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Volts & Bolts
Sep 16, 2016 @ 6:11pm
Oct 4, 2016 @ 7:09am
Volts & Bolts is a colorful, team-based multiplayer vehicular combat game with classes.

There are several game modes to choose from: base attack, base vs. base, and the well-known team Deathmatch. The player can choose his own combat-vehicle class. Each class differs in its type of mounted weapon type, speed, and maneuverability. Class playing inside each team and close cooperation is the core element of combat gameplay. Players closely interact with each other by recharging shields, feeding energy and restoring each others’ ammo capacity.

The player is free to choose one of the battle vehicles according to personal preferences, on par with one of the game modes. Doing so will immediately involve the gamer in the heart of a battle. Team-based vehicle combat and playing in squads is also a core element of Volts & Bolts. Deep cooperation within your squad is essential for battleground success.
Your key mission is to destroy the hostile objective. To achieve this, you'll need a bunch of ammo and nerves of steel.

During your gameplay, you constantly earn points that can grant you access to new vehicle models, ammunition unlocks and additional customization options.

There are four vehicle classes: Hover, Tank, Copter, and Artillery. All 4 classes are deeply integrated into a team and squad cooperation system that is essential for gaining the victory. You can find different types of ammunition, endurance and speed abilities when exploring the battleground with each class. Besides the above listed capabilities, each class has a unique resource ability that your team requires the most to complete key objectives. In order to obtain this unique resource, you need to stay near the appropriate vehicle class.

Hover represents a light-armor combat vehicle intended for close and mid-range combat. It has high speed and good armor. Shotguns, light and heavy machine guns can be installed on Hover.
Unique ability: Health restoration

The Tank class accumulates heavy weaponry on par with armor. This class has average speed characteristics. You can equip the vehicles with shotguns, cannons and energy weapons.
Unique ability: Ammo restoration

Copter is a light armor vehicle intended for close- and medium-range combat. Copters are extremely fast and maneuverable, with light armor. Sniper rifles, energy weapons, and light machine guns are perfectly suited for this class.
Unique ability: Shield restoration

These combat vehicles are ideal for distant and long-distance fight scenarios. They are sluggish and have weak armor. Different types of energy, rocket and missile weapons are designed for them.
Unique ability: Team respawns

Unique customization options
  • Over 20 different vehicle models
  • Over 20 different weapon types
  • Creative hats
  • Funny tails
  • Colors to paint
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Onrelas Feb 6 @ 7:23pm 
Keybored + Rat Feb 6 @ 6:10pm 
I like the bug walk cycle, it's amusing.
Carl the Cabbage Feb 6 @ 5:59pm 
Keybored + Rat Feb 6 @ 7:54am 
Oh! thats good to hear!
Betterburg  [author] Feb 6 @ 4:47am 
Hi there! We are not dead, not even close :) I'll post an update soon. Be sure to check our twitter for short updates
Carl the Cabbage Jan 18 @ 7:40pm 
Yea this is pretty concerning. It's a real shame that a really cool game like this most likely won't be released
Keybored + Rat Jan 17 @ 7:59pm 
Agree. Shame if it does not come out, I know that the betterburg account has friends though.
Onrelas Jan 17 @ 3:33pm 
I can't even find anything about this game on their website. I'm not sure it's ever coming out. I mean, the account that posted this Greenlight page hasn't been on Steam for 94 days. They haven't even left a single update since the game was put on Greenlight. Most developers have a thank you/celebration whenever they are Greenlit. Kind of concerning...
Carl the Cabbage Jan 17 @ 2:46pm 
Same here I can't wait to play it
Keybored + Rat Jan 17 @ 11:08am 
I hope it gets released soon!