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How to Center Text on Steam
By Aevoa
A simple guide showing you how to center text on Steam. It's great for making a fancy custom info box.
NOTE: This guide has been updated with a better method! Use the guide below instead.
Step 1
First you're going to need a stackable whitespace. It's like a normal whitespace you get when you press the spacebar, but a stackable one won't collapse when you save.
For example:

Ten Normal Whitespaces: ( )
Ten Stackable Whitespaces: (          )

Since copy and pasting it from different pages online doesn't work, there are two ways to get it.
Please note: we're still looking for a way that Mac users can get the stackable whitespace.
  • You can either download it at www(.)mediafire(.)com/file/yb7nfdo3a1rstsg/SpaceStacks.txt
    (Paste it into a browser and delete the parentheses.)

  • Or just create it using the alt code 255. This is done by holding down the "Alt" key on the left side of your keyboard and pressing the numbers "2, 5, 5" on the numberpad. So it's Alt+2-5-5.
    For example:
Step 2
Now that you can create a stackable whitespace, go to where you want to center text. For example, the image below shows my custom info box with some text I want to center.

Click behind the text and either paste the whitespace from the download, or enter the alt code. Once completed, it should create a stackable whitespace behind the text. Select it.

Copy the stackable whitespace and paste it multiple times until the text looks roughly centered.

Step 3
Go ahead and hit "Save Changes". Now you can go to your profile and view your text box. You may notice it's not perfectly centered.

To make sure it's as close to centered as possible, take a screenshot of your text box and paste it into a photo editing program. (I'm using Photoshop, but any program should work.)

Now that the screenshot is in your editing program, use the template below and paste it over your text box screenshot.

Make sure to align the edge of the template with the edge of the text box. This will show you how far your text needs to move to be centered.

Since we know one of our stackable whitespaces is roughly 4 pixels wide, three more whitespaces behind the text should get it aligned fairly well.

Now that you're so close to being centered, copy the space between these brackets: ( )
It's width is exactly one pixel wide, so use it to center your text perfectly.
Now you can center your text! Some unique examples:

For more profile help, visit the discord:
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