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Sep 6, 2016 @ 3:50am
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Still working as of January 2019!

The [ALL-IN-ONE] pack of [COLORBOUND] (2016) adds [533] new color selections for PCs and NPCs to use.

Each color is unique to that race and body part, and is as thematically friendly as possible in terms of shades and tones. In addition, [COLORBOUND] is also MultiplayerFriendly™ and (stable) UpdateFriendly™!

Other people will be able to see the colors of characters created with [COLORBOUND] in multiplayer, even if those people do not have [COLORBOUND] installed!

Characters created with [COLORBOUND] colors will also retain those colors even if [COLORBOUND] is removed (or stops working after an update).

Once installed, [COLORBOUND] colors can be selected (on the character creation screen) in the order displayed on the palette images (located inside each pack's folder).

Each [COLORBOUND] pack is also stand-alone!

Individual [COLORBOUND] packs can be used with the other [COLORBOUND] mods without conflict or overlap.

(i.e. 2016 is not an updated version of 2015; 2015 is not an updated version of 2014)

For additional details, please refer to the (large amount of) information below - or just stop reading here!

[COLORBOUND] (aka [CLICKBOUND]) is a series of color packs that add additional color selection choices to Starbound.

These new colors can be used both by the player (during character creation) and by NPCs (when they're spawned).

The primary intent of [COLORBOUND] is to allow more NPC variety during your travels, instead of only encountering the same limited pool of default colors that Chucklefish added to the game.

However, these new colors can be used for player characters, too!

Starbound uses Hex Color Codes to replace COLOR A on a sprite with COLOR B.

In general, each element of a sprite (e.g. hair; body; eyes) consists of several Hex Color Codes, which are then "painted over" by several more Hex Color Codes to create the colors that you see on screen.

For example, Human Hair consists of three base colors: #d9c189, the main color; #a38d59, a darker shade of the main color; and #735e3a, the darkest shade of the main color.

These three colors create the "shaded" look of Human Hair (and, by extension, all the other body parts in the game).

When you select a color for your human's hair in the character selection screen, you are essentially selecting "replacement" colors that paint over those three base Hex Color Codes.

The downside to this approach is that every new color that you add to the game requires quite a lot of work, both in regards to finding the Hex Color Code(s) of the color(s) that you want to add to the game, finding additional lighter/darker shades of that color to created the shaded effect that the game uses, and then typing all of that into a line of code so the game knows what new color(s) to replace the old color(s) with.

As of the time of writing, there is no way to select individual colors other than by clicking the left and right arrows.

Yes, I know: it is a huge pain in the butt, but no one has come up with a better solution yet.

Color selections are sorted by the alphabetical order of the color package names, and cycle as follows:


For example, if you're clicking through human hair colors, those colors will cycle in this order:


If you also other [COLORBOUND] packs installed... well, good luck. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I would recommend only subscribing to the pack that you want a specific color for YOUR character from, and then subscribing to the rest so that NPCs can select from everything.

Please note that you can safely add or delete [COLORBOUND] packs without having to start a new character.

Characters created with [COLORBOUND] colors will keep those colors even if the pack that they came from is deleted.

Additionally, NPCs that use [COLORBOUND] colors and were spawned before a [COLORBOUND] pack is deleted will keep those colors until they despawn (or are killed).

Mixing and matching mods is entirely encouraged, and this version of [COLORBOUND] is fully compatible with other versions of [COLORBOUND] and/or other mods that add more colors (like Kawa's Felin Fur+)

If you want, you can install every [COLORBOUND] mod that you can find and they will all work together without any overlap.

Q: Is [COLORBOUND] multiplayer compatible?
A: Yes!

Q: Do other people need to have [COLORBOUND] to see the colors on the character I created with [COLORBOUND]?
A: Nope! Starbound saves the color information as Hex Color Codes to your character file.

Q: Why don't you make a better color selection screen for Starbound?
A: It's beyond my ability. Feel free to make one yourself, though. (Seriously! PLEASE!)

Q: Is [COLORBOUND] compatible with [mod]?
A: It should be compatible with just about everything. (Should be.)

Q: My game crashed and/or some other calamity occurred. Is [COLORBOUND] to blame?
A: Probably not. Check the forums. If no one else is reporting issues, then it's probably not [COLORBOUND].

Q: Is this version of [COLORBOUND] compatible with other versions of [COLORBOUND]?
A: Yes. [COLORBOUND] packs are entirely stand-alone mods. For example, 2016 is not an update of 2015. Combine them all to Unleash The Rainbow.

Q: Will you add support for [new race]?
A: Nope. Each "race" in the game has to have its own unique list of Hex Color Codes for the sprites that that race uses, set out as described above. That has to be something the race author does themselves.

Q: May I convert a [COLORBOUND] pack for use by [mod] race?
A: Yes, providing that credit is given. An "Unofficial [COLORBOUND] Pack" label should also be clearly visible.

Q: May I use a [COLORBOUND] pack for my [mod] race's color options?
A: Yes, providing that credit is given. You'll just have to convert the #HEX values of what the colors are replacing with whatever "replace me" colors you used on your sprites.

Q: Can I use [COLORBOUND] 2016 packs in my Mod Pack?
A: You don't need to ask for permission. Just write "COLORBOUND [20XX] by pixel.doge" somewhere.

Q: Can I include [COLORBOUND] in the Mod Pack that I intend to upload to a different website?
A: See above.
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FunkyFallout Sep 19 @ 3:58pm 
Curious if there is any chance of getting a palette to choose from instead of just clicking Right and Left? I can't seem to find the same color twice. I totally understand if there are concrete limitations. The colors to choose from are wonderful.
[deal]M4K3R Aug 14 @ 7:51pm 
RGB Novakids when?
stale Apr 19 @ 8:07pm 
it should but you're playing the game as i'm typing this so you've probably found out already
Gryffindor Apr 16 @ 6:24am 
will this mod work with cutebound? im asking out of curiosity.
MaBra Nov 22, 2020 @ 4:19am 
Starbound seriously something better than two arrows for selecting character color to make this mod not be a pain in the ass.
Eco Apr 28, 2020 @ 10:59am 
As much as I'd love to use this mod, I'm not subjecting myself to the torture that is clicking through colours god knows how many times to get to one I like the look of. Once someone re-designs the character creation screen, or at least how you select colours, I'm all for it, but until then unfortunately I'm not gonna be using this. Great mod though!
Veralium Feb 2, 2020 @ 9:19pm 
> See you in 2020?(!)

If you're actually working on a new [COLORBOUND] mod, good luck!
20Tigerpaw Mar 21, 2019 @ 8:57pm 
is there a way for me to add these manualy? cause there are a few skin colors i wanted to add to a few races.
pixel.doge  [author] Jan 24, 2019 @ 3:16am 
"Hey, why doesn't this work with custom races?"

It can't support custom races because that's not how Starbound was designed.

There's no central "pool" of colors that Starbound pulls from.

Each race has its own unique file that has all of the various colors (in #HEX code) for all of the various parts of the character sprite(s) for that specific race.

So, Apex have their own color information files; Avian have their own color information files; Floran have their own color information files; and so on.

No two races share the same colors (unless they're specifically coded to both have the same #HEX codes).

Custom races also need to have their own custom race color information files, and those are up to the creator(s) of those custom races to create.

They're free to come and steal code from COLORBOUND to help them to do that, of course, but I'm certainly not doing it.
mattstat716 Jan 21, 2019 @ 12:13pm 
the fact this doesn't support custom races is a huge letdown tbh