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The Kazdra
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Sep 21, 2016 @ 8:34pm
Nov 1, 2018 @ 2:19am
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The Kazdra

Adds the Kazdra as a playable race (it's still a WIP).

They are dragon-like humanoids from a planet nearly depleted of metals. if you'd like to know more about them and about the state of the mod, check out the mod page on the official forums!

I'd love to hear some tales of kazdra adventures that I could use for codex entries, so if you would like to help add to this that wouldn't be a bad way to help. :P

Known Conflicts:


You will need an Extended Character Creation mod to select and play this race. Xbawks CCE is a popular one
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Voxren Nov 30 @ 3:09pm 
The wait gets so hard, I refuse to play Starbound without Kazdras
Skoll Drachen Sep 16 @ 6:58pm 
annnnnnd its gone
Animus Aug 28 @ 9:56am 
Pliz fix this, Ahndrek or CBV!
Ahndrek Li'Cyri Aug 14 @ 2:22pm 
Yeah, i don't know either. Haven't done anything with starbound coding in ages.
CBV_Bad_Larry Aug 14 @ 1:40pm 
i dont think the patch author would update his patch unless hiuki give permission himself. I have no idea how i would update the patch myself for personal use unfortunately.
Ahndrek Li'Cyri Aug 14 @ 1:29pm 
I think the owner would be fine with it, seeing as i did one back for 1.3
CBV_Bad_Larry Aug 14 @ 11:58am 
any chance you could give permission for a mod compatibility patch?
Ahndrek Li'Cyri Aug 13 @ 3:26pm 
It looks like the owner possibly got caught in school or something, and hasn't been updating it. Though, no idea tbh.
DraconicSpeaker Aug 12 @ 11:33pm 
I thought this mod was still being worked on? How the heck is it broken again?
Darqs Jul 27 @ 3:52pm 
I guess