusing on a random one.


- Headquarters: Energy Yield increased to +18 (was +12)
- Old Earth Generator: Energy Yield reduced to +8 (was +10)
- Building Module Factory: Now yields +2 Building Modules (was +1), but production bonus (was +2) was removed. Maintenance reduced to 4 (was 6)


- The way Quarantine works has changed. It now reduces diplo capital generated by all cities to 0, comes with a growth penalty, and disables benefits from positive health; but the other yield penalties (-25% to Energy/Production/Culture/Science) have been removed.
masiyi9406 8 hours ago 
by the way, some purity and supremacy affinity improvement shows yield in the in-game wiki.
I want to start a new game with different affinity, where can I check the affinity improvement yield
masiyi9406 9 hours ago 
nice idea, that sure will make quarantine more balanced :D
Ryika  [author] 19 hours ago 
I will probably just make it so you gain no benefits benefits from positive health levels while Quarantine is active.
masiyi9406 19 hours ago 
having 131 positive global health with level 7 harmony gives 187% growth and 136% science.(quarantine on, 2260 culture, 1456 energy, 5235 science)
having -5 negative health gives -50% growth and -15% culture -15% science. (quarantine off, 2406 culture, 1926 energy, 2291 science per turn)
The science bonus makes quarantine a science booster.
I am thinking maybe remove the positive health science bonus, make quarantine's negative effect on colony increase over time, or simply force quarantine ends after certain number of turns.
Ryika  [author] 22 hours ago 
Yeah, that's my bad. I actually realized a few days ago that I forgot to check the balance before releasing the quarantine feature. Not sure how that happened, but I implemented it at one point and then simply forgot about it. I'm currently experimenting with ways to balance it so it's the "Oh crap!"-button that it's supposed to be, without really allowing players to run it permanently in most cases.

Apollo is meant to feel overwhelming though, probably not a good idea to start playing on that difficulty if you're new to the mod.
Venusaisha 23 hours ago 
apollo eh? Try all water start , ai would be weird enough to attack aliens and could even give u some upper edge. Thou not sure with the codex since have not played with it much and i like other of Ryika's mods mostly.:Diplomat:
masiyi9406 Jul 16 @ 10:58am 
I checked the score, and it is mainly about city numbers and population. but I cant really expand due to low health.
in my recent trial, i turned quarantine on and start spamming tons of colonist at around 120 (my colony was in the last place in score) and now I am the second place in score on turn 180.I have +38 global health, but -66 health if I turned quarantine off. Turning it off only boost my income from 1380 to 1600+, and ruined my science from 2200 to 200, so I guess i will have to keep it on for the rest of the game. :(
masiyi9406 Jul 16 @ 10:58am 
nice mod very interesting. but I find quarantine a bit too OP in my first game. It is OP to the point when I can activate it, I can keep it on without the need to turn it off.
here is my first game, I played African Union sponsor main harmony on highest difficulty Apollo with standard speed. (8 players, massive map)
I save-loaded a few times to try different approaches but still find my score constantly behind AI and receiving common wealth help again and again from maybe turn 30? till turn 180 and lost tons of common wealth reputation.