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Project Genom Newbie Guide
By Veronica and 1 collaborators
A collection of notes, FAQs and info that new players may find useful.
I no longer play Project Genom so there will be no more updates to this guide but I will leave it online for now.
Hello! I am one of the 'Project Genom' Helpers and I put this guide together to help newbies get started in game, and to share some resources with the community.

I will keep this guide updated and relevant as we move forward with game development.

If you would like to see something added to this guide please let me know in the comments for consideration, and give it a 'thumbs-up' if you found it helpful. Thanks!
Some things you should know
Current issues
►Check here first◄ before creating new posts or bug reports!

Abuse reports
This is currently done by players through the ticket system.

Armor details
Tactical is light armor that utilizes both health and shield equally, Commando (AKA Sabotage) is medium armor that utilizes health over shield, Assault is heavy armor that utilizes shield over health. Each type has different defense stats, effectiveness against kinetic, laser and plasma attacks, and will impact your characters agility and speed.
There will also be 'exo' suits for an extra layer of defense, for the three armor types. We will be able to upgrade our armor in the future. There will also be 'regular' clothes that will have different stats and upgrades, such as radiation protection.
Mechs, Manipulators and Covers are special equipment which will be available at higher levels. These can be modified like any armor and weapons. Manipulators are for high damage. Mechs are for tanking. Covers are for healing, buffing and summoning. Each of these special armors have their own weaknesses and strengths.

Avalon and Founder Pack Details

Chat Commands
  • /w name - private message
  • /p message - message to group
  • /g message - message to syndicate
  • /invite name, /inv name - invite to group
  • /kick name - kick from group
  • /leave - leave the group
  • /ginvite name - invite to syndicate
  • /gquit - quit from syndicate
  • /gdisband - disband your syndicate
  • /gkick name - kick from syndicate

Full screen window mode?
Alt+tabbing in and out of game is a little rough at the moment. For the time being, some of us trick the game into full-screen windowed mode by setting our native resolution, turning off fullscreen, and then pressing alt-enter each time we enter into the game.

  • ESC - Settings and Game Menu
  • Spacebar- Jump
  • L-Shift- Sprint
  • D- Right
  • A- Left
  • W- Forward
  • S- Backward
  • Mouselook by default (action camera)
  • LMB - fire drawn weapon
  • RMB - Aim Weapon
  • Scroll Wheel - change weapon
  • TAB - release mouse pointer (tab again to go back to action camera)
  • Q - Draw/Holster weapon
  • E - Interact
  • R - Reload
  • I - Inventory
  • O - Syndicate window (guild - currently a work in process)
  • K - also opens the Syndicate window
  • J - Journal (task / quest log)
  • C - Genom Window (character skills)
  • V - Summon Mount/Vehicle (do not press if you don't have a vehicle, may lock up your movement! press ESC twice to unlock movement)
  • M - Map

Quality Color Coding
[color=gray]gray[/color](junk) → [color=white]white[/color](common) → [color=blue]blue[/color](uncommon) → [color=gold]gold[/color](rare) → [color=green]green[/color](unique) → [color=purple]purple[/color](legendary)

Skill Trees - how do they work?
Grilvhor put together a great guide that will introduce you to how the weapon and armor skill trees work!

Selling and acquiring better gear?
You can sell any sellable item to any vendor. While you have the trade window up, you can sell stuff by right-clicking the item you wish to sell and then choose the fist icon.

You can buy Tier1, 4, 7, & 9 armor, as well as various level weapons from the trade terminals in the Ark. These terminals are located here. You can also buy weapons and vendors from NPC traders outside:
  • T5 armor can be found at the science camp near barley
  • T10 armor is at the wall, by Hasan
  • T10 weapon can be found on the Armorer.
  • T11 weapon can be obtained through the brawler quest
  • T11 & T12 armor is near the farm in the far East past the great wall, where the brogs are.
  • T12 armor is also sold by Marty near the brawler but only one type of armor per spawn.
  • T13 Assault randomly shows up there as well.
  • T13 pistol and AR can be found on a roaming vendor at the wall.

You can farm weapons from lairs, such as the one located here in the Ark Surroundings. There's a few in The Dump as well, for example.

Lairs look like this:
If you don't see the lair right away, just kill some mobs in the area, It will spawn eventually. Destroying the lair will give you random quality weapons.

There are six weapon types though currently only pistols and assault rifles are available in game. Weapons are divided into two categories, Light (AKA secondary weapons) and Heavy (AKA primary weapons).
Light weapons - pistols, blades, shotguns.
Heavy weapons - assault rifles, glaives and sniper rifles.
Progression Charts
Here is a list of the the XP Point caps, and Specific XP Point caps, per Tier:

This list shows the max Weapon and Armor Tier per level:

Thanks to DeadSkullzJr for all these numbers - there are more numbers than this but I only included up to level 60 for now.
FAQs Part 1
Q: What are the official FAQs?
A: You can find them here:

Q: Will there be a wipe before launch?
A: There are currently no planned wipes. If I hear about one coming up, I'll be sure to update here!

Q: V key locks movement
A: Press escape twice.

Q: Stuck in or outside of environment?
A: Use /unstuck, if that doesn't help, submit a support ticket at

Q: Stuck before making it to character select screen?
A: Check your firewall and routers settings.

Q: I am stuck loading at the character select screen?"
A: try re-select your region setting (e.g., go to 'Change Region' when you log in). This works in some cases.

Q: Permanent loading screen
A: Restart the game; common cause is the server being down or overloaded (being looked into). If you are on an older PC it may take up to 5 minutes for the game to load.

Q: VR starts with the game
A: Workaround

Q: Repeated Visual C++ Redistributable installs
A: Install Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2999226).

Q: Map markers missing or misplaced
A: More markers to come in future patches.

Q: Chat is down intermittently
A: No workaround yet; chat restarts automatically after a while.

Q: Can I group up with friends?
A: Yes, you can invite others by typing this in chat: /invite name
However, you will not currently see a group window or other group elements on screen (e.g., group members, health bars, status effects, etc.), these will be added soon.

Q: Can you explain how skill tree works?
A: In order to unlock skills on the main branches you use "common" XP. For example, for the weapon skill tree, to unlock nodes on the main branches you use common weapon skill points (you gain those by using any weapon). To unlock nodes on side branches, such as nodes on pistol's skill tree side branches, you use that particular weapon skill points (you gain them by using that weapon, i.e. pistol). You can see whole tree from level 1, thus you can learn it. Also there will be reset and respec possibilities.

Q: How to switch between mouse and cursor mode?
A: Press Tab.

Q: Mouse is missing when it shouldn't be
A: Press Tab, or press I twice.

Q: Can I switch Languages?
A: Yes, Control+E for English, Control+R for Russian

Q: How Do I Get A Syndicate Logo?
A: Syndicate Logos must be 142x64 pixels and follow these guidelines:
  1. The name of the syndicate must be well and clearly legible.
  2. Logo image should not violate the principles of universal morality.
  3. The picture must be jpg or png format to add a logo template for better understanding of the size. Once you have created your logo for your Syndicate, create a ticket in support, and attach your logo for approval (a direct link to the picture).

Q: Can we tame Pets?
A: Yes, players will be able to make pets out of mobs, with limitations of course, for instance you could not pet a boss, and you could not pet Almerian mobs. Pets will be a fully functional unit, which can help you in combat and PvE. Also players will be able to teach pets some abilities.

Q: Will there be spaceships?
A: Yes, there will be spaceships, space battles with non-target, just like you character does on the surface. There will be some places and objects in outer space with PvP allowed. We can't say anything about building space stations as of now though.

Q: Can I use a controller in Project Genom?
A: While there aren't any configuration options in-game currently for controllers, you could, for instance, use Xpadder[] that will enable you to set up a controller for the game. There might even be a free version of the game if you search for it.

Q: Will there be special infantry vehicles?
A: Yes, we will add vehicles for 2+ people sometime in the future.

Q: Will there be auction / market?
A: Yes, it'll be fully functional

Q: Will there be p2p trade?
A: Yes, we will implement p2p exchange

Q: Are founders pack still available?
A: No, they are longer available as of October 1, 2016, BUT you can by Bronze, Silver and Gold Avalon Packs on the Project Genom store page on Steam which gives you many of the same bonuses that the founders packs had!

Q: Will Project Genom be F2P at some point?
A: No plans for free to play at this point.

Q: What are itemboxes mentioned in the founder packs? And what are the differences between the ones in the founder packs?
A: Those will give a set of weapons:
Assault Rifle, Pistol and Blade.
Different packs will have different quality, gold, green and orange for bronze, silver and gold founders.
NOTE: Itemboxes are here to let you start playing with comfort, they are single use and these items will not level up with character progress.

Q: What Are the System Requirements?
A: Minimum:
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • CPU: dual-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR3
  • GPU: GeForce 9800GTX or Radeon HD 4850
  • Screen resolution: 1366 x 768
  • Network speed: 3 mbit/sec
  • Keyboard, mouse
A: Recommended:
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • CPU: quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR3
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 680 or Radeon R9 280x
  • Screen reslution: 1920 x 1080
  • Network speed: 100 mbit/sec
  • Keyboard, mouse

Q: Will there be Linux & Steam OS versions of the game?
A: We are using Unreal Engine 4, that definitely allows us to make Linux version; I can't say anything about Steam OS though
FAQs Part 2
Q: Will there be PVP?
A: Yes. There will ultimately be three types of zones: the first type of zone will be pure PvE content (no PvP), the second will have optional PvP (players can switch this on/off at will), the third type of zone is pure PvP (no PvE quests or events here). We have some ideas for arena PvP as well, but no plans have been made yet.

Q: When will we get dual weapons?
A: At some point during Alpha. First off, we are going to implement single weapons and only then get to light weapons. The reason for this is because dual weapons require a lot of animation work. And our animators have lots of other tasks of higher priority.

Q: I want to read EULA. Will it contain a paragraph on exploiting bugs for personal profit, or disruption of economy? What kind of penalties will be applied on the account owner?
A:The EULA as well as other legal documents already have been prepared and soon will be added to the official website of the project. You will be asked to read and agree with them.

Q: Will the feature to sit or lie be available in game?
A: The feature to make your character sit will be added in game. We have not yet considered the ability to lie down. Perhaps that will be available in the distant future.

Q: We we be able to embellish our vehicles and characters? How detailed will this customization be?
A: Yes, all of these will be implemented. The details available will depend on the item. Layers of paint and image patterns will be used for vehicles and armors. Characters will have tatoos available and full modeling of the face.

Q: Will character names only be in English?
A: Yes. The most common latin alphabet has been chosen due to the fact fact that the project is international.

Q: How detailed will character customization be?
A: Absolute freedom! You can manually sculpt your character's look by increasing, reducing, stretching, and\or flatten different parts of the body and face. The first version of the editor allows you to change the face only. In the future we plan to add the ability to reshape the body as well.

Q: Will it be possible to get a bear pet in Russian hat? Will there be pets-collectors who gather loot for me?
A: The bear will likely be added as an event item or easter egg. Pet-collectors will be implemented. More specifically, there will be abilities to collect and then you’ll be able to teach your pet.

Q: How large will our "cabin" be and will it be possible to purchase a mansion in time?
A: The Cabin will be smaller than a hangar, but bigger than one room apartments. There will not be an option to buy a 'cottage' or a 'mansion' because they conflict with the games atmosphere. Syndicates will have larger property types available, such as bases and forts.

Q: Since we are getting jetpacks and "wings", will it be possible to fly everywhere or only in certain areas?
A: You’ll be able to fly everywhere, except certain areas where the flight initially could distress the process of accomplishing tasks in a particular mode.

Q: Will the "wings" be of biological or mechanical origin?
A: The plans include flying devices of biological origin.

Q: Will it be possible to choose a "mutant" in which we can turn into during our characters progression. Also, will the Synth stand out visually (except that it can wear pads, etc)
A: By default, no. Our plans include the creation of the system, affecting the look of the character, based on its actions \ path of progression. It will be impossible to choose the look of your own Mutant. MAYBE it will be available in the cash shop.

Q: Will people with weak PC's be able to play the game?
A: Any PC that meets the requirements of EU4 automatically meets the requirements of Project Genom. All system requirements of our project are related to the game engine it was created on.

Q: Will there be an option to toggle "helmet off," to be able to see the face of our characters?
A: Maybe in a far future. We know this is popular feature from Asian MMORPGs and thus possible that it will be added to our project as well.

Q: Will there be necessity in common transportation vehicles? For example: I have an option to buy wings or quad, why should I buy a land transport if I could buy an air one? The quad won’t be able to pass everywhere.
A: Each type of vehicle will have its pros and cons. The player will decide which suits them best in each situation. For example: it may not be wise to dash into battle on a lightweight quad and the same might be said for trying to cover long distances on a heavy buggy. Each type of vehicle has its proper use.

Q: Has the system of armor progression been decided yet? It currently takes much more time than weapons progression.
A: All main mechanics were already approved and released. First off we are going to implement these and only then will decide if we need more.

Q: Will gestures in the game?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible to "kick" mobs that come up close us?
A: Yes. (this will be shown in the new trailer)

Q: Will there be a Steam Workshop for the game? (skins / mobs / decor)?
A: If we get good support, both moral and financial, from the players, the studio will be able to implement all that is necessary for user modding. We do not see anything wrong with modding. Quite the contrary - we have an extremely positive attitude toward quality modding.

Q: Will the models and physics of the mobs be refined (bugs, hounds).
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be a special guide to the game within the game (abilities / trade / armor / shooting, etc.)?
A: Yes. Something like a Codex, or PDA, will be implemented in the game. And the Wiki will be integrated on the main page of the official site.

Q: Will there be a special points of respawn (flags, markers etc), that will define the places where you can respawn and why (medics picked you up, emergency teleport went off)?
A: Yes, in the future there will be the possibility to choose the points of respawn.

Q: How do I get the game to look like the screenshots in Steam?
A: All screenshots were made exclusively in game or in the game editor. In other words, without the intervention of third-party applications and processing. Perhaps you need to turn off anti-aliasing, the post processing in order to get a clear picture.

Q: What is the estimated timing of Early Access?
A: Not less than six months (in case of a unexpected success and a large growth in funding to the project) and not more than 2 years (in case of an empty demand for project Early Access stage).

Q: When will you start a "premium currency" shop in order to purchase bonuses for this currency?
A: No earlier than beta, when we get the moral right to accept money from you. This will happen no earlier when the project will be transformed enough to be called a real game.

Q: What version of the game to consider release version?
A: A release. (1.0)

Q: Will there be Stress tests?
A: Yes, in the future we want to make a weekend open to all comers but there is much work left on the project before we can do this.
FAQs Part 3
Q: Will the quests objects /mobs/surroundings change after the completion of it, at least in the main story line? For example: you helped a man with an aid kit, took him to the base. But after the completion of this quest this man is still laying there but you can’t interact with him.
A: Unfortunately, we can’t implement that the two players on different screens will see different things, taking into account that they are in the same world. But we will implement a system that could track players' actions. And later on we will manually change the world according to the choices players made. For example wounded soldier will return to the Ark, and the quest stage with the wounded soldier is replaced by any other.

Q: How to interact with vendors and merchants? Is there any limiting terms in trading?
A: To initiate the trade with NPC trader you should find him first. All traders are marked with a special marker on the map. After entering into a dialogue you should choose a special action at the top of the dialogue window to open the trade window. The merchant may offer only one specific type of goods and you have to click the tabs to find out this particular type of goods. There is no limiting term on trading. You can sell anything (if it could be sold) to any NPC trader, you do not have to sell armor to armorers, for example.

Q: Why in character progression a model of quantity instead of quality has been chosen?
A: It’s a matter of opinion. Compared to the most of MMORPGs, we drastically reduced the importance of character level. The potential and power of the character is revealed in its qualitative growth (progression of skills, abilities, mastery of doing something, development of an organism, helpers). Eventually two characters level 50 just can be radically different in power or effectiveness. The whole system will allow players to compete against each other within a reasonable range of characters levels. But of course, there is a limit and vertical development sooner or later become evident and it will be necessary to level up your character.

Q: Is there a schedule for the game features?"
A: Early Access tasks are to bring the project up to the full release. As a conclusion, all the things we’ve designed about the mechanics and content for the full released, should be implemented and tested at the EA stage. You can check out in our road map[] of all things and features we are going to implement.
This road map is written in Russian but you can use Google translate to read it in English. However, google doesn't translate the labels well, so here's a description of what each label means:

From top down to bottom, starting after 'no labels':
  • features
  • work on art (idk this seems to be visualizing art or something like that)
  • global features
  • errors
  • economy & balance
  • upgrades
  • sound & music
  • character and controller
  • level design
  • programming
Graphics Settings
Optimal graphics settings for version
Don't pay too much attention to the graphics right now, it will improve with the next patches. For now you have only this, but it will get better. For now devs, as I understand, working to get the basic mechanics up and running,
After a few experiments, for getting a better picture in this build I suggest choosing next settings. Post-processing (middle), anti-aliasing (middle), effects (high), textures (epic) ~ LessLuck

FPS Boost for Nvidia users:
Enable Fast sync (Pascal only) or Vertical sync and enable Triple Buffering for ProjectGenom-Win64-Shipping.exe (located in steamdir\steamapps\common\Project Genom\ProjectGenom\Binaries\Win64) in 3D settings->Program settings
(NOTE: Some games do not like Triple Buffering so do not put to Global Settings)
Use always 100 % windows scaling because it might cause video memory leaks

Temporary graphics improvement:
Just extract this zip ( ) to steamdir\steamapps\common\Project Genom\ProjectGenom\Binaries\Win64 you can put settings to Epic with this ingame

Alternative SweetFX:
(Optional) Disable Motionblur: Go to steamdir\steamapps\common\Project Genom\ProjectGenom\Config then open DefaultEngine.ini and find line r.DefaultFeature.MotionBlur=True and change it to False.
Official Resources

Secondary Resources (endorsed)

Fansites (unofficial)
(If you know of any good fansites, please let me know in the comments!)
Video Guides
Where is Mithra?

Where are the screws?

Where is Magpie?

Where is "The Hole?" (A Walk)

Spotty Turtle - Escaped Pet quest

Credits Have No Smell
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Here's a question: How does the trading work with the vendors that are by the exit of the Ark? It *seems* that I can take items from the trading machines without it dampening my resources.
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@Furiant - a vast majority of these FAQs are from GM's, translated word for word. I have no idea if that was stated as opinion or fact, nor do care enough to find out - all that matters to me is if they are going to include the feature or not.
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