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Stranded Deep Troubleshooting
By Ben | Beam Team Games
A brief troubleshooting guide for any issues you are having with Stranded Deep and how you might be able to resolve them.
System Requirements
Before you purchase Stranded Deep please make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the game. Stranded Deep's System requirements can be found at the bottom of Stranded Deep's Steam Store page.

To view your System Specs

WINDOWS: Control Panel > System and Security > System.
To view your GPU: System Information > Components > Display.


MAC OSX: Open System Profiler by choosing About this Mac.
To view your GPU: Open System Profiler by choosing About this Mac from the Apple (top left corner) menu, then click More Info. Select the Graphics/Displays item in the Hardware section.

For more info visit Apples support website:

Video Card Drivers
Please make sure your video card drivers are all up to date. Steam can do this via Steam > 'Check for Video Driver Updates'. It's recommended you update your drivers through the appropriate driver control panels.

It's possible for Steam to fail Stranded Deep's Installation or update patches incorrectly. We recommend navigating to Stranded Deep Properties via Steam Library > Right clicking Stranded Deep > Properties > Local Files and clicking 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache'.

If issues persist you can try uninstalling and re-installing Stranded Deep. Verifying game cache is very important after every update.

Please make sure Stranded Deep is always Up-to-date. Through your Steam Library, right click Stranded Deep > Properties > Updates. Automatic updates should 'always keep this game up to date'.

If you are having an issue downloading the latest update please restart Steam with the above settings enabled. If further issues persist check Stranded Deep's Beta branch (Instructions Below).

Note: Your current games version number can be found on the in-game main menu bottom left hand corner.

Opting into Experimental Branch
Please make sure you have the correct branch selected in Stranded Deep's Properties.
By right clicking Stranded Deep in your Steam Library navigate to Properties > Betas > Select the beta branch you would like to opt into from the drop down menu.

Stranded Deep's most recommended stable branch is 'None'.

This is where players can opt into the experimental development branch and other branches we may make available in the future. Please note that save files may revert or cause issues switching between branches.

Please make sure you computer meets Stranded Deep's minimum system requirements.

If you are having performance issues or the game doesn't look as good as you think it can please navigate to the in-game Options > Graphics menu. Here you can tweak graphical settings which can improve performance or improve visual quality where your computer can support it.

To improve performance try reducing the heavier graphical settings such as Shadows, Volumetric Clouds, Draw Distances, Ambient Occlusion, and Antialiasing. All these effects can be quite demanding on lower end systems and may require some tweaking.

Game Crashing
Stranded Deep is an Early Access game and as result can often experience unexpected crashes. We take these crashes very seriously so please send in your games output log immediately after experiencing a crash.

Please send us your output logs;
Steam Library > Right click Stranded Deep > Properties > Local Files > Browse local files..
Navigate to Stranded_Deep_Data and send the 'output_log' as an attachment to with the subject "Game Crash".

Alt Tabbing Crashes
If you wish to Alt-Tab Stranded Deep from full screen please select the DX9 Startup option. DX11 will crash when Alt-Tabbing from fullscreen as a result of our current Game Engine.

Note: Please only send us output log files which were a result of a game breaking bug such as the game crashing.

Launcher Has Stopped Working...

If there is an issue with the games launcher crashing please right click Stranded Deep in your Steam Library > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files.

From here you can run Stranded_Deep.exe manually and bypass the Launcher. Stranded_Deep_x64 will be the launcher.

If you do have this issue please email us (below) with your system specs or post in the discussion forum so we can fix this issue faster!
Achievements are currently disabled. Achievements will be released once the game has left Early Access.

Motion Sickness
Stranded Deep has some very immersive gameplay; Sailing Rafts, Swimming, and climbing can often cause motion sickness to some. To reduce these effects navigate to the in-game Options menu.

Navigate to General > reduce the Ocean Rotation slider to minimise or disable sailing motion sickness.

Mouse smoothness can be reduced through the 'Input' Option menu.

Motion Blur, Field of View and Lens Effects can be adjusted through the 'Graphics' menu.

Black Screen
Try changing Anti-Aliasing in the games settings from TXAA to SMAA, or disable Anti-Aliasing.
Error Validating / Missing Trees, Rocks
This issue is due to an authorisation error when attempting to access the Stranded Deep documents folder. Please try these suggestions first and if they don't work, then feel free to post a bug report.

  • Confirm Anti-Virus permissions
    Some Users have reported that their anti-virus was blocking a file. Please allow all Stranded Deep related files and restart the game/install

  • Confirm individual file permissions
    There is an article link below that goes through a more detailed privileges check looking at the individual file permissions.

  • Confirm documents folder user permissions
    Documents > Stranded Deep folder > Properties > Security > User Permissions
    Make sure that all permission are ‘allowed’ for each user using Stranded Deep.

  • Verify Game
Still Broken...
If the above steps don't help please try the following:

There may be an issue with folder permissions. Confirm that your stranded deep documents folder has all writing privileges allowed.
Documents > Stranded Deep folder > Properties > Security > User Permissions.

Verify your game cache through Steam. Library > Right click Stranded Deep > Local files > Verify.
Ask for help / Reporting bugs
If this page was not able to help you please get in touch through our Community Discussion. You can use the search function to find other posts from players who may have had similar issues and ways to resolve them.

Alternatively, Please post any bug reports under the 'Bug Reports' sub topic with the inclusion of your system specs.

Please be very specific when posting bug reports so we can resolve them faster.

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WTCelesta May 23 @ 12:14pm 
I got that error where a slice of meat in my backpack was not interactive, and next day when I loaded the game my skill levels reset to 0 and everything in my backpack was gone, although otherwise my buildings and resources on the island were as I left them. I've seen others reporting this bug. Is there a solution?
BruceL33t May 23 @ 8:41am 
Spears float away from my hands. I have tried almost everything on the troubleshooting guide. I have a very high end desktop. Any suggestions? I posted this same thing yesterday and it got deleted? Why would you remove a discussion of someone simply looking for help. I like this game but the issue kills the experience for me.
Yabadabba May 4 @ 1:22pm 
My game used to open in fullscreen and now it only appears as a window. Suggestions?
kyli May 4 @ 2:27am 

So I resetted and re-installed my OS and I decided to install Stranded Deep again. For some reason, I have this error:


Attempts to save the game may not work!

Your use account may not have sufficient write access or a file/folder in /C:/Users/Username/Documents/Stranded Deep/Data//
May be marked Read-Only.

Please visit the Stranded Deep steam forum below for more information. (I can't because it's an old link)

I tried to check my games files, put it in another hard disk, etc.

If anyone can help me, I would really appriciate it.

Thank you :steamhappy:
Earniebert Apr 23 @ 5:39pm 
Im having stuttering problems
I have an AMD fx-6300 and an RX-580 8GB with 8 gbs of ram.
Ive tried everything
Planewalker Mar 16 @ 12:19am 
Some walls have low resolution billboards on top of normal ones.

Is there a shader cache to clear somewhere?
DeathBreath23 Feb 24 @ 3:25pm 
Game Loaded in some kinda high zoom mode with a giant cursor ....Restart PC...Load game ...
Now I cant go full screen its a very small window and cant fine any settings to adjust this.... happened I left for lunch... It was running great 2hrs ago...
Wjebs Feb 8 @ 5:10am 
World loaded, integrity ok, but i spawn in the middle of the ocean, and can't see any island. Empty inventory and no tool-belt. On the start menu, i can see the island where I saved last. Tried opening it in the chartographer, but "loading world. Please wait..." is as far as it gets.

This is the second time this happens. Got to day 87. Is there any way to repair it?
Samaloa Jan 31 @ 1:11pm 
Alt Tabbing Crashes

I made the mistake* and I need help please.

*DX11 will crash when Alt-Tabbing from fullscreen as a result of our current Game Engine.
Note: Please only send us output log files which were a result of a game breaking bug such as the game crashing.

What are output log files? Where do I find it?
What should I do?
Thanks for help in advance
firefox Dec 19, 2019 @ 2:58pm 
I have played this great game for 90 hrs and all of a sudden lost the ability to craft button c not working at all .. reinstalled game twice nothing ... checked periferals all good ...checked my button is working on laptop (alienware) works fine ... can you please help as no point playing this game if i can not craft anything