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Nomolos: Storming the CATsle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Nov 2, 2016 @ 6:04pm
Nov 23, 2016 @ 9:59am
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Progress update: save/load
Entering beta testing phase, demo coming soon
Release date: Early 2017
Nomolos: Storming the Catsle is Gradual Games' first release for the NES. It is a classic platformer style game featuring a cat in armor, named Nomolos. Originally released on cartridge in 2012, it has now been ported to PC!

The Story:
Two cats, Solomon and his friend Snow, are enjoying a beautiful day together when a mysterious portal opens before them. An enormous purple arm shoots out and grabs Snow by the scruff of the neck and disappears. Solomon decides to follow Snow into the portal. Upon arriving on the other side, he becomes Nomolos, the fierce feline warrior, fully equipped with humanoid physique and armor. He decides to follow the huge purple form that is quickly retreating to the Catsle with Snow.

Guide Nomolos through 12 action packed levels and defeat 4 of Boulder's most fearsome henchmen before finally confronting the evil Hippo in her lair, the Catsle. You will have to contend with dozens of Boulder's denizens, but fortunately powerful weapons and helpful powerups are laying around the realm that Nomolos can use to help him on his way.
Easy mode for novices, and two additional difficulty levels for those who like a little extra challenge.
Enjoy an all-baroque soundtrack with music by Domenico Scarlatti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jean-Phillipe Rameau, Francois Couperin, and Antonio Soler.
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CooperTeam Apr 10, 2017 @ 2:50pm 
If the Nintendo Entertainment System was still around, this might be something I would play, but since it isn't around, not sure how I feel about this being on Steam.
Second Dimension Mar 14, 2017 @ 1:34pm 
Really un NES game! Hope to see this get Greenlit!
ShaleStone Jan 4, 2017 @ 6:02am 
Sobre o esquema de fases, ambientação e soundtrack parece que o jogo foi realmente da época de NES, suponho que foi feito com o mesmo tipo de programação.

Mas, creio que a animação do personagem poderia ser melhor desenvolvida, ele fica muito "estático", a mudança de sprites pra cada animação parece ser muito pouca, pulando, se movendo, levando hit, quase nada muda. É um ponto que me incomoda um pouco.
Predator_Productions Dec 30, 2016 @ 11:09am 
Love these kind of games!
ded_mamed Dec 30, 2016 @ 6:48am 
I like oldschool look =) Upvoted!
Valkeala Software Dec 30, 2016 @ 1:45am 
Kat34 Dec 10, 2016 @ 6:21am 
jeffreah7 Dec 6, 2016 @ 8:56am 
This game is a masterpiece
rebelholic Nov 30, 2016 @ 8:31am 
It looks fun for retro lover Nov 29, 2016 @ 6:29pm 
Wha...looks fun!