Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

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[NERFED IN 2.2]Crazy amounts of money to be made! New smuggling system! (max ~80 million CR/hour)
By Disapproval Banana
So you're frustrated about Robigo or hate the unstability of Ceos/Sothis? This guide is for you! CMDR Cheapmilk back with another system for the sweet sweet cash :D
What you'll need to get started.
  • 300k worth of credits of exploration data or lots of stuff to trade (at the starport "Unity") in order to increace your reputation with the faction which gives you smuggling missions.
  • Absolutely any ship is able to do those runs as long as you outfit it right.
  • Cargo racks...big big cargo racks (more cargo equals more profits).
  • Heat sinks are recommended.
  • A rated thrusters are recommended, possibly even engineered ones.
  • Fuel scoop or upgraded fuel tanks.
  • A rated FSD, possibly even engineered.
How to get started.
BEFORE even thinking about starting to follow this guide make sure you have 300k exploration data to sell!
The system in question is "New Yembo".
Step 1 : Open the Galaxy Map and look for it there :
Step 2 : Make your way there. Made the final jump? Great. Now you have to scan the Nav Beacon in order to reveal the entire system to you :
Step 3 : Make your way to Vandermeer Landing OR Unity :
Step 4 : Dock and open up the Starport Services, navigate towards Universal Cartographics and sell your exploration data. When you have sold enough your reputation with "Yembo Blue Clan" should be at cordial now and you should be able to accept the missions as shown here :

Step 5 : Accept the missions which lead to THE SAME system (possibly even the same starport within the same system). It should look like this :
and like this :

Dont forget to switch between game modes in order to refresh the mission board with new missions which might yield better profits. Stack as many missions as you can and just deliver them to the location :D

Important note : You're getting more missions when the Faction "Yembo Blue Clan" is in a "Boom" state.
You're getting interdicted, what to do.
When you get interdicted by some NPC (doesn't happen too often) it's your choice how you proceed, shoot it or just flee. Don't bother with the interdiction minigame, just submit (set throttle to 0) and boost away in order to avoid getting scanned or attacked.
"Scan detected" when approaching the station. Don't panic.
So you've made it to the station you need to deliver the stuff you have in your hold to. But suddenly a security scan happens. Immediately engage silent running (Del key by deafult) and use a heatsink (V key by default). Make sure you get into the station as quickly as possible, silent running only buys you some time because when the scanner is within 300m range you will be scanned regardless of anything. Chaff doesn't help interrupt scans since 2.1.
IF you get scanned, a -25% profit deduction to all your missions will be issued as well as a fine.
Q: I sold the exploration data and got the message that I'm cordial but the missions are still locked?
A: Just relog, the server needs some time to give you full access.

Q: Do the missions fail on scan?
A: As stated in the guide, no a -25% deduction will be issued to all your missions.

Q: The missions don't pay as much as shown in the screenshot, why?
A: The mission payouts are influenced by your reputation with the faction which is giving you the missions. So the more missions you complete, the more the next run will pay.

Q: What ship do you use?
A: I am using an Anaconda modded for those runs. Have a 49Ly range unladen and 400 cargo space.

Q: How is this better than Sothis/Ceos/Robigo?
A: It's simple the missions which you get usualy lead you to 1 system, not scattered around the bubble which saves a lot of time and nerves.
Your profits depend on your cargo space, FSD range, quality of the fuel scoop you use and the interdictions you encounter.

Personally my best run with my heavily modded 400 cargo space Anaconda netted me 38 million CR in just 14 minutes. Yes you read that right...38 million in 14 minutes. This however is only possible if you are patient and stack the missions in a smart way. My usual run netts me about 24 million for 15-20 minutes of work.

Fly safe Commanders and make the cash flow like water...or blood, whatever you prefere ;)

-CMDR Cheapmilk out o7
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Idle Sniper Sep 3 @ 7:48pm 
No. Nerfed, since 2.2. We have 3.2 now.
Luxurious_CZ Sep 3 @ 9:35am 
Is it still actual?
Ohm Jan 31 @ 11:25am 
And Russian too. WTF?
Yoorko Oct 11, 2017 @ 9:30am 
Why is it tagged as Polish?
garlenife Apr 10, 2017 @ 5:07am 
In my opinion, your smuggling method wasn't 'Selected Nerf' by Frontier. But it's an 'Auto Nerf' from the releasing of this ED. Many stars system can become Gold Spot when criteria are met, and we CMDR found it. For this case of smuggling mission, the Gold was simply smuggling out. And 'that anarchy faction' is bankrupt (kicked out).
'@Disapproval Banana' But I thank you for advise us to massacre mission. It's such a true mercenary life. Then I wonder how many of these poor factions were kicked out by CMDR stacks massacre mission. Maybe 5 kicked out per day.
Disapproval Banana  [author] Apr 8, 2017 @ 7:23am 
Nope it doesn't work anymore :D In fact the anarchy faction from the system mentioned in this guide has even been kicked out of the system.
Arcane Intervention Apr 8, 2017 @ 5:35am 
"[NERFED IN 2.2]" hmm... I. Wonder.
s.Olly Apr 8, 2017 @ 5:21am 
Does this still work? Or is it any other stations i can do this with?
#Aldo[N]^-TSCE Feb 23, 2017 @ 8:51am 
Can you send me the link?
Disapproval Banana  [author] Feb 22, 2017 @ 10:52pm 
Don't know, there should be a guide around about taking smuggling missions, abandoning them and selling the slaves on the black market, basically making lots of money without leaving the station :D