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Tyler: Model-005
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 12, 2016 @ 6:45pm
Nov 7, 2016 @ 10:02am
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Tyler: Model 005 Alpha 0.58f Released
Tyler: Model 005 Alpha V0.58 Released!

First off, we want to make sure we give everyone a huge "thank you!" for all the feedback we've received over the last week. Since the demo has been released, there have been numerous YouTube "Lets Plays" and Twitch streams - almost more than we can keep up with! By taking in all your comments and feedback, we knew we had to make adjustments and have been working hard to bring you a new alpha to show what we can do in a small amount of time.

V0.58f Changes

New Camera System:
  • Stopped camera clipping through objects.
  • Reduced camera lag by around 98% for sharper turning.
  • Eliminated random camera shaking.
  • Increased camera sensitivity.

Character Controls:
  • Improved Turn speed.
  • Decreased turn lag by 97%

Control improvements:
  • More accurate climbing.
  • Jumping no longer drains battery.
  • Battery low warning (Tyler's Voice)
  • Improved battery time.

  • Expanded tutorial tips.
  • Reduced Echo Reverb

  • More light sources added.
  • Slight Change to layout.

More New Screens

Kickstarter Update

As for the Kickstarter, we still have 21 days to go and are almost at 25% funded so as good as could be expected.

Check out the Kickstarter here and definitely grab an early, less expensive copy if you can!

- Reversed Interactive and Victoria Publishing teams

New Gameplay Trailer, Top 30 in Steam Greenlight, and First Week
Release date: Q2 2017
Tyler: Model-005 is a 3D action-platformer and exploration game - currently on Indiegogo - set in the 1950s where you control a spunky miniature robot named Tyler. Many years after being shut down, Tyler is accidentally powered up during the height of a thunderstorm. You set off with Tyler to discover why your creator is missing and what has happened to your home, which is now overrun with robot-sized rats, cockroaches, and more.

Size plays a huge part in Tyler: Model-005. As Tyler, you are a minuscule machine. Pencils and coffee mugs can become weapons. Chairs, stairs and bookshelves are obstacles to your progress - things that are normally tiny take on a completely new dimension in Tyler’s world. Even if you simply want to explore, all the 1950s environments are handcrafted to include a variety of puzzles, collectibles, and climbables. Details are important to breathe life into a game, and, as Tyler, it’s your role to discover as much about this new world as you can.

Stairs and chairs aren’t your only obstacles. Dozens of different enemies will stand in the way of your goal. While ants and rats may not be the smartest creatures, being swarmed by hordes of them will make life extremely difficult for our little friend. Luckily, you and Tyler are equipped with a variety of different weapons, from your trusty bolt-blade to boxing gloves. Samurai swords! Sticks! Cherry bombs! All of it will allow you to carve your way through the pests that have infested your home while your creator has been missing. Tyler’s relying on your help, so use every tool you discover to find the right combination for you.




For this next section, we'll give the keyboard over to our amazing main character - he can explain more about his abilities than we can!

Hi! I’m Tyler, the robot you’ve been reading about for the last few minutes. Running around with me looks pretty fun, right? My creator was a very, very smart man, and he gave me all sorts of different abilities that aren’t normal for a solar-powered robot. I mean, I guess solar-powered robots aren’t typical either. That reminds me - let me tell you a bit more about myself!

Like I said before, any light source keeps me charged up. Running around rooms is dangerous, but it gets even worse if I’m in the dark. I can’t even imagine what it’s like in a dungeon - or a sewer! Finding light switches or kerosene lamps will let me do more exploring, which is what I like to do best.

When I’m powered up, you can use my energy source to move objects like coffee mugs, pencils or boxes. I can even use these as bug crushers if I need to!

I’m not the only robot my master made though, there’s quite a few of us running around, according to my mate, Conrad. I’m not sure if I trust that guy, but he seems sure that there’s a couple others tucked around my creator’s house. The more of them I run into the more I’ll be able to find out what happened to my creator!

And the coolest thing (which I’m not exactly sure how my creator managed to invent this) is the time shifting powers he gave me! I can travel back and forth through time - how cool is that?! So who knows, maybe I already know the answers to all my own questions and I just don’t want to give you any spoilers!

Spoiler alert: Captain Picard totally killed Gandalf with Dumbledore and Luke Skywalker's help. Hah!

With his ability to time travel, Tyler is able to discover and wear a huge assortment of diverse outfits. Anything from medieval helmets to pixelated eyeglasses are possible, and you can see a large number of these in our trailer and throughout the GIFs on here. As a special gift for anyone that opts to back a tier level that includes a digital copy, we’re going to give you an exclusive “American Slasher” skin, which you can see below. It’s totally appropriate for Halloween! Other Indiegogo tiers also include additional customization options, allowing you to outfit Tyler however you’d like.

We really, really hope you enjoy our vision of Tyler: Model-005. We'll make sure to keep this project updated as we continue to progress through development and its Indiegogo campaign. Remember, Tyler needs all the support he can get, so please share Tyler with your friends and colleagues - he's looking forward to getting to know you all better!

System Requirements.

•OS: Windows 7 32bit
•Processor: Intel i5 - 2.5Ghz
•Memory: 3 GB RAM
•Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (1GB) or AMD equivalent
•DirectX: Version 11
•Storage: 2 GB available space
•Sound Card: Motherboard Integrated sound card

•OS: Windows 8.1 64bit
•Processor: Intel i7 - 3.4Ghz
•Memory: 4 GB RAM
•Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (2GB) or AMD equivalent
•DirectX: Version 11
•Storage: 2 GB available space
•Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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Woooo! We've been Greenlit! :steamhappy:
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idioma español o subtitulo
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