Victoria II

Victoria II

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Cheats for the average cheater
By TotalWarDestroyer
Turn to page 394... Now follow my instructions, Precisly.

Useful stuff, there is more though.
money [amount]: Adds the desired amount of money to the player's nation's cash
goods [amount]: Gives the player the amount specified of all the goods
instantconstruction: Buildings finish in one day. Affects human and AI players.
inc: Short version of instantconstruction. Doesn't affect the AI.
instantresearch: Research finishes in one day.
upperhouse: Instant upper house reelection.
election: Starts common elections right now.
militancy [level]: Changes militancy level. Try positive and negative values
fow: Turns on\of fog of war. In HoD it is debug fow
TAG [TAG]: Change the player country to the one specified. The [TAG] part must be in caps, and more than 1 change "sleeps" the AI of the affected country until reload.
spawnunit [unit] [province id]: A [unit] appears in the province specified at 0 organization and full strength. In case of a land unit, the soldiers will come from a random province.
conquerall [TAG] : Set all enemy provinces under our control.
break: Enforces demands of top-level rebels available in movement window.
yesmen: The AI accepts any deal with the player or other AI players
Plurality [number]: Set the player plurality to the number given
revolt [ province id]: Rise all the valid rebels of the country that controls [province id] (use twice)
Prestige:Adds prestige to your nation
leadership: adds leadership to your nation
inr: instant research, does not affect AI
changeowner [TAG] [province id] does what it sounds like
changecontroller [TAG] [province id] changes controll, not ownership. I believe you have to be at war for this to work [becomes striped]
spawnunit [unit] [province id]
debug alwaysdiplo 2nd favorite, enter diplomatic relations as you want.
debug researchpoints gives research points
debug alwaysreform:reform as many times as you want, no wait
debug alwaysaddwargoal:my favorite, lets you add wargoals at will
suppress: add supression points, 100 I think
provid: Shows prov id's! useful yeah?
New stuff in HoD
showrails: does what it says, shows railroads.
citysize: I did not know about this one, overides city size
there are news things, but I dont understand them, so if you want to try and figure it out, you can on wikipedia. Sorry.

provblocade: good one here, blockades province selected. [province]

Many more, if you need more, ask, enjoy!
West Africa

ARO - Aro
ASH - Ashanti
BEN - Benin
CLA - Calabar
DAH - Dahomey
GBU - Gabu
MAS - Massina
MOS - Mossi
OYO - Oyo
SEG - Segu
TOO - Tooro
WOL - Wolof
WRI - Warri

Central Africa

KON - Kongo
LOA - Loango

East Africa

GEL - Geledi
MAJ - Majeerteen
SHW - Shewa

South Africa

BSH - Basotho
XHO - Xhosa
SUA - Suazi


BHR - Bahrain
CHO - Choshu
HAL - Hail
KTI - Kutai
LAN - Lanfang
LNA - Lan Na
PNJ - Panjab (tag has been changed from PAN, renamed Sikh Empire)
QNG - Qing Empire (replaces China)
RYU - Ryukyu
SAK - Siak
SLW - Sulawesi
SUL - Sulu
TKG - Shogunate Japan

South America

PBC - Peru-Bolivia Confederation
RGS - Rio Grande do Sul
SPU - South Peru

New Revolter Countries

These new countries exist only as cores in provinces at the start of the game, but can become independent by revolt (or other means).

AZA - Azande
BRD - Urundi
BUG - Buganda
CYR - Cyrenaica
DAM - Damagaram
DAR - Darfur
DND - Dendi
JAL - Jallon
KBO - Kanem-Bornu
KNG - Kong
KUB - Kuba
KZB - Kazembe
LBA - Luba
LUN - Lunda
MAT - Matabele
MNG - Mongo
RHO - Southern Rhodesia
RWA - Ruanda
SHO - Shona
SUD - Sudan
TSW - Botswana
WAD - Wadai


AKH - Astrakhan
ALT - Altai Republic
ASM - Assam
ASR - Asir
BIH - Bihar
BIM - Bima
BNG - Bengal
CHI - China
CHK - Champasak
CIR - Circassia
DAG - Dagestan
DJA - Jambi
DON - Cossack Union
FJN - Fujian
GNG - Guangdong
JOR - Jordan
KAM - Kamchatka
KCH - Kachin
KDS - Kurdistan
KLM - Kalimantan
KMK - Kalmykia
KRN - Karnatak
KWT - Kuwait
LEC - Christian Lebanon
LEM - Muslim Lebanon
MAH - Maharashtra
MAL - Maluku
PHL - Philippines (tag has been changed from PHI)
PLS - Palestine
SHA - Shan
SIB - Siberian Republic
SRI - Sri Lanka
SYR - Syria
TAR - Tatarstan
TNT - Tannu Tuva
TPG - Taiping/Heavenly Kingdom
URA - Ural Republic
UYG - Uyghurstan
YAK - Yakutia-Sakha

North America

CHP - Chiapas
LOS - Los Altos
LSK - Alaska
PRI - Puerto Rico
RGR - Rio Grande
TTB - Trinidad
YUC - Yucatan

South America

ENT - Entre Rios
GUY - Guyana
PTG - Patagonia


BLR - Belarus
GER- Germany
BRT - Brittany
BSQ - Basqueland
CRS - Corsica
GLC - Galicia
MLT - Malta
OCC - Occitania
RHI - Rhineland
NOR- Norway
SWE- Sweden
DEN- Denmark
SYL - Transylvania
UKR - Ukraine
WHA - Wales


FIJ - Fiji
TGA - Tonga

Other Countries

These new countries exist in the mod, but do not have cores at the start. Their cores are added only by event/decision.

ANG - Angola
D10 - North Angola Free State
MLI - Mali Empire
MOZ - Mozambique
D09 - Mozambique Free State
SOM - Somalia
TOU - Toucouleur Empire
NIG - Niger
LBY - Libya


ARB - Arabia
BLC - Baluchistan
DRA - Dravidistan
DUR - Durrani Empire
GMJ - Guominjun
HDU - Hindustan
HNN - Hunan
HUI - Anhui
INO - Indonesia
KAZ - Kazakhstan
KMT - Nationalist China
KYR - Kyrgyzstan
LBY - Libya
LXA - Lan Xang
MRT - Marathas
RAJ - Rajputana
SWK - Sarawak
SZC - Sichuan
TAI - Taiwan/Formosa
TAJ - Tajikstan
TKM - Turkmenistan
TKS - Turkestan
UZB - Uzbekistan

North America

DAK - Dakota Republic
FSA - Free States of America
UAL - Alabama
UAR - Arkansas
UFL - Florida
UGA - Georgia
UIA - Iowa
UIL - Illinois
UIN - Indiana
UKY - Kentucky
ULA - Louisiana
UMI - Michigan
UMN - Minnesota
UMO - Missouri
UMS - Mississippi
UNB - Nebraska
UNC - North Carolina
UNJ - New Jersey
UNM - New Mexico
UNY - New York
UOH - Ohio
UOR - Oregon
UPA - Pennsylvania
USC - South Carolina
UTN - Tennessee
UVA - Virginia
UWI - Wisconsin
UWV - West Virginia

South AmericaEdit

GCO - Gran Colombia

ENL - England
SPC - Carlist Spain

AOT - Aotearoa
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it's a Nation that spawns when you don't ban slavery as the US in the North. I'm pretty sure that its just in HPM
GreatMurican Aug 24 @ 7:15am 
What is the FSA?
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Make sure you don't do this: 'this', do this: do

Don't add the ' ' things.

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TotalWarDestroyer  [author] May 29 @ 2:59pm 
Very interesting.
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Try these: MHC, MAC, MNH, and MTC

DaCat May 27 @ 8:11am 
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