Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Clickteam Fusion 2.5

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GTA Engine Collection
Collection of all GTA Engine versions.
No extensions needed.
Made by SpyCry.
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GTA Engine - V1.0
Created by SpyCry
I made a GTA Engine. For now you can enter or exit the car, listen to radio, ride and walk. Soon I'll add pedestrians, AI vehicles, menu, bigger map, better graphics and much more things.

Just Remember to credit me if you do use it.

GTA Engine - V2.0
Created by SpyCry

It's new version of GTA Engine V1.0. You can enter or exit the car, ride, walk. There are also pedestrians, bigger map, better graphics and menu. You can destroy your car. There are sounds too. If you have any ideas feel fr...
GTA Engine - V3.0
Created by SpyCry
I've repaired lots of bugs in this version. There's speed counter. Background is made of Quick Backdrops instead of Actives. Scrolling is working fine now. You can't stuck in buildings or cars.

As always no extensions needed!

Just remember to credit...