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Jaeger Units
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Oct 6, 2016 @ 7:31pm
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Jaeger Units

Update Compatibility with Walking Tiger 1.5.1

Languages / Языки

Available in English/ Auf Deutsch verfügbar/ Disponible en Français/ Disponible en Español/ Доступен в России/ Dostępny w języku polskim


So as the lonely Jeager Units were well received with many other requests I give you guys another update. You will now be able to play with more Special Forces and also a new support unit, Flamethrowers! Strength wise they should all be in line with the previous Special Forces of the Vanilla game. (And Yes, all have NATO symbols) This is what you can expect:

Jungle SP. for the Jungle attack = 0.2 defence = 0.2 movement = 0.2 and River movement = 0.1

Desert Infantry for the Desert attack = 0.2 defence = 0.2 movement = 0.1

Jaeger for the Forest attack = 0.2 defence = 0.2 and Marsh attack = 0.1 movement = 0.1

Shock Troops to break enemy lines, have a much higher breakthrough and a slightly elevated hard attack but need more supplies and have a lower recovery rate. Also you get Urban attack = 0.1 defence = 0.1

Support Units Flamethrowers, which can be added to your Divisions just like Engineers and Recon. Theses have a good soft attack and get bonuses against Forts and in Urban Warfare.

Many Thanks To

Alexey aka. VulturGryphus for his translation into Russian! Very friendly and a good contribution to the Russian players.
LiptonDI who made both the French and Spanish translation. Good guy who has helped me massively!
OvErPoWeReD for his Polish translation which he did right after my request. I can't stress enough how helpful he has been, great guy!

Other Mods

Want to have an Afrika Korps Skin for the Desert Infantry? No problem the SilentAssasin has you covered: Afrika Korps Reskin

Since there are many compatibility issues with tech tree mods, there is a need to merge them to make them playable.
I suggest you take a look at a great mod: Tech Tree Expansion by The Mad One which includes the Jeager Units as well, go check it out.
And if you want to explore a more massive makeover, take a look at: The Road to '56 by Greatexperiment.

Have Fun!

I had some nice Icons I wanted to add for the Afrika Korps and the Desert Rats, but you can't make them compatible with other Icon mods so I figured you guys can get them there instead to keep the compatibility up.

The rest should be fairly straight forward, hope you guys like it. Do you think I should re-upload it under a different name?

If you have any questions or you spot any bugs, just let me know and I'll respond ASAP. Give me a rating if you feel like it!
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AleliT Jul 5 @ 3:45am 
update plz?
Kennywnorth Jun 13 @ 6:22pm 
compatible with MD?
Herman Lindqvist  [author] Jun 5 @ 9:16am 
@Logandp7 , go ahead mate, take whatever you need and Good luck with your mod!
Logandp7 Jun 4 @ 4:00pm 
Do you mind if I use this in my overhaul mod? You'd recieve credit of course. Or if you want you are welcome to join the team.
jasonrm1234 Jun 3 @ 10:20pm 
please updata for 1.5.3
Cэр Морковка May 20 @ 11:41am 
@Herman Lindqvist
Is there a reskin pack compatible with Jaeger Units?
Is it possible to make Jaeger Units compatible with Total Reskin Pack?
Herman Lindqvist  [author] May 16 @ 11:50am 
yes, don't worry only a numbr in the descfile.
Xx_daddy123_xX May 16 @ 10:27am 
its on version 1.5.1 not version 1.5.3
Herman Lindqvist  [author] May 14 @ 10:24am 
it is uptodate. dont worry
Xx_daddy123_xX May 14 @ 1:11am