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McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II [UPDATED]
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Sep 17, 2016 @ 4:07am
Sep 19, 2016 @ 6:13am
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McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II [UPDATED]

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No Lag! Only 184 blocks!
Note: The new update adds 7 blocks, no big deal.

The F-4E Phantom II is a dual-seat multirole fighter aircraft created by the former McDonnell Douglas.

As requested by... damn I lost the name again.
It was a long time ago, he probably already forgot it too XD

In Ace Combat, the F-4E was the starting plane on almost every game, employed as a carrier-based fighter by several militaries, including the Independent States Allied Forces and the Aurelian Navy. Other countries, such as Belka and the Osean Federation, fielded them instead as conventional air force aircraft.

After the last machine that lags too much, I build another plane while trying to keep the block count as low as possible.

I first thought it was just a straightforward builds, turns out the Phantom has quite an unusual control surfaces. They didn't just use a simple aileron and elevator, the real plane uses too many combination of steering: drooping ailerons, spoiler panels, slats, all-moving tail and a normal rudder; and of course I have to recreate them all.

At 184 blocks, it fit the bounding box, with its four missiles has massive payload and superior range make it effective in both aerial and ground combat.

Default One-Hand Controls --
  • Pitch: T/G
  • Roll: F/H
  • Yaw:R/Y
  • Accelerate/Decelerate: Z/X
  • Retract/Extend Landing Gears: Right Alt/.
  • Launch Missile: Num 1, Num 3, Num 4, Num 6

Alternative Two-Hand Controls --
  • Pitch: Up/Down
  • Roll:Left/Right
  • Yaw: A/D (Must use one of camera modes)
  • Accelerate/Decelerate: W/S (Must use one of camera modes)
  • Retract/Extend Landing Gears: Right Alt/.
  • Launch Missile: Num 1, Num 3, Num 4, Num 6

Camera modes --
  • Third Person: 1
  • Cockpit view: 2
Block count: 191 (originally 184)

EDIT.19.Sep Improved engine, resulting in faster speed and acceleration by a lot; as suggested by ❅AιмBσт.
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aylen Oct 31, 2021 @ 10:38am 
I cant lauch missles
Milk Aug 16, 2020 @ 3:04pm 
Shadé  [author] Feb 3, 2020 @ 6:07pm 
I made that myself.
Unpublished and have not been ported to work on the most recent version of besiege
Milk Feb 3, 2020 @ 5:55pm 
what map did you use in the video?
lastBattle Dec 26, 2016 @ 5:43am 
I think the game will be a ....
Shadé  [author] Dec 25, 2016 @ 6:54am 
That works, or you can use Easy Scale mod for much easier way
X^weTshj!6ivk4Xh6CK5 Dec 25, 2016 @ 4:38am 
@leotram5937 it isnt a mod, you go into the game's files and modify the block sizes there.
yueqi Dec 25, 2016 @ 2:39am 
Leelo Dec 18, 2016 @ 4:15pm 
can you tell me what mod you used to shrink the blocks? thanks
MuXii Dec 12, 2016 @ 8:36pm