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Pet Manager
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Sep 13, 2016 @ 1:40pm
Dec 5, 2016 @ 7:27pm
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Pet Manager

-- I no longer have the time to maintain my mods. I may come back to them and do an update once the game goes out of Early Access and the code base stablilizes somewhat. The source code for all of my mods can be found at . Any modder who wishes to update one of the mods can feeL free to make a branch and deploy a new mod under there name. Credit would be appreciated.--

Add your pets to a party and manage them more easily with this mod. No more do you have to worry about every pet belonging to your tribe crowding around you if you accidentally hit the All Follow button. Keep track of your pets health and debuffs during combat. Finally locate your lost pets more easily and rescue them if they are trapped under ground.


  • Replaces the "Whistle Selection" radial menu with a new Pet Manager. (Default key is Apostrophe)
  • HUD displays pets in your party with
    • Health Bar
    • Weight indicator
    • Food Indicator
    • Torpor Indicator
    • Buff/debuff icons
  • Issue orders to all of party or individual pet
  • Change the name of pet
  • Ride pet in range without having to target them (Great for Pterandons)
  • Locate direction of a pet
  • Pull pets to safety when stuck under the ground
  • Configure the mod directly from the Pet Manager UI
  • Call up the Pet Manager UI by pressing the whistle menu key
  • Create multiple parties of pets for different situations with a unique name for each party.
  • Completely new actions available to bind to unique keys via the "Key Bindings..." button in the Pet Manager dialog.
  • Bind these new actions for the Dino Party:
    • Follow Me
    • Stay Put
    • Attack My Target
    • Neutral
    • Passive
    • Attack This Target
    • Set Follow Distance (Choose distance by pressing 1 - 5 after pressing bound key)
  • The following actions will display the target shortcut menu and send the command to the target type chosen:
    • Follow Me
    • Stay Put
    • Attack My Target
    • Neutral
    • Passive
  • Bind a key to display the distance select menu for a single target.
  • Press button or key to collect eggs or poop close to the player.

# Note: Pet Manager no longer overrides any built in actions other than the "Whistle Selection" radial menu which is use to display the UI. When binding one of the new actions to a key it will NOT clear a duplicate key bound to the standard actions. To clear a built in action the easiest way is to set it to a key you use for something else and then set that action back to its original key.

  • Configure the maximum range that you can send orders to dinos
  • Configure weight icon to show always, when above 50%, overweight (75%), encumbered (85%) or never
  • Configure food icon to show always, when below 50%, below 25% or never
  • Configure hud to be visible or not
  • Configure agression icon, torpor or buff to be hidden
  • Torpor icons only shows when torpor is above zero
  • Option to have party commands go to all dinos nearby if party is empty

# Note: Currently dinos can be added to more than one persons party at a time. This is by design as there are challenges to allowing the mod to remember your party from one session to another without blocking tribe members from using pets when you log out.

# KNOWN ISSUE: Settings including pet parties are not saved between sessions when the game is not played on a dedicated server.

The following configuration options are available under a section called [PetManager]:

Maximum range that eggs and poop can be collected at.

Valid values are:
  • Not specified or a 0 value sets default range of 500 (About 5 meters)
  • Negative value sets radius to 0 effectively turning the feature off.
  • Any other value sets the radius in cm.

Maximum range to use one of the ride features to mount a dino. Cannot be higher than the MaxInteractionRange.
Maximum range that orders can be sent to a pet. This value cannot be set above 20000 which is the default.

This mod is clean and stackable.

The mod id is: 763230897

Current Mods:
Personal Beacons
Pet Manager
Pet Res
Salvage Station
Silent Generator

Donations Welcome:


This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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Splićo Nov 11 @ 5:15pm 
"Replaces the "Whistle Selection" radial menu with a new Pet Manager. (Default key is Apostrophe)"
alexanderanguiano24 Nov 11 @ 12:11pm 
also by chance does it affect adding dinos to parties having trouble making groups
alexanderanguiano24 Nov 11 @ 12:10pm 
how does one access the pet mananger? is a ingram you must get and craft? cant find
Splićo Sep 19 @ 7:25am 
it does reset when you die but it shouldn't reset on loading SP game. My main issue with this mod that sometimes it doesn't update status fast enough, like when some of my dinos get stuck or when i whistle some orders it doesn't show right away (sometimes). Also, you can add new dino to party with double-click but you cannot remove it from party with double-click (like before) which is much faster than select dino than select remove from party. Would also like smaller UI on top of screen insted of left side of screen bcz it collide with gather info
DesolatePsyche Sep 19 @ 6:24am 
any more up-to-date mod of this somewhere? Like spiritual successor or some fork... basically mod that does similar things as this one.

Main issue I have with this mod at the moment is that keybindings keep resetting when I die or relog in my singleplayer world
PumpkinKing72 Sep 5 @ 7:13pm 
@ Bruno, it most likely is because of this mod you are having crashes, it is no longer supported by the creator as stated at the top. I had to stop using it long ago. Which is too bad as this creator had some amazing mods. It is too bad that some other modder hasn't picked it up and updated it. Keychain is another awesome mod that needs a modder to take over and give it some love. This author did some amazing work it is too bad he is no longer modding or updating their mods. I suggest you try and find alternative mods. Sadly for keychain there are no alts.
Bruno Aug 24 @ 2:30pm 
Hello, my game constantly crashing every 2 min to 120 min, with Assertion failed, out of array in the file Array.h, lot of forum say it's because of mods, but i ve only few mod, and i wonder if other people using Pet Manager as me, got the same problem ? please?
<noAwp>Łitaken Jul 8 @ 5:23am 
I'd like to check the code how do i do that? :)
Sur May 1 @ 5:41pm 
Man this mod is sick but comments say bug count is huge.
steeleye11 Apr 8 @ 8:55am 
I'm having the same issue which was reported by Satan's Countess. Must be a new one...
Aren't there command line options to restart/reset the MOD/GUI ?