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Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Core Mod v1.93
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Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Core Mod v1.93

Release Version, please post any bugs you find below!!!!, B18 Version still available from Ludeon Forums Link Below


WH40k Astra Militarium Imperial Guard Mod, is a core mod to add the Imperial Guard to RimWorld. Why the imperial Guard over the Astartes well for me they fit better into the universe, and are still puny humans that Rimworld can punish... For the Emperor! NEW for V1.7 you can now after extensive research and pain turn your Pawns into Astarte Warriors :)

This mod adds 200+ items, be they physcial items or items coded in like augments, this mod has grown and grown from its humble beginning to be what i believe to be the most comprehensive and stable WH40k mod available. I hope you enjoy using this mod as much as i enjoyed making it.

There are also Official Addon Mods linked below created by me to add to this mod, and expand it.

What’s in the Mod
This mod is the core mod for what I hope will be a series of addon Mods for Astra Militarium, at the moment the following has been deployed into this Mod:
  • Ranged Weapons - AutoGun, Las Pistol, LasGun, Exitus Sniper Rifle, BotGun (T1 & T2), Plasma Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher and Krak Grenades, webGun,
  • Melee Weapons - Chain Sword, Thunder Hammer, Force Sword, Power Axe, all made at Weapon Fabricator
  • Armor - The standard Pattern Imperial Armor with helmet for all body types. With Flak Plates or Servo Arms to go over the top the enhcance it in different ways.
  • Armor - Carapace and Astarte Armor - Upgraded armor over the Standard Patern Armor. Astarte Armor only for Pawn with Astarte Organs to overcome the negative traits of this armor.
  • Production - Full production integration with dedicated work benches, and new mineable materials in the form of Ceramite, Adamantium and Promethium. Also all Weapons can be recycled back into parts with a slight loss so you can reclaim resources from rubbish builds. Resources have been rebalanced to be better.
  • Cogitators - thats speed up research and manufactring, thses require Human Brains to be built, these are available via doing operation on Pawns to harvest Brains.
  • Architecture - Currently there are custom floor textures, doors, beds, rugs, paradox poker table and statues that will spruce up that interior to bring honour to the Emperor.
  • Research - There is a full customised research tree to all of the above.
  • Power - Imperial Uranium Reactor, Plasma Reactor, Solar Panels, Thermal Plant and Battery.
  • Planetary Extraction - Extract resources from the core of the planet. (Heat Damage Applies to this, keep below 0c)
  • Medical Updates - Many new Augments, that can be implanted into Pawns for major upgrades. Lots of new medical items
  • New Crops - New WH40k Universe crops to grow and use to create items.
At the moment I’m still not 100% on the balancing (I will be tweaking), I’ve tried to make it tough but not harsh, as some of the weapons are quite powerful, and beware adamantium is rare… let me know what you think in this thread.

Change Log
See Change Log Discussion...

Frequently Asked Questions
See FAQ Discussion...

Compatibility & Bugs
  • NOT Compaitable with RimHammer Mod. (Pleasde dont report biugs if you have both Rimhammer and My Mod installed they are NOT Compaitable.
  • Should be compatible with Most mods, I have used it myself with many mods. BUT I highly recommend backing up your game if you install this mod into an ongoing save!!!
  • I have tested this mod myself and all “seems” well, but if you find a bug let me know in this thread. BUT this is my first ever real game mod I expect I have missed something, so apologies in advance. But I will be pretty active fixing any issues.
  • Minable resources for Adamantium and Ceramite will not spawn into your game area unless you start a new game, if you use this mod with an existing game you can use the planetary resource extractor.

See Rimworld Forum thread for more detailed info:
Astra Militarum Mod on Rimworld Forums [ludeon.com]

Official Addon Mods that Support Astra Militarium Mod (Created by QuantumX also)
WH40k Factions - Imperial Guard Addon
Turrets - Imperial Guard Addon
No Hats - Imperial Guard Addon

UNOfficial Addon Mods that Support Astra Militarium Mod (Created by Others Modders, i offer no support on these, please approach mod owner for support)
Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Addon by Ogliss --> More WH40k Weapons.
Adeptus Mechanicus Magos Xenobiologis Addon by Ogliss --> More WH40k Factions....

Recommended 3rd Party Mods
So below are mods I use when playing, I accept zero responsibility for using these mods!!!
(Repair Workbench) - Because you can repair all stuff with this mod. Very useful for you new armor and weapons!
(Expanded Roofing) - More roofing options including transparent, solar, and thick roofing options.
(Misc Core) (Misc Robots) (Robots ++) - Gets cool robots in your game, and make them buildable.
(Stack XXL) - Bigger Stacks, less space needed for storage.
(Stack Merger) - Merging stacks so useful espeacially with Stack XXL mod.

Other Credits
Chinese Translation included from V1.44 - VoidVoice (Seperate Version)

PayPal Donate (buy me a Coffee, i drink alot of it doing this mod) Use the link below if you want to, no problem if you dont
PayPal Donate[paypal.me]

Known Incompatiable Mods:
Rimmer Hammer Mod

How to Report Bugs in Mods:
( Fluffys Guide to Bug Reporting ) - Please Read this Guide on Reporting RimWorld Mod Bugs.

Aurathas Youtube B18 PlayThrough:
( Aurathas Youtube B18 PlayThrough ) - Worth a Watch.
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SunTzu 3 hours ago 
@Quantum What's the next step for this mod? Any future changes in the works.
bearhiderug Jul 15 @ 10:41pm 
lol so it was from anothr mod haahah
yeah rimhammer and this is nono
I perfer this one myself
friendlyer with other mods too
Desolator Jul 15 @ 9:06am 
ceramite = what you mine
refined ceramite = what you make
«ⓌⓎⓋⒺⓇⓃ» Jul 14 @ 11:04am 
Oh damn, you already know it. My bad guys, didn't read the whole posts
peace ! ^^
«ⓌⓎⓋⒺⓇⓃ» Jul 14 @ 11:03am 
@Korvydae Raw Ceramite is from Rimhammer
Vellarain Jul 14 @ 7:07am 
Cadian armor does not grant any shooting bonus despite saying it does.
QuantumX  [author] Jul 14 @ 6:14am 
@Sgori - Thanks for letting me know.

@All with issues your issues is with compatibility with Rimhammer, i state above they are not compatiable.
Sgori Jul 14 @ 5:05am 
Raw ceramite is from rimhammer.
QuantumX  [author] Jul 14 @ 3:48am 
@All with issues building Imperial fabricator. So something is wrong in your game. I can tell you will just my mods installed the ceramite gained from mining is the ceramite used to make the Fabricator Bench.

I have even just tested in a game myself and can confirm that the Imperial Fabricator used Mined "Ceramite".

BTW there is nothing in my Mod called "Raw Ceramite", i have CERAMITE and REFINED CERAMITE. If the item is called "Raw Ceramite" it is not from my mod. Likely from another WH40k mod?
bearhiderug Jul 13 @ 4:46pm 
I wonder why you are gettign raw ceramite?
Try maqking a new colony mine some up to double check perhaps?