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Decal Prop Fix (deprecated)
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Sep 20, 2016 @ 3:39pm
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Decal Prop Fix (deprecated)

This mod is for players who want to use decal assets with a size larger than 8x8m and/or tiled decals.

Make sure that the mod is enabled!

This mod does not mess with save files, simulation or the user interface. It is safe to use and can be disabled at any time without causing harm to your city (except that large decals will shrink to 8x8m).

Tutorial for Decal Creators

Source Code[]

Note: I'm not taking donations, but others do ;)

List of Available Decals

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Feb 18, 2022 @ 5:37pm
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Jul 19, 2018 @ 8:00pm
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Hestia Jun 23 @ 5:58pm 
Deprecated =(
Sairento Mar 30 @ 10:11am 
This still works perfectly fine on its own (and compatible with old Prop & Tree Anarchy)

As ppl mentioned below, newer mods are available which are supposed to have the same functionality in them in case one wants to update.
yao_zhou Mar 25 @ 4:25am 
Use Prop Anarchy Temp Fix For Hubs & Transport update (patch 1.16.1-f2)
UnstoppableGaming Feb 15 @ 1:48am 
[This mod is no longer compatible. Use Prop Anarchy instead.] This is on the loading screen to Cities Skylines menu where you can go to Asset Manager etc.

It isn't an error message just a black box saying what was in the ''['' and '']''.
You can only press 'OK' and it disappears.
Melvin Martignac Jan 24 @ 4:39am 
@奇怪le的233君 Yes apparently Prop Anarchy has recplaced that but really badly, for a lot of Decals some giant yellow glitch square appears around the decal.
yao_zhou Jan 22 @ 10:44pm 
This is deprecated, but the requirements of some assets are NOT updated.

As Prop Anarchy 's workshop page says:
Decal Prop Fix - Prop Anarchy mod already includes same functionality
奇怪le的233君 Jan 16 @ 9:53pm 
Some assets still require this mod, so, have Prop Anarchy 0.7.6 and EML completely replaced Decal Prop Fix?
Weon-Suck@ Jan 10 @ 9:20am 
yao_zhou bro is nice guy
yao_zhou Dec 9, 2022 @ 1:38am 
Rae Nov 23, 2022 @ 2:12am 
No idea why, but as soon as I turned this mod off all the lighting in my game changed.. which is weird.