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Greenwood the Last Ritual
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English, Russian
Players: Single-player
Sep 9, 2016 @ 5:28am
Jan 19, 2017 @ 5:04am

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Release date: begin 2017
Greenwood the Last Ritual is adventure game that unfolds in the mountain valley of Greenwood.

In the 11th century in Europe the army of demons invaded from the east, and almost destroyed the entire population - women and children sacrificed, and men turn into the undead and join the army. However, the land went three angels . He chose people they sing their own blood - so created order of paladins, warriors, people who can use the magic of light. With the help of the angels and the paladins, demons manage to push back to the east, where , a special barrier protecting Europe from the demons. However, paladins and angels die . The war with the demons lasted for decades, and called in history as the Age of Darkness . Kids paladins create Holy inquisitorial church, and she later became a leading church in Europe. Inquisitors are struggling with the manifestations of evil that remained after the invasion of demons.
The game takes place 500 years after the events described. Count valley daughter obsessed with the unknown evil. Local Inquisitor tries to hold the rite of exorcism , but something goes wrong and the ancient curse Wafails falls on a peaceful valley . The valley is immersed in the endless night, and from the land of oozing fog, killing all life. Three monks are trying to rectify the consequences of exorcism, but they are also waiting for the sad fate Now the fate of the valley in the hands of the player.

In the game you need to explore the valley, to reveal its secrets, to find the missing monks and save the valley. The key features of the game is an open world of the valley, which explores the player. He actively uses magic pentagrams. With pentagrams it encourages the souls of the dead to communicate, solve the puzzles in the game, expels evil.
We hope for your support and your votes!

  • Adventure game in an open world;
  • Use pentagrams magic to communicate with the spirits;
  • Use pentagrams magic to solve puzzles;
  • Explore the world to find out the secrets of the valley and the Age of Darkness;
  • Use light to protect against fog;
  • Collect resources for ceremonies.
  • Complete the exorcism!
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