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Shuyan Saga
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Nov 14, 2016 @ 8:32am
Nov 23, 2016 @ 10:39am
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Shuyan Saga Greenlit. Thank you everyone!!
WOW—Top 20 on Greenlight! (With Shout-out to China!)

Shuyan Saga is a graphic novel series where action scenes come alive through 3D combat gameplay. Set in an ancient Chinese martial arts fantasy universe, the player embarks on a life-changing journey as Shuyan - a free-spirited Princess who is bored with her idyllic and pampered life - to become a kung fu warrior and keeper of an ancient magic thought lost to time. Shuyan defends her home against evil General Ganbataar and his growing army as they tear apart the world she thought she knew.

Volume 1: Rise of the Red Dragon

Volume 2: Way of the Phoenix

Volume 3: Path of the Warrior

Key Features

- Original story written by Drew Parker and Meg Jayanth (lead writer of TIME’s 2014 Game of the year, 80 Days)

- 1000+ beautiful illustrated panels hand-drawn by one of the top asian comic artists Daxiong [] (DC, Dark Horse, etc.)

- Over 300 combat animations, referenced from motion captured kungfu techniques by Shifu Longfei Yang, Master of the Shanxi Praying Mantis Style

- Soft and hard kung fu styles in two main combat modes: arena and focus

- Make dialogue choices that lead to three alternate endings

- Original soundtrack composed by award-winning composer Aaron Tsang

- Full voiceovers by professional voice talent (big reveal later!)

- Early concepts were featured in several “Best of Canada” showcases

For more updates, visit us at Shuyan Saga []
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Mar 26 @ 6:45pm
Feedback on how we should promote Shuyan? 怎么样推广《书雁》?
Shuyan Saga
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I like this great game.
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This looks absolutely awesome!
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