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Blameless 100% Guide (With Screenshots)
By Postcinct
Step by Step walkthrough and complete achievement guide (In one playthrough if necessary).
Intro to Blameless
Blamess is a pretty short game, and it's actually possible to complete the game gaining only one of the four achievements if you're not careful.

It is also possible to complete it in one playthrough gaining all of them. Follow this guide closesly to ensure 100% completion.

Keep in mind that the game is quite buggy, especially if you are clicking multiple times to complete an action. The developer seems to be clearing up bugs and making fixes as and when they are reported, so hopefully this stops at some point.
Part 1: Workshop

Investigate at least 4 facts.

You should get this achievement through the process of completing the game, don't worry about it.

Level Walkthrough:

After a Brief prologue you awake in a workshop. Take a moment to take in your sorroundings.

Inspect both blood marks on the floor.

Pick up the broken phone and inspect it.

Turn around and pick up this stick from the wall.

Use it on the workbench clamp, tighten it in place with the crank.

Turn to the dark room opposite the workbench. Walk in and turn the light on. (It's on a pile of bricks)

Pick up this pipe on the table and take it to the workbench. You can use it on the end of the stick to bend it downwards.

Unclamp the stick from the bench and pick it up.

You now have the bent stick. Look up toward the ceiling and locate the attic hatch. Use the stick on it.
Climb the ladder and move through the attic until you drop into the next room.

You have completed the workshop level.
Part 2: Barred Door

Tools Master:
Fix the broken pair of wire cutters.

You have now entered a new series of rooms. There are two ways to complete this area, with the wire cutters or with the crowbar. This section will focus on completing it with the wire cutters in order to gain the achievement.

Level Walkthrough:

Pick up and inspect the wallet on the floor. Make sure to inspect the water card contained within.

Turn to the left of where you found the wallet. This room has all the items needed to complete the area.

Go to the window and pick up the bolt.

Pick up the wire cutters while holding the bolt.

You must now fix the wire cutters. It's an easy puzzle, just move the cutter handles into place until they line up creating a hole for the bolt. You can then insert the bolt.

You now have the fixed wire cutters.

Walk out into the corridor and enter the room with the barred door.

Use the fixed wire cutters on the wires locking the door in place.

The door is now open. Head on through.

The light will flicker out as you head towards the next area.

Open the door and head in. The light will come back on.

The door will lock behind you. You have completed the previous area and there is no going back.
Barred Door (Crowbar Route)
Completing the area with the crowbar

As stated earlier, it's possible to complete the previous area with the crowbar. The following part of the guide will show how. (There is no achievement for doing this). Feel free to skip ahead to the next part of the guide if you have already opened the door with the wirecutter.

Note the crowbar lodged in the wall opening.

Pick up the pipe from the floor and stick it onto the pile of bricks located directly under the crowbar.

Raise the pallet jack and the pipe will knock the crowbar free. You can now grab the crowbar and use it on the barred door.

With this done, you can head on through to the next area in the same manner as if you had done so with the wire cutter.
Part 3: Stairwell and Hallway
This is the shortest area of the game as far as interaction goes.

Level Walkthrough:

You can ignore the room on your left for now. Inspect the blood on the floor.

Head down the stairs and look into the hallway on your left. The protagonist will note the darkness. There is a lightswitch on the right wall of the hallway. Flick it and proceed to the end of the hall.

Enter the room at the far end of the hall (left side) and pick up the flashlight on the chair.

Exit the room and head back down the hall. You'll want to enter the room next to the lightswitch.

Remove the cardboard on the floor to reveal a body. Inspect it fully and take the note + keys located in her hand.

Exit the room and head back to the stairwell. You will want to exit out through the door directly opposite the staircase.

You have completed this area.
Part 4: Garden

Find and read all 3 notes.

The notes must display an audio narration in order to be count as 'read'.

Climb up the scaffolding.

You have now entered the garden. This part of the guide will include the garage, storage shed, and old house as they are all connected and the player is required to enter all 3 in order to complete the garden.

Level Walkthrough:

Take note of your sorroundings.

You'll want to head to the building with three windows. This is the storage shed.

The door is blocked by a number of stone tiles. You can just pick them up and drop them somewhere else as they are not important. This will allow you to open the door.


Inspect the workbench, you will find a broken ladder and a letter. Make sure to select the letter again in order to hear a narration. Feel free to skip the narration if it does not interest you.

Exit the shed and head to the garage. Select your keys and open the door.

Make sure to retrieve the keys from the lock, you'll need them in a moment.

Use the switch next to the garage's rolling door. After holding it for a moment the power will cut out and a piece of the ceiling will collapse inward.

The player then needs to return power to the garage. But first, we will get the 'Climber' achievement. Still inside the garage, you should look towards the back of the room, just past the barrels you will find a ladder.

Leaving the garage, you will need to head to the backside of the building. There will be some scaffolding. Use the piece of ladder you have on the half constructed ladder.

Climb the ladder and stand atop the scaffold in order to gain the achievement. It is possible to leave the house now and complete the game, but we still need the Reader achievement.

Head back down the scaffolding and return to the center of the garden. We now need to return the power. Look toward the old house, down the path left of the shed.

Inside the old house you will find a metal grate. Use the key on the grate to open it. Feel free to leave the keys here, they are useless to the player now.

You will find a black bag inside the room. Open it up and take the fusebox key.

Leave the old house and head back toward the main house. Remember that room upstairs we ignored earlier in the game? We'll need to head there. Enter the main house through the door just past the pallets.

Head upstairs and enter the room on your right. You will find a fusebox. Read the hanging document underneath it. Make sure to flip through the pages until the end. You will find a final excerpt talking about the fusebox key. Click it until you hear the audio narration.

Use the fusebox key on the fusebox. Wait until it slots in, then click it again. The fusebox will swing open. Make sure to read the note on the inside of the lid. As always make sure you hear the audio narration. You should gain the reader achievement.

As the note stated, you need to select the smallest fuse. You should wait a few seconds for a click.

When you hear the click, hit the two fuses right of the small fuse, and when they have both lit up, you can select the final orange fuse. Puzzle over.

You will be knocked over. At this point your flashlight will break.
Part 5: The End
At this point you should have all 4 achievements. You can end the game via two means. They both produce the same ending. They are as follows:

Ladder Ending:

Exit the main house, and climb the ladder you repaired earlier. If you avoided climbing the ladder earlier, choose this ending in order to gain the climber achievement. Prepare to be chased by a mysterious male. Just run in the opposite direction. The game will end when you reach a gate.

Garage ending:

Considering we went through all that effort to repair the fuse, we might as well go and exit through the garage. Head back down and flick the rolling door switch again. It will move up until you are interrupted by your pursuer. Quickly crouch under the door and run towards the gate. Your game will end just as it does in the Ladder ending.
Final Words:
Thank you for reading this walkthrough, I hope it helped you through this game/gaining all achievements. Leave feedback below if you have any questions or problems, but I think I have assessed everything needed.

Thanks again.

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