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Make the universe a cuter place
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Sep 10, 2016 @ 7:52am
Aug 24 @ 8:20am
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Make the universe a cuter place

Welcome to Cutebound, a mod aimed at giving the game a cute/anime feeling (somehow) and monster girls \o/

Nealy everything i could rework have been reworked
-races faces and bodies
-probably things i forgot

All have been changed for a more detailed and cuter appearance
armors now look closer to the body for the female and mark a real visible difference with their male counterparts
every armors or clothes (i think) that lacked a female version have one now

With the help of HDoomGuy the avian have been changed to a harpie race too and i know this choice won't please everyone but i van guarantee you that they look great
i'll add as much screenshot as i can to show them ingame and of course for other races too
I hope you're not too attached to how every race looked before because you might get surprised

All color choices have been reworked too for a more vibrant feeling and more choices


Any mod that change species files or colors like colorbound (it can work but will cause some anomalies, mostly on harpies)
any mod that modify sprites for armors, clothes or races
Hair mods might work but must be tested
I'll add more as i'll find any other incompatible mods

Future plans;

We're aiming at adding more races like the Anubis race (from Monster girl encyclopedia)
and, if we can, implement them ingame


Mods used and modified and a big thanks to their original creators

-Antihair by AnTi/Annuschka
-Floran body, from an old mod i can't find anymore (if someone knows please tell me)
-Starface for the base of the floran face by Bietol
-Avali mod by RyuujinZERO for the inspiration on the harpies wings
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Darth_Pikachu Sep 19 @ 10:48pm 
Is it okay if I upload my own version of this which just removes the sail textures so that they're compatible with this?
CHIIIIN Sep 15 @ 11:31pm 
If I have anime eyes mod, will this overwrite it, or become deformed?
DDDude Sep 8 @ 8:45am 
For the novakid eye+brand bug... can't you just delete the brands folder?
ᗜˬᗜ Sep 7 @ 10:08pm 
It's compatible with FU
Gemalt Sep 7 @ 10:05pm 
I'm new here, I only use FU and the music, maybe this is compatible with FU?
Noddharath Aug 27 @ 4:51am 
Just returned playing with my old mod list and I was having a problem that no matter what, i couldn't use the mod at all, albeit i'm using 408 mods, none of then change body or face aside a few changing hair.

I was about to remove FU since it does change body frame if i remember properly but after trying the tip by @Shekel about changing the name of the mod made it work properly, even with 1 priority, never saw that and i use MUCP since jan 2020 or so.
Barb-tan  [author] Aug 24 @ 8:24am 
Starbound's load order is quite a pain to work with (particularly with steam mods as they come packed),
if only it was possible to easily manually sort them...
Kroos Aug 24 @ 6:37am 
Glad you fixed it!
Shekel Aug 24 @ 6:25am 
I gave it a go and changed the Metadata priority from "1" to "300", which I assume would make it load last, and that didn't work. But I tried what D3KU suggested in an earlier post by changing the "name" and somehow it did, fixed the brands and some hair.

So the remaining issue now is finding out which mod is calling on Cutebound and forcing it to load earlier. Which of the 100+ mods I have installed, I have no clue where to start looking...

P.S. Low-key request to change the official workshop metadata name to "~Cutebound~" in next hotfix
Kroos Aug 22 @ 8:12pm 

Changing metadata values can be done through notepad, and .pak files are decently easy to unpack with the included asset unpacker in you Starbound install. From experience, nothing will break if you just change priority values, since I've made mods in the same vein as Cutebound before (and if you do break it, you can always redownload a fresh copy the mod).