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Scorched Earth Tabula Rasa
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Sep 5, 2016 @ 8:26am
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Scorched Earth Tabula Rasa

In 1 collection by ̀͠͏̡FennecFox̖̲͕ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
Ark Mods Collection
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Adds Scorched Earth content (Dinos, Items and Fear SE Dinos) for all and any maps.
Does not require the dlc purchase. Works on any map, Modded or Official.
Works together with any dino mods or core changing mods.
Players who did not purchase the dlc can also join and play free on any server that uses this.
Wyverns tame configurable / flight fixes, Wild Eggs & Nests can also be randomly spawned.
Full server control over almost everything via simple settings.
This mod is clean and stackable in any load order. Balanced for PvPvE.

How To Use:
- First Build a Scorched Shrine anywhere on map. Multiple shrines won't conflict.
- Sit back and watch the world be populated with Scorched and Fear SE dinos.
- Craft Scorched Resources, Gear and Buildings inside the Shrine. (Learn Under Primal Engrams)

Mod Server settings (Paste as new section at end in GameUserSettings.ini):
Options explained: *Important: Use -1 to disable a Num Spawn, 0 makes it default*
  • NumDino = 1 to 800 (default 400). Controls spawn count of small/medium sized land dinos.
  • NumFlyer = 1 to 300 (default 150). Controls spawn count of small flyer dinos.
  • NumBig = 1 to 100 (default 50). Controls spawn count of rock golems.
  • NumWorm = 1 to 100 (default 40). Controls spawn count of deathworms.
  • NumWyvern = 1 to 100 (default 25). Controls spawn count of Wyverns (sleep tameable).
  • NumMegaWyvern = 1 to 20 (default 3). Controls spawn count of Alpha Wyverns (sleep tame).
  • NumJerboaMother = 1 to 50 (default 25). Controls spawn count of Jerboa Mother (healer).
  • NumBoss = 1 to 5 (default 1). Controls spawn count of Manticore (sleep tame).
  • NumUndeadJerboa = 20 (max 30). Control spawn count of small tameable Undead jerboas from Fear SE.
  • NumFearWyvern = 10 (max 50). Control spawns of tameable special Fear SE wyverns: (Dodowyvern, Undeads, Zombies).
  • NumWyvernNest = 0 (max 50). Controls max number of Wild Wyvern Nests to randomly spawn, each holds 2 Fertilized Eggs. Default 0 is off. Recommend 5 to 10.
  • UseHighLevelDinos = false. Change this to =true to switch to higher level dinos instead, for Dino Mods that overwrite ark levels, e.g. Annunaki.
  • NoTamingWyvern = false. Only change to true if you want the original untameable/unbreedable ark wyverns (no turning / other ai fixes).
  • NoIceWyvern = false. Obviously disables ice wyverns (torpor type) if changed to true.
  • DisableJerboaHeal = false. Change this to true if you want to remove the Heal ability from Jerboa Mothers.
  • ManticorePassive = false (Change to true will force wild Manticores to not attack players unless attacked first.)
  • DisableTekDrops = 0 (Change to 1 to disable all Tek Drops/Engrams from defeating bosses.)
  • DisableItem empty by default. Use item names separated by commas, e.g.: Chainsaw,Adobe
    (Click Here for Full DisableItem List)

    ReadMe and Spawn Commands Links:
    Click Here for Details & FAQ
    Dino Spawn ID List
    Admin Items for Wiping or Finding Dinos or Eggs

    This mod is free, but Donations for the time and effort are welcome:

    ModID= 758608778

    Join my mods group page for the latest patch notes and answers.
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Blast Nov 17 @ 10:44am 
Lizzard, like Blujunx pointed out, these are in the dev kit to use. This mod is not illegal, and nor did the mod developer copy anything as you falsely claim. None of your argument has any merit.
Wildcard already stated these creatures are part of the regular ark game, not the expansion. The expansion you may have paid for was simply for the map itself, not the creatures or items.
What Wildcard did was wrong and against steams terms by selling us a DLC for a game that wasn't even finished. So if their was any legalities that were violated it was their. Their were many aspects of scorched earth that were promised to us with the game that we later had to pay for in a expansion pack, again that was not allowed to be sold but was.
Tigg3r00 Nov 12 @ 7:30pm 
Why not let someone else pick up the mods and continue the work?
BLuJiNX Nov 1 @ 2:00pm 
This mod author did not get "banned" He left Ark modding a long time ago. And for good reason.
BLuJiNX Nov 1 @ 1:59pm 
YOU CAN REMOVE ALL FEAR STUFF -READ- its called changing the .ini settings
BLuJiNX Nov 1 @ 1:58pm 
Lizzard - ANYONE can go into the Unreal Engine and create anything from Ark in there - The entire Dev Kit is available for anyone, anytime - to create whatever they want from the dev kit and bring it here to the workshop for anyone to put on their servers... Pegi spent a TON of his time to create this for anyone who wants to use it. Take a logic and critical reasoning class... seriously. Your so called logic is ridiculously illicet. Nov 1 @ 11:28am 
this mod is ILIGAL GUYS, your coppying something that costs money so people wont give money to ark devs resulting in less updates and eventualy a game shut down. TAKE THIS MOD DOWN NOW
lorddragoblade Oct 19 @ 6:53am 
i dint like the mod after the haloween stuf in it
NexVentor Oct 19 @ 1:14am 

It was awesome but no longer supported and wyverns are no longer tamable and also INVINCIBLE!!!
soepie7 Oct 1 @ 9:09am 
@StandartPlayer just the comment before you there was said it is impossible for this mod to update, and you just asked to update the mod...
lorddragoblade Sep 29 @ 6:10am 
this was a fantastic mod til the fear stuf was added