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Tyto Online
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Sep 12, 2016 @ 12:28pm
Nov 25, 2016 @ 4:02pm

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Mission & Background on Tyto Online
Our Mission

First: Yes, we are unabashedly a learning game.

Games already involve the process of learning — it’s just that you’re generally learning about the rules of the game that are totally separate from content you’d need to learn in real life. It doesn't have to be that way.

Our mission is to create a rich, deep game, much like the online worlds we love, but with a base of learning. We are starting with middle school aligned science, and then will keep expanding from there. Our long term goal is to have a single game world crafted for learning experiences over a variety of subjects. We want players to be able spend years learning and exploring our world, stumbling on new content they may never have known existed.

We decided to start with Life Science / Ecology, and next up we’re planning on Heredity. We’d love to work in robotics, financial literacy, player cities that teach civics/social studies… there are just so many directions to go!

We are aligning with middle school learning standards, with the target of 9-14 year old children. We won't be limiting, though. Our last game was designed with that same demographic and ended up with people from 9 to retirees playing and enjoying it. We’ll definitely host a server so adults can also play without feeling uncomfortable along younger players.

The Learning Content

So now we want to talk a bit more about our learning content and how the game is educational.

Our learning modules are made up of two parts:

Quest to Learn. First, we’re using quests for a more guided problem solving learning process. Game based quests are awesome since they’re set in context of the game, and can involve a lot of problem solving, too! For example, students are presented with a potential problem of a creature that might be invasive. They then put down a plant to attract the creature, scan to count population, and collect other evidence (like discovering dead ones) into their evidence journal. They then try to convince the quest giver if it's invasive or not with arguments based on what they discovered.

Sandboxes. Second, we’re using more open sandboxes. As you progress in the quests and learn the content, you can unlock more and learn more so that you’re able to do even better in the sandboxes. For ecology, this means creating your own ecosystem, which we demonstrated with our stand-alone game Tyto Ecology. For robotics, this could include building battlebots or chore bots using principles of physics and mechanical engineering. For heredity, users may be able to bio engineer new species using the traits and genetic makeup of our cool alien creatures! These are some of the awesome things we would love to do next after this module!

Development Timeline

Right now, we’re working on our base game world. We’ve crafted a story to aide with an awesome learning environment, and plenty of opportunities for belonging and ownership. And we’re building out that first content: a set of ecology quests and the ecology sandbox. We’re working towards an early access launch focused on ecology so we can start learning from our community, how it’s working, and help prove to potential investors and partners that we have something here that’s worth continued development of more modules and awesome learning experiences.

We’re working hard to do an early access launch of this just a couple months from now, and then we’ll continue to grow and build content. We’ve been working on a lot of tools to help make that development faster, so things will continue to grow at an awesome pace going forward.

Looking forward to talking with you all more about all this. If there’s enough interest in diving in, we can host a discussion forum about the learning theory to discuss further! Just let us know!

Release date: Early Access // Late 2016
Tyto Online is a quest-based, online role-playing game where you play as an evacuee from the now uninhabitable Earth. You’re now settling on the planet Ovo to study at Tyto Academy as you establish your new life. Explore and complete quests while learning real science concepts.

Quest & Solve Problems
Complete fun and exciting quests around Ovo while learning science and skills like problem solving, environmental literacy, collaboration, and more.

Protect Earth Species
Protect Earth’s last remaining plant and animal species by keeping their ecosystems healthy and balanced in special biodomes.

Customization Options
Customize your character with unique hair styles and awesome outfits, and decorate your own apartment however you want!

Play with Friends
Chat with friends and solve problems together. We’ll be adding clubs, crafting & trading, and more as we go.


Lore Background
It is 2142, and Earth is no longer home to humans. You’ve been evacuated alongside countless others, and have spent the past four years traveling through space. Your destination: the planet Ovo, where you’ll begin a new life. Ovo is home to many strange and wonderful plants and animals, as well as hundreds of humans who made the journey before you. Tyto Academy, the most prestigious school in the galaxy, has accepted you as a student. Spend your days exploring and performing experiments the Ovonian jungle, and decorating your very own, private apartment. Care for the last of Earth’s native plants and animals in the biodome facility. Quest by yourself or with friends online, and learn real scientific concepts as you play. Who knows? Perhaps your collective efforts may one day restore the Earth!
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