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Tiger Knight: Empire War
Platforms: PC
Players: Multi-player
Sep 9, 2016 @ 4:58am
Sep 20, 2016 @ 9:12am
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Tiger Knight: Empire War Early Access version has been released at Steam Store!

Tiger Knight, developed by the core R&D team of NetDragon Websoft Inc. and publish by Oasis Games.This is a game that integrates cold weapons and strategy war. In order to reproduce the magnificent battles between the Han Dynasty, the Roman Empire, the Parthian Empire, and the Kushan Empire in the third century, the R&D team references lots of historical data and adopts a realistic art style.
The matching system makes it possible to fight with players from all over the world. In addition, you can experience the cold weapon war by commanding soldiers and utilizing distinct tactics.
What’s more, you can train different adjutants and units and equip them with various weapons and armor to show your bravery in the battle.

  • Realistic style and strong presence
    In order to provide players with more realistic cold weapon wars, R&D team has referenced lots of historical data and has adopted Unreal Engine 3 to recreate the characters, troops, weapons and armor from the Third Century.

  • Reference and Innovation
    Tiger Knight uses classic PC games for reference and adopts a third person RPG operation mode. Players can control their mouse to attack and parry from 4 directions accordingly. What’s more, combo attack, charge attack, charge, and penetration make the battle tempo more compact.

  • Command troop and Utilize strategy
    Tiger Knight is the first war game that integrates cold weapon strategy and action competition. It resurrects various Ancient war troops and war strategies. Players choose to fight in battle or command troops and adjutant to defeat enemies.

  • Mutual weapons and Armor restraint
    Tiger Knight is different to other similar games because it uses a different method of calculating damage and defense. Damage is classified according to weapons and attack methods. Damage can be divided into chop damage, crush damage, and pierce damage. According to materials, armor is divided into cloth armor, leather armor, iron armor, and composite armor. Different weapons will have different effects when attacking distinct armor. What’s more, damage will be different when locations change.

  • Realistic battlefield
    Numerous famous battlefields will reappear in Tiger Knight. Every battlefield has its own combat strategy. According to the selected unit, players can choose an appropriate strategy to win.

  • Various collection modes
    In Tiger Knight, there are 10 upgrade modes which contain 5-10 troops respectively. Players can unlock and upgrade by obtaining experience, prestige and copper. Otherwise, players can recruit adjutants from famous heroes in the Three Kingdom Period. The adjutants master different skills and formations.

  • Numerous weapons, armors and horses
    Players can unlock equipment such as weapons, armor, horse, item, etc. in different upgrade modes and purchase that equipment for themselves or soldiers.
    Currently, there are more than 1000 selectable weapons and armor and 50 horses and horse gear in Tiger Knight. Players can choose weapons with different lengths and damage, cloth armor, leather armor, or iron armor.

  • Special adjutant system
    Players not only can unlock soldiers but can also recruit famous adjutants.
    Adjutants have different capacities, special formations, and skills. They will help you win the battle.
    Adjutants also have different levels of loyalty. Adjutant’s capacity will improve when their loyalty is increased.

Game Modes
  • Command Mode: PK Mode with soldiers
    10-14 players in both camps can command 1 adjutant and 40 soldiers respectively in a combat. This mode supports a 200V200 battle. Players should command troops and utilize strategies to defeat enemies.
    Command mode includes two sub-modes: Conquest and Siege.

  • Duel Mode : PK between generals (without soldiers)
    Duel Mode is a battle between generals. Players should join battle without soldiers. This mode supports a 16V16 battle. Duel Mode contains six sub-modes. Players can choose to join a team or fight alone. Every round will last for about 15 minutes on average.

  • Epic War: Team Cooperative (PVE Mode)
    Players can join a team to fight with AI or participate in realistic wars to experience famous battles of the Three Kingdom Period. The difficulty of PVE mode can be divided into easy, normal, and hard.

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