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Shortswords for Skyrim
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Jun 11, 2012 @ 3:46am
Jun 19, 2012 @ 1:19am
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Shortswords for Skyrim

Did you ever miss the shortswords that disappeared from the Elder Scrolls series after Oblivion?
Or are you looking for a weapon to fill the gap between the dagger and the normal sword?
Than this is your mod!
The shortsword will make a fine weapon for any assassin or thief who needs an extra combat weapon.
Also spellblades, battlemages and other hybrid fighter classes who can't carry a heavy weapon with them will find these blades useful.

The shortsword is one of the latest victims of the "simplifaction" in the Elder Scrolls series, as they were left out in Skyrim.
Worry no more now, because this mod brings them back!
There are 14 different kind of shortswords. Besides the "standard" iron, steel, orcish, dwarven, elven, glass, ebony and daedric, you will also find Draugr, Silver and Imperial shortswords.
All swords can be crafted at any forge under the relevant smithing categories and upgraded at the grindstone.
Most can also be found in shops, on npc's or in loot. Every shortsword shows up in the world around the same level a normal sword of that material would (iron shortsword can be found from the start, but ebony and daedric will be very rare and only found in late game)
Ancient Nord shortswords will be found in the hand of Draugr and in loot. They are about 4x as rare as normal Draugr weapons.
Imperial shortsword can be used by Imperial soldiers. About 1 in 4 soldiers will wield a shortsword.
The Silver shortsword can be wielded by Silver Hands, but also this one is more rare than a normal silver sword.

In stats, shortswords are pretty much right in between swords and daggers.
They are lighter and swing faster than normal blades, but also do less damage and have shorter range.
Shortswords swing x1.15 faster than normal swords (daggers are x1.3 faster than swords).
But beware! Shortswords are not as silent as daggers and will make you easier to detect!

The shortswords were made with bits and parts of different existing Skyrim swords and daggers to make sure they would fit into the game.
I've done my best to make every sword look different the from already existing weapons, while still making them recognisable as part of a weapon set.
All shortswords also use the standard Skyrim textures (for the longsword/greatsword/dagger). So if you use any replacement textures in your game, they will also be applied to these new shortswords.


!Skills and Perks!
Shortswords are one-handed weapons and use the one handed weapon skill. Just as with any one-handed weapon, this skill has influence on how much damage you do with a shortsword.
Using a shortsword will also level your one-handed skill. But shortswords don't count as normal (long)swords; they count as daggers.
So what perks do and don't affect the shortsword?
Short answer: any perk daggers benefit from, also benefits the shortswords!

-the Bladesman perk. Only affects normal sword. Daggers and shortswords don't get any benefits.

-Assassin's Blade. Greatly increases the sneak damage multiplier when attacking with a shortsword.



V 1.0
Initial release

V 2.0
Added shortswords to various leveled lists. They should show up in loot, in the hands of npc's (mostly bandits) and in shops.
If you want to use these swords without them popping up into any leveld lists (for compatability reasons for example) there's a seperate .esp you can use.
Shortswords use normal sword animations, but now count as daggers and benefit from the Backstab and Assassin's Blade perks.

V 2.1
Added 2 new swords! The Silver and Imperial shortsword.
Also most of the existing sword meshes were tweaked or changed. The swords are now a bit more bulky and longer. The Daedric shortsword was made again from scratch.

V 2.2
4 New swords! Draugr, Draugr Honed, Nord Hero and Skyforge Steel! Added to crafting and/or leveled lists.
The range of all sword has been increased slightly.
Iron sword mesh was tweaked.


!Future plans!
- adding more enchanted weapon variaties to the leveled lists
- Adding new shortsword models


My mod changes a lot of leveled lists and will conflict with any mod that changes the same lists.
That's why I uploaded a second .esp that removes all leveled list changes while the shortswords are still craftable at the forge.
This way, players who use another leveled list changing mod can still use my mod at the same time (the shortswords just wont show up in shops or on any npc's).
I will try to increase compatibilty with any major mod out there so player can them and my mod side by side. This will take some time though, so please be patient.
If you use any big mods that are incompatible with Shortsword, drop me a link to the other mod and I'll see what I can do (but please people, don't spam me with the same mod names all the time. If I see it once, I've seen it and I'm on it.)

See my modpage over at the Skyrim Nexus for more info on compatibility:


!!Important installation info!!

This mod adds changes to various leveled lists in the game. This makes the shortswords pop up in shops, in loot and on npc's. This can conflict with quite a few mods that do the same. If you don't use any conflicting mods, you don't have to worry about anything. Just subscribe, download and enjoy!

If you do use a mod that conflicts with mine, you may want to play my mod without the changed leveled lists. You can still craft the swords at the forge and there will be no (that I know of) conflicts with other mods.
If you want to use this version of my mod, take the following steps:
Hit subscribe and download this mod (or download it at the Nexus).
Next, go over to the page for this mod at the nexus:
there you can download an optional .esp file from the download section. Download it, extract the .esp file into your Skyrim/data folder and let it overwrite.
That's all you have to do! The changes to the leveled lists are now gone and you can use this mods along all your other favourite mods!


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For more, check my Steam profile:
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❤ Miss Jade ❤ Jan 29, 2017 @ 9:19pm 
The silver shortsword feels like it swings as fast as the Rueful axe, which is literally the slowest fucking weapon in the entire game. In reality it proabably swings as fast as any two-handed weapon. If you're still updating this mod, I thought I might bring it to your attention.
meme machine Aug 26, 2015 @ 7:30am 
can u make a dragon shortsword too?
sggaghghwaghwghwgh Aug 16, 2015 @ 2:40pm 
"but beware, shortswords are less silent than daggers" - Not to fear, I have a sneak and muffle buff of over 28 thousand percent I think as an "tail" armor. I think it would be awesome though if there were khajiit tail and toe rings, considering argonians have armor-tail mods...
sggaghghwaghwghwgh Aug 16, 2015 @ 2:38pm 
so they look like swords, but they highly mimmick data of daggers? smart man.
ajurebear Aug 16, 2015 @ 1:31pm 
Can you tell me if these are included in the Immersive Weapons mod? If not, is this mod compatible with Immersive Weapons?
Santosterone Jun 9, 2015 @ 9:47pm 
can you work on makeing a dragon bone shortsword? please
Shodenjeager May 30, 2015 @ 1:20am 
Great mod but it is true that short swords are supposed to be a faster, lighter, and more subtle alternative to normal swords for more aggressive thieves and assassins.
concretemonk Mar 17, 2015 @ 3:51pm 
Thx for putting this mod on Steam, i tryed to down load it several time on the nexus and it kept giving me an error message when i tryed to activate it. so i am glad i have a chance to trry this mod out.
Lord of the Windmills Mar 6, 2015 @ 5:47am 
keep the assassins blade perk since I play one
really cool
Lord of the Windmills Mar 6, 2015 @ 5:46am