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6ft6 More Flags
Created by SarahWild
Adds new flag options.
Foregrouds & Backgrounds.

Current foregrounds:

Misfits of Terra, Star Citizen Org Logo.
Welsh Dragon
Paradox Interactive Logo
Borderlands Vault Symbol
European Space Agency Logo
NASA Worm Logo

*All images are copyrigh...
Created by Leafback
My very first workshop submission.

Currently includes only the ADVENT symbol from XCOM 2, but I plan on adding more soon....
Anime Emblem Pack
Created by Answermancer
Work in Progress.

Inspired by other packs, I've decided to make an Anime emblem pack. Each emblem comes in a color version and a gold emblem version that more closely matches those that come with the game.

I want to focus it on space-themed organizat...
Battletech Flags
This little mod adds nearly all flags of the BattleTech universe. It currently includes all Great Houses, nearly all Clans (except 2 or 3), 4 Periphery States and some mercenary units. And Comstar.

Version 1.2
- added Comstar and mercenary...
BattleTech: Emblems
Created by Shadriss
V 1.15.2 for Stellaris 3.*


* Updated to remove the "mod made for other version" warning in the Launcher. Should now be future proofed against upcoming updates, so long as Stellaris remains V3.


* ALL CLA...
Bonehead14's Emblem Pack
Created by Bonehead14
A random assortment of various emblems from sci fi to games, including; Star Wars, Star Trek and Game of Thrones! along with several random ones too! Enjoy!

- Companys (Mega Corps)
- Fallout Embelms (With some others)
- Various Star Trek Symb...
Created by Semaphor
Dune Houses
Created by Captain Murray
This is my first mod, created with the ideia of playing Stellaris using some elements of the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert.

All the changes are pure cosmetic and will not affect the balance of the game.

- Add six emblems for the main Dune H...
Elite Dangerous Emblem Pack
Created by Takua
Conquer the cosmos under the banner of Elite Status!

This pack adds in several emblems from Elite Dangerous into Stellaris for all your Elite needs.


Images provided by:
Images manipulated by: /u/DrKite
Mod created by: I Am ...
Elysian Styling
Created by EtoileLion
Just a mini-mod to add a couple of flag symbols and a cross-style field, along with color options to enable styling your flag like the Empire of EnterElysium.

An Artist I am not.

Update: Compatible with 1.1.0, and should now play nice with other mods...
Emblempack (SG)
Created by Scharage
Emblempack (by Scharage) for Stellaris v.1.0.3


This is my selfmade Emblempack for friends and aliens.


Until now there are only few new Emblem. If you have a wish ...
Emblems: Abstract
Created by AUTOMATIC
A set of about 1000 abstract empire emblems.

Adds following categories:
- adinkra
- alchemy
- celtic
- circle
- curves
- design
- floral
- knot
- mandala
- pattern
- snowflake
- spiral
- spirograph
- star
- symbolism
- sy...
Emblems: Concepts
Created by AUTOMATIC
A set of about 1000 empire emblems.

Adds following categories:
anarchy atom capitalism collaboration communism culture dna empire fantasy game government handicap health illuminati justice molecule note peace production pulse recreation religion scien...
Emblems: Fauna
Created by AUTOMATIC
Adds about 2000 fauna emblems: various animals, insects, sea life, ect...

Following categories are added:
alligator ant bacteria bat bear bird bug camel cat centaur chameleon cockroach cow crab deer dinosaur dog dove dragon duck eagle elephant fish fla...
Emblems: Items
Created by AUTOMATIC
Adds about 2250 emblems related to various physical items.
Emblems: Nature
Created by AUTOMATIC
Adds about 1200 nature related emblems.

Following categories are added:
acorn cactus coral feather fire flood flower flowers gems grass leaves lightning lotus mountain mushroom ocean palm paw poison rain rainbow rose shell stone tree tsunami volcano w...
Emblems: Ring Runner
An Emblem pack using the faction icons/forum avatars of one of my all time favorite indie games. Often cheap from sales and has a free demo, worth checking out:

Adds 16 emblems to select in the faction maker. Ra...
Emblems: Space
Created by AUTOMATIC
Adds about 750 emblems related to space and space exploration.

Following categories are added: alien astronaut comet constellation earth galaxy helmet moon planet rocket satellite starwars sun ufo
EUIV Country Flags
Created by Lord Malvern
Finished a world conquest in EUIV? Continue your nation's glorious expansion into the stars with the EUIV Country Flags mod for Stellaris!

Ironman/Achievement Compatible!

Includes the insignia for the following nations made to match Stellaris' art st...
Extended Emblems
Created by Wolfofthenyght
Thank you to Royal Raven who has tested & let me know this mod IS still working! If you have trouble with not being able to scroll, please see this additional info/comment for troubleshooting help:

I do remember something weird with people using UI Over...
Fandom Emblems 1.0
Created by spanick

Emblems from different fiction universes. All trying (but failing) to stay close to vanilla colours. Ingame map (white) versions included. Random new empires won't use...
Flag Background Pack
Created by zraith
An additional 28 flag backgrounds for the game.

Best used with mods that expand the color palette (selection) for the flag creation.

Stellaris Tags: Graphics
Mod name: Flag Background Pack
Last updated: 2020.6.11

Updated for Stellaris 2.7...
FlagBackground Plus
Created by Nekomata
16/7/4現在 34種(回転パターン等含む)
Flags : Emblems & Backgrounds [Outdated]
Created by swefpifh
Hello and sorry for the inconveniance. I won't update this mod because i take time for others things.

Above all, I would like to thank "Charanth" for taking the time to continue updating this mod. So I invite you to join the new page of ...
Half Life Universe Emblems
Created by Epsilon
Time to conquer totally innocent and technologically inferior species to enslave, modify and add them to your soulless military machine!
This mod has three variations of Combine flag which will justify all your aggressive actions.
- Why the heck did you...
Halo Emblems
Created by Pelovski
Sins of the Prophets has got all the emblems from this mod, so go check them out, I'm helpin' them out in the future, so go there if you want updated versions of this too!

I me...
Hammer and Sickle Flag
Created by Cyborg
Hammer and Sickle flag with transparent background. Can be used with soviet style empires.

Modified from wikipedia:
Hyrulian Flags
Created by MoD
Hyrulian Flags

just a quick little graphics mod/addition out of one of my favourite game universes, nothing really fancy.. behold my mighty GIMP Skillz :D

Ironman-Achievments compatible. ᕦ໒( ⊡ 益 ⊡ )७ᕤ

For now the flag category is ...
Interstellar Essentials
Created by Hegemon4Hire
This is the core mod for the "Interstellar Immersion" mod series. It features two scoops of Good Old-Time Homemade Original Content. Additional content packs in the series wil...
IT flags
Created by VGT
IT flags...
Japanese Prefectures Emblem Pack
The 47 prefectures of Japan use Mon (Kamon) in their flags, these are traditional Japanese heraldic symbols. The Kanji written by them reflect not only ancient Chinese pictograms, but also alliteration or sound.

This pack contains 61 emblems from Japan'...
K-ON! Flag Mod
Created by dapete
Adds the "steaming tea-cup" logo from the K-ON! anime series as a flag/emblem you can use for your empire. You can find it in the "Human" category....
Killzone Emblem Pack
Created by kelly
The one and only Killzone Emblem Pack for Stellaris!

Right now, this only contains a bare minimum of five Killzone logos right out of the Killzone games. However, the logos themselves are very well made and should make a fine addition to your mod collec...
Lovecrafitan Emblems
Created by Hastur
Adds multiple emblems that are refrenced in the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Currently adds...

The Elder Sign, both tree and star versions.

The Yellow Sign of Hastur...
Macross - Emblem Pack
Created by Reo
This is a test pack with 3-4 emblems from the Macross series. Sorry if you have a problem with the name "FLAG_CATEGORY" in the flags selection, I don't know how to resolve this ^^'

Ceci est un pack test avec des écussons venant de la série Macross. Déso...
Mass effect flags
Created by LordZarmack


Mon Emblem Pack
Mon are Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. There are more than 5000 different mons and virtually all modern Japanese families have a mon.

This pack contains 77 of them, enjoy!

  • Co
More Backgrounds
Created by kimstad
Adds more backgrounds for your flags
Enables hidden vanilla emblems for designer and adds an empty one

All pictures are cropped screenshots from ingame with dark green as primary and dark blue as secondary colours and using my empty emblem

More Flags
Created by DerMoritz98
A Stellaris mod, which adds more flags to the game.
This mod is Achievement compatible.
National Emblem Pack
Created by Swiss Knight
Nation emblems specifically created for Stellaris. Featuring insignia from across history and around the world, including intergovernmental organizations like the United Nations, Union of South American States, NATO and individual nations from Albania to W...
Norse Names List & Raven banner
Created by Fafnir
3.4.5 Compatible

This mod adds a raven banner, and a new namelist with norse names for leaders, planets, ships, fleets and armies.

This mod is not Ironman compatible.

Hope you enjoy the mod and......
Oxycoon Background Pack
Created by Oxycoon
A small compilation of some flag backgrounds I've created....
Oxycoon Fate/Stay Night Flag Pack
Created by Oxycoon
A flag pack containing the command seals from the Fate/Stay Night series.

Currently only has the seals from the original Fate/Stay Night. For some reason having problems updating, so for now this mod is up for adoption....
Oxycoon Flag Pack
Created by Oxycoon
Compilation of custom flags I've made or edited on behalf of people I know. If you see anything flag that you own the copyright to and want taken down, please notify me and I'll rectify the situation.

Currently has the following flags:
1. Ninetails
Planetside Flags
Created by [GOTR] nullfunction
Flags from the three factions in Planetside 2.

- New Conglomerate
- Terran Republic
- Vanu Sovereignty

The normal and tiny versions are full color. The map version has been made grayscale, so that it blends in with other flags in the game. If you w...
[2.3.*] World of Warcraft - Alliance and Horde emblems for flags
Created by gunter
EN : New emblems from World of Warcraft !
New emblems will be added in the future.
If you have any questions/recommandations post a message below.
Supported versions : 2.3.*...
Wildbillhdmax01's New Backgrounds
Created by wildbillhdmax01
About 100 New Backgrounds for flags to use with your Empire. Everything from claw marks, diamond, triangles, stripes, and many more....
[Outdated] Warframe Emblems
Created by 4oh3
Note: This mod is extremely outdated, put simply I stopped playing Stellaris. Since LeGuin I've picked it back up again, so I have some interest in rebuilding and updating.

But I'm also lazy as hell, so take a look at:
Vintage Logos Emblem Pack
Vintage Company logos from the 70s and before!

More logos to be added...

  • Compatible with Ironman mode and achievements.
  • Compatible with 1.*
  • For added flavour, the mod allows the IA to use these emblems. If
Valkyria flags
Created by MrMeh
This mod adds the various emplems seen in the Valkyria Chronicles games.

I have very little time nowadays due to uni so it won't get updated often sorry.

Last update 24/11/2019: Updated to 2.5.*

Please inform me is anything is not working.

Tokyo Wards Emblem Pack
Tokyo has 23 special wards, these are their flags adapted to Stellaris for your enjoyment. ;)

  • Compatible with Ironman mode and achievements.
  • Compatible with 1.*
  • For added flavour, the mod allows the IA to use
Stellaris Heraldry: Backgrounds
Created by Septimus Prime
A heraldic (and not so much) flag background collection.
Currently contains 34 46 58 67 cherry-picked and self-made patterns.

My newest little mod is [url=
Star Trek Emblem Pack
Created by Swiss Knight
Nation emblems specifically created for Stellaris from the Star Trek Universe....
SMAC Flags (Alpha Centauri)
Created by Elothan
Here are my rendition of the SMAC (Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri) Symbols/Flags in somewhat of a Stellaris style.

Update: Factions for SMAC mods is out.

That s also contains these symbols....
SFFA - Scott's Flags
Created by Fallini
This mod adds in symbols made by Scott from the SFFA mod. Scott's Flags are fan made flags for the star wars universe. Check out Scott's flags of the galaxy:

Compatibility Report

This mod is compatible w...
Rome Total War Empire Flags
Created by Primordial
Have you ever wanted to play ancient Romans in space? How about the Greeks? Egyptians? Or maybe you crushed earth thousands of years ago and united it under a single barbarian flag?

This mod adds flags (normal, small and map) from every faction in the c...
Revealer's Flag Pack
Created by Revealer
If you are interested in some Portraits too, see my other mod:
DC Universe (flags)
Created by Lord Milutin
DC Universe mod

This cosmetic mod brings roleplay to a whole new level.

Version 2.0:

-Slight enhancement to all Lantern Corps logos.

-Two new categories: Kryptonian and Individuals!

-Kryptonian category now has all well-know...
Spectra Flag Colors [2.2 Compatible!]
Created by Sanity Dance
I got tired of all of the other flag color mods, so I wrote a short Java program that spat out 2,028 lines of Stellaris color code and made my own color mod.


  • Adds 2,028 colors for use in the Empire Creation screen.
Complete Colors
Created by Delincious
Version 1.01

Adds a complete RGB Color Table with 2048+ colors to the color selection menu of the Empire Creator.

Mod Features:
  • Adds 2048+ New Colors in an RGB color grid for sel
48 Empire Colors [Ironman Achievement Compatible]
Created by Genusaus
This mod adds 28 additional colors to the base game, and it also expands the space for color selection in the custom species creation screen.

Run Stellaris-Click on the "Mods" tab in the Paradox launcher (right above the Play button)-Sele...
Star Wars Universe Emblems
Created by Epsilon
It's far from the original Galactic Conquest mode of good old Star Wars Battlefront II, but it's still something, right?

Witness the Birth of the Rebellion and help them overthrow the corrupt Empire
Live through the Dark Reign of the Empire[/...
Mod Pack Flag Graphics
Created by zraith
This mod consolidates some of the various emblem mods that I've come across. I take no credit for the various emblem packs that this mod pack is made of. I made this mod for the simple reason to clean up my mod list (was getting fairly big) and make it eas...
Mighty Ducks Nation
Created by Antee (Sikara)
Very simple mod made by a complete amateur to add the Mighty Ducks nation and logo as a custom flag. Mainly intended for some friends, but feel free to use it if you don't think it's too horrid a job.

The nation is set to be randomly spawnable (but not ...
(-United Flags-)
Created by Fugasas
Mod United Flags is collection of flags (340+) that I use in my games. The most of them are taken from outdated mods from the steam and renewed to the latest version of the game.
All credits for design should be given to authors of universes and mods:
# B...
Star Wars Universe Emblems
Created by Crichton

- Mod Updated to work with 3.3.x

let me know if there are any problems

This is a updated version of Star Wars Universe Emblems by Epsilon.

All I did was update it so it will work with latest Version of Stellaris.

Original Credit for the m...
Humanity Emblems
Created by ExtraNoise
Humanity Emblems adds over 170 flag emblems to Stellaris, filed under "Humanity" in the flag customization options.

About the Mod
This mod began when I wanted to create a series of human races to populate a "human-only" galaxy and was unhappy...
Wick's: Vanilla Emblems
Created by Wick

*Updated to Version 3.* of Stellaris*


This mod is my personal answer to Paradox' golden ingame emblems. I prefer either white or silver for a more sci-fi feeling. That is why I edite...
Omega Emblem
Created by Gaggol
Adds Ω as an emblem....
TehT's OCD Emblems
Created by Teh T
When working on TehT's FlagPlack, I noticed that several of the emblems, particularly in the Blocky and Pointy categories were not centered very well in the image..

Included in ...
Terran Empire Emblem
Created by Grunty
This mod adds the Terran Empire emblem from Star Trek....
Created by Teh T
[2.3.x, Ironman Compatible, 100% Conflict Free]
More flag backgrounds in the style of the vanilla ones, mathemagically placed to integrate with default emblems!

I will be extending this going forwards, and will to that end take requests, so if t...
Turkish Emblems
Created by Özge Kâtip
UPDATE: Updated for 2.8.*, still achievement-friendly and without noticeable issues. Since I no longer have access to the original photoshop template with which I made the emblems and the emblem generator on github is pretty good, I might re-do some of the...
Astronomical Emblem Pack (Smaller Groups)
Created by Aelarion
Tested and working for 2.8.*

Doesn't seem necessary for 2.8.1, tested and scrolling appears to work now. Keeping this mod up just for continuity.

Having Trouble?
For some reason it looks like the Paradox Launcher is having a problem with ...
Flags in the void
Created by Condutiarii
Compatibility with Overlord 3.4.5 (Cepheus)

A collection of backgrounds to design the flags of your empires.

Compatibility : Multiplayer - Ironman.

- 130 background for flags.
- Compatibility with any mods and your previous savegames.
- Usable by AI pla...
Little Tee's Emblems
Created by Little Tee
Adds 312 Emblems usable by AI and Players. Should be achievement/ironman compatible.

Flags in the void isn't strictly necessary, but since this mod includes inverted versions of those backgrounds, it seemed the honorable thing to do to add it as a requir...
IFN1 Flag Backgrounds
Created by InFerNos1
This mod currently adds 127 flag backgrounds to the game, which you, and randomly generated AI empires, can use.

• Some backgrounds include a third colour, which is a mix of the first and second colours. There are also backgrounds with a solid black col...
Crest Materials
Created by pikldqkumber

Achievement Compatible - Version 3.2.2 Herbert


Ever had the feeling that the options for flags are too limited, not just in shapes ...
Neferium's Flag Pack
Created by Neferium
For Stellaris 3.2.*

This mod adds the following:

Tri-Colored flags (third color is a blend of the primary and secondary)
Flat White flag icons created from original icons

This mod is mainly for my own personal use with friends, but I shall...
Xtra Emblems
Created by Kirksko

Xtra Emblems

Xtra Emblems currently adds ~70 new emblems.
All added emblems can also be used by the AI.

Apparently, a bug with stellaris has broken the scroll function of the empire creation UI, ...
Flags: Emblems & Backgrounds UP-TO-DATE
Created by Qui-Gon Jake
Now compatible with v3.4.X

The current version of Stellaris breaks the ability to scroll through any modded flags. To fix this problem, please include UI Overhaul Dynamic.

One of the first mods that got me into playing...