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Sep 9, 2016 @ 5:55pm
Sep 27, 2016 @ 7:38pm
Our planet is in peril!

The Grays came to dominate us, surround us...smother us. Their ships control the skies while monsters below enforce their will upon us...making Earth their ideal hunting ground. Our people are coralled like livestock, collected and harvested...never to be seen again.

For five years since their arrival, we had no force, no source of energy, no technology, and our numbers were too few to oppose them. Before FUTURETECH, our only aim was to survive. Now, with it's top secret military program, there is a chance to meet our enemies head-on! We have evolved, we have found resources, we have found hope.

The time has come to prepare our most skilled pilots for war! Enlist in FUTURETECH FLIGHT ACADEMY. DEFEND YOUR PLANET. SAVE YOUR WORLD.

LEGACY: FUTURETECH FLIGHT ACADEMY is a stand-alone, 3rd person, single player campaign, space combat flight simulator set in the near future on Earth. You will play as a rookie cadet, working his way up the ranks. As the training progresses, you will unlock a variety of advanced ships and weapons - and face deadly threats along the way!

In addition, story elements will be revealed that will tie in with our flagship game in progress: LEAGACY.

LEGACY: FUTURETECH FLIGHT ACADEMY is currently in development and is planned for release in Early 2017. Your feedback will help us decide if we should submit this game to Steam Greenlight.

Thank you for your input and consideration!