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GOW's Realistic Combat
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Oct 10, 2016 @ 12:31am
Sep 8, 2017 @ 7:01pm
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GOW's Realistic Combat

Short Version:
Things that shouldn't explode don't (trebuchet, Cygor rocks, grudge thrower, etc.)
Goblin Lobber is now a grenade strapped kamakazi and not a dead cow. This mod turns a useless unit into a very dangerous one.

Bows: Very quick to reload, low-moderate damage, almost no AP damage.
Crossbows: Average speed to reload, average damage, average AP
Guns: Slow to reload, low (non-AP) damage, high AP damage.

Chosen and Ironbreakers now have 60% shield chance (major upgrade for Ironbreakers who had a paltry 30%).
Empire troops have better shield rating. Armor is still low.
Goblin shield chance lowered to 30%.

Made more realistic. Running and fighting is tiring. Walking won't get you well rested, and climbing a ladder won't magically drain all your fatiuge.

Siege Battles: Victory point essentially removed. Takes 166x as long to capture, so take the walls then regroup and take the center. No need to chase down that one unit slipping through to avoid a "GOTCHA" type loss.

Elf Units: Treeman monster brought in line with other monsters (no longer substantially weaker). Elven archers are best archers in the game. Better damage than most other archers, and slightly faster reload times.

Norsca Units: Champions have improved shields (35% - 55%), same as other elite shield units. Norscan Trolls armor brought in line with other troll units of the same type (has the unintended and unfixable consequence of giving hellcannon's 40 armor instead of 30, due to a shared armor value). Warhound unit number increased to equal chaos and vamp warhounds. Ice wolves numbers increased to be more viable, still below warhound size. Manticore AP and non AP switched. Frost wyrm stats increased across the board.

Summary: Slight changes to melee units to fix oddities (top level troops with poor shield skill, for example). Major changes to missiles to make all missile weapons better against different armor levels of enemies. Moderate changes to artillery (artillery is very dangerous now, and is a major advantage to the races that have it, not just something to make the other side charge you).

Long Version:

From the maker of Realistic Guns, Realistic Ranged Combat, and Realistic Flame Weapons - Dwarf Upgrade, comes the latest and most game changing mod yet (for me, anyway).

This mod has several main features.

Unit changes.
Most of the changes are in projectiles and explosive damage. This mod includes my Realistic Ranged Combat and Realistic Flame Weapons, so if you use this then deactivate them both. Realistic Combat has several changes both those mods don't, however. All artillery units have been changed in ways that make sense. So, a Cygor rock no longer has explosive damage. Neither do grudge throwers or goblin rock lobbers. Because rocks shatter and spray little rocks, but they don't explode. The goblin catapult, on the other hand, is now almost all explosive damage. Because a flying goblin wouldn't hurt that much, but he's supposedly strapped up with grenades like the kamikaze he is. Very few weapons have both direct damage and explosive damage - just the Hellcannon and the Dwarf flame cannon. A few other changes - the hellblaster and organ gun have had their damage dramatically increased, but also their reload time. It doesn't take 4x as long to reload an organ gun as a cannon, but it is noticeably slower. They are both lethal weapons if used correctly, though. But they have to be used properly (ie on the flank, raking enemy lines already engaged in melee) to be effective. Don't let the enemy just charge them, or they'll be worthless. Lastly, I updated the gyrocopter bomb. It's a bomb. It hurts.

Bows, crossbows, and guns are all identical to Realistic Ranged Combat (see bottom of description for details)

I made a few minor changes to melee units, but for the most part it sticks to vanilla (which I think is well balanced already). A few notable changes: ironbreakers and chosen now have the best shield rating in the game (60% of missile fire deflected). This is only a 5% boost for chosen, but a 25% boost for ironbreakers. It seemed weird that the best defensive unit in the game had crappy shield skills. Goblin spearmen went from 55% to 35%, and empire soldiers went from 35% to 55%. Thunderers and dwarf crossbowmen still have their shield stats because they do indeed turn their backs when reloading (as can be seen in game).

Fatigue changes. The fatigue system has been overhauled. No longer will units be able to run forever without getting tired, or regain energy while walking - or become extremely tired just by climbing a ladder. I made several changes in this table to make fatigue more realistic.

Lastly, the pesky victory point in siege battles has effectively been removed. I always thought it was stupid that you could have a full army still holding your city, then magically have to give up after one enemy unit camped in the center of your city for a few minutes. I altered the major settlement capture point to now take effectively forever to capture. I increased the value by about 100x. No more will you lose a siege battle you're kicking butt in only because one unit slipped through. However, if you're playing on unlimited battle time (which, imo, you should be on a single player game), you'll still have to go kill any bad guys in the center or you will *eventually* lose. The point is, you no longer have to scramble to get that one unit rushing the center.

This mod isn't designed to be huge. It's meant to correct oddities in vanilla combat, and generally make the game make more sense. Most combat mods I tried before changed very little, and though their descriptions said a whole lot, their actual value tables weren't all that different. I wanted a mod to correct the few basic problems I always had with vanilla, and this is it.

Elf Unit update:
Elf's are really good archers. As they are in pretty much every fantasy game. Their damages are unchanged (whereas I reduced damage on all other race's arrow troops), and per my other changes their reloads are quicker. They are the fastest reloading arrow troops out there now. MOST of their units still have the weakness of not being AP (with the one exception that CA decided was a magic arrow and thus AP - I didn't alter that decision).

Also, Elf Treeman monster has had damage brought in line with other giants. Chaos giants and Greenskin Giants all had mostly AP damage and the Treeman had mostly non-AP damage. Technically the Treeman uses claws and not a club (so I understand why CA made it have normal damage), but seriously, if you're a man sized guy getting smashed by an ent, your armor won't make a big difference. So Treeman has the same damage values CA gave it, but I switched it's AP and non-AP damage totals to make it AP.
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GOW LIKE A BOSS  [author] Mar 24 @ 4:31pm 
@Gato the mod works fine for others and for me. You most likely have a different mod overriding its changes. Many overhaul mods will affect some stage of the battle, and this can cause the mod to be overriden, and essentially not work. But again, this is not a mod issue, this is compatibility issue.
Gato Mar 23 @ 10:29am 
I have tried with guns and crossbows against the same unit, and both makes the same damage shooting at the same speed. This mod doesnt work Nov 16, 2017 @ 4:33pm 
hello what about better agressive cai from Junaidi83 probably one of the best for total war series ai is able to be dangerous even without cheats
GOW LIKE A BOSS  [author] Oct 31, 2017 @ 8:53pm
Yes, it is. Advanced AI may overwrite a few things (I'm not sure), but even if it does, the two mods will be 99% compatible Oct 30, 2017 @ 6:44pm 
hi is this compatible with advanced ai mod?
vaa Sep 28, 2017 @ 9:51am 
wow, ty for being up to date :D and good speed on all your much loved work!
GOW LIKE A BOSS  [author] Sep 27, 2017 @ 4:56pm 
After doing new research it seems likely that all mods will need to be rebuilt for the new game (as even the combined campaign map to be released later is a TWII exclusive (it does not appear to use TW1 resources, rather, it recreates the TW1 map in TW2 with improvements). As such, mods may take a bit longer to come out, but hopefully the new data will be sufficiently similar to the old data to avoid making it take tooooo long to redo mods.
vaa Sep 22, 2017 @ 10:19am 
indeed it will be good to know the possibilities in the new setting of the game within moidding as well, i hope they make it possible to do a lot more than before.
maybe the combined map will have all mods from the original game inserted automatically.

martial prowes for high elf spears / lothern sea guard, can they fight in 3 ranks with spears like they did in one of the lorebooks.
not sure if there is a table for spear length and reach for weapons in general, but if there is that could prove very useful for any unit with pikes or long spears.
GOW LIKE A BOSS  [author] Sep 21, 2017 @ 10:22pm 
Hello vaa,
Yes, there are tables for that to change shockwave as well as accuracy. I'll almost certainly make a new mod like this for the new game, but atm I'm not sure if it'll be as simple as adding new tables to existing tables (fingers crossed) or if we'll have to do all new stuff. I'll keep an eye on it. New weapons means new balancing :)
vaa Sep 21, 2017 @ 12:56pm 
hi long time, still happy about having realistic combat in our belowed fantasy universe :D

i was thinking abouth the high/dark elven repeater bolt throwers. in previews they seem to be knocking enemies to the ground on impact on the ground next to the enemy, the smoke makes it difficult to see if they actually strafed the target.
but would it be possible to make them more accurate and only deal damage effects to actually hit targets instead of these shock waves which might be what we get.