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GarrýMon is a PokeMon GO simulator for Garry's Mod that allows you to catch NPCs in a similar way to Pokemon.

Hello there!
The Garry's Mod world is now inhabited by creatures called GarrýMon! For some people, GarrýMon are pets. Others use them for fights. Your very own GarrýMon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with GarrýMon awaits! Let's go!

There are many ways to obtain items in GarrýMon.

PokeStops are Locations players can visit to receive free items and XP. To activate a PokeStop, simply walk towards it and when you are close enough it will quickly spin around and deliver your reward.
As a SuperAdmin or in SinglePlayer you can set a PokeStop location by opening your PokeDex Menu (R) going to SETTINGS>Server Settings>Item Drop Settings>Make/Delete PokeStop Here.
Global Options
To configure your global item drop settings, open your PokeDex Menu (R) going to SETTINGS>Server Settings>Item Drop Settings. This page is self-explanatory and will allow you to customise the rate that players will obtain items on your server.
Other Methods
If you are in SinglePlayer or as a SuperAdmin then you can get items quickly by doing the following:
Open your PokeDex Menu (R) going to SETTINGS>Give random items OR Open your console and run the following commands:
PokemonSystem_GiveItem <Amount>
PokemonSystem_GiveItem "<Item Name>" <Amount>
PokemonSystem_GiveItem Candy <NPC_Class> <Amount>

How Capture
To Capture a GarrýMon you need GarryBalls/PokeBalls (see above for acquisition) and of course, a GarrýMon (NPC).
If you already have a GarryBall, open you PokeDex Menu (R) and go to ITEMS. From the item list, click the GarryBall and choose "Use".
Your character will now take out the GarryBall out of his/her bag. You may now throw the GarryBall the at a GarrýMon.
The GarrýMon will be taken into the GarryBall in a burst of light. It will struggle around for a few seconds and if you are successful you will hear a small beep and the PokeBall will come flying back to you.
If you are unsuccessful in capturing the GarrýMon, it will break free of the GarryBall and begin to attack you. Otherwise your successfully caught GarrýMon can now be found on the GARRÝMON tab in your PokeDex Menu.
Generally, the higher health the GarrýMon, the harder it will be to catch. You can increase your chances by lowering the health of the GarrýMon with a gun/etc.
Another way to obtain GarrýMon is to hatch an egg with an incubator. Both eggs and incubators are obtained via random item drops (see above).
When you have both an egg and an incubator, go to your PokeDex Menu (R) and then on the GARRYMON page, select the EGGS tab.
Now you can select the egg you wish to incubate and start walking. After walking the set time the egg will hatch and you will be given a random GarrýMon.

Your new companion
After you have obtained a GarrýMon you can now release it from your bag via the GARRYMON page in your PokeDex Menu (R).
With you GarrýMon out and about, you can order it around by left clicking (MOUSE 1) where you want it to go, or on what you want it to attack.
When you have finished with your GarrýMon, you can retrieve it back into your bag by right clicking (MOUSE 2) and throwing the retrieval ball.

Enlisting in a Gym

To train your GarrýMon you need to put them in a Gym!
If you are in SinglePlayer or as a SuperAdmin, you can make a Gym by opening you PokeDex Menu (R) and going to SETTINGS>Server Settings>Make/Delete Gym Here.
To add your GarrýMon to an existing gym simply press use (E) on the left side ADD button on its 3D interface and choose the GarrýMon you wish to add.
You can also open your PokeDex Menu (R) and go to the GARRRYMON page, select a GarrýMon and click "Establish Gym" (This option will only be available if the "Player made Gyms" setting is enabled in multi-player).
Once you have a GarrýMon in a Gym, you can battle it by pressing use (E) on the right side BATTLE button on the Gyms 3D interface and choose the GarrýMon you wish to use.
Depending on how the server settings are configured, if you successfully defeat a Gym it will either go back to an unowned state or it will completely vanish.
GarrýMon retrieved from a Gym after a loss will need to be revived.

There are a few settings to configure in GarrýMon. To access the settings/configuration menu, open your PokeDex Menu (R) and go to SETTINGS.
All settings have a description below them telling you what they do/change.
These are your personal settings and will not effect anyone else.
These are global settings that will effect everyone on the server.
You must be in SinglePlayer or a server SuperAdmin to change these settings.
Any changes here will be saved and restored on server restart.
Console Commands:
GarryMon_FactoryReset: Run this command twice to perform a factory reset on saved data. Everything will be wiped/reset.
PokemonSystem_GiveItem: Give yourself items. See above for usage syntax.
PokemonSystem_ToggleVJBase: This will enable/disable VJBase support. WARNING: VJBase is not officially supported, use at your own risk.

No models were used to make this addon, only LUA, materials and sounds.
If you set a GarrýMon's colour or material with the toolgun while it is spawned it will retain those changes.
In Sandbox you can also quickly access the PokeDex Menu (R) via the context menu.

If you would like to randomly place GarrýMon on the map, Poltergasm has created a script to work with this addon. You can grab it here[].

Niantic, Inc.[]

Please do not send me (StealthPaw) a friend request unless you actually know me.
Before commenting, please check to see if your bug/feature it already fixed/suggested here.
Bug reports made without reading the known bugs list will be deleted.
Otherwise if you have any ideas, bugs to report or suggestions please feel free to comment on this workshop page and i will try to respond in a timely manner.
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