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Half-Life 2 + Gmod breakable props
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Sep 22, 2016 @ 7:41am
Jul 9, 2018 @ 3:10am
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Half-Life 2 + Gmod breakable props


Ahoy %username%!
After I finished work on FFCM,
I decided to change the scope of my activities for Garry's Mod addon-making.
When I once again passed Half-Life 2, I was attracted to the scene with a falling factory pipe on one map. Before, this scene somehow did not bother me, and I did not even have any hints that I could make all the props breakable for Gmod.
In itself, everything turned out...

  • Based on Source games:
    Garry's Mod, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Ep. 1 & Ep. 2.(will be added more in next upds).
  • Totally destroyable props with their exclusive... partially exclusive gibs.
  • Not replaced and NOT will replace original props,
  • Non-burning props when explosive doing damage for them.
  • Nice for build... probably.
  • All debris of props can be destroyed in small gibs - they removed from world automatically.
  • All damage modifers(bullet, club, explosive) are close to real values for more realistic(you will need powerful weapons to destroy).
  • You can find it in new spawn category, named as "Half-Life 2 + Gmod breakable props" in different sections.
  • Almost work fine in multiplayer, make big f0cking mess with your friends!
  • Some props have separated names as "_static" and "_nonstatic":
    "_static" - after getting damage this props will spawn non-moving parts(gibs).
    "_nonstatic" - after getting damage this props will spawn moving parts(gibs)

  • As a saint rule of Gmod: The more props will be spawned - the more lags will be go.
    But if all props will be non moved and static - no one lags not will.
  • Some prop still could ingnite after explosion damage. But this does not always happen.
  • Some props no have physics simulation in multiplayer. It need for optimization.
  • NPC_Manhack can quickly destroy this props. It's bug or strange feature for this npc, idk.
    And i no have idea, how to fix that.
  • Some, but not every melee weapons from
    different addons(CW 2.0 Melee as example) can quickly destroy this props,
    i.e. this weapons ignore my damage modifier: " = 0" in my codes for props. I can't will try to fix that in next releases.
  • Debris(gibs) of props has no-colide between themselves. Well, it's one of "ability" in Gmod.
    Just imagine, what you would get lags if this "ability" were disabled...

Some your questions and my answers on them:
Q:I have a missing textures. Whats content for this props required?
A:By default, you will need Gmod+CSS game contents. Optionally, i recommended for you Half-Life 2 and Ep1&Ep2 game contents for textures.

Q:When i break a gib of prop, it break in a small metal/concrete/wood parts, it's a normal?
A:Absolutely. I make gibs of props breakable in small gibs and some props can just fade from world without breaking. It need for optimizaton. Therefore, remember one Gmod rule: more props - more lags.

Q:Props can't break. Any fix?
A:Yes. Just re-subscribe on my addon.
But before resub, delete my old .gma file from "addons" directory(type in console "menu_cleanupgmas").

Q:What code used for this addon, they lua based?
A:Almost - Lua code used only for custom spawnlist.
My props based on game code by Valve via studiomdl.exe. I make gib parts for any prop individually. It's simple.

Q:How about other games? Like TF2, Portal, etc...
A:Still planned.
But for now, my work focuses on improving old contents(bug fixing, remodelling) and addind a new props from Half-Life 2 and Ep1&2, also building props.

Q:Can i use this props on my map? Do you have your own map?.
A:Yes, you can use my props on your map, just don't forget post link on my addon.
And a have my first map with my props. But, it's early alpha in closed testing.

Q:I have issue...
A:Write in comment below. I always check new comments.
And I answer everyone about news/plans/etc.
Any issues will be tested by me personally - 100% feedback.
Spam will be deleted,

Q:How often i will get new props/updates?
A:Everything has its time. I'm the same as you are - ordinary average player.
Basically I play into some games and when there is time - I continue working on the addon.
Re-moddeling on Source™ just my hobby in free time.
And when you get a new update - just check CHANGELOG for more info.

Q:i feel "google translater" in your words...
A:Because I'm Russian and there's nothing wrong with that, if you're a nazi, get out of here.
My english is not bad and not good. Therefore, I often use the translator, if some words i can't understand.


Nicolai Seven - models, idea.
Смайл - building models.
Garry's Mod Wiki[] - for helping me create my own spawnlist for props.
VALVe - original props models from Half-Life 2 and Episodes.
"Phoenix Storms Premium Pack" props creators team - for their models to build for Garry's Mod.

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