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Best of TWP Maps
I'm playing through the list of ThinkingWithPortals.com maps, collected by Lpfreaky. These are my personal highlights and favourites. It's a subjective business of course, but hopefully someone will find it useful.
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Lp's Fizzler fest
Created by 🍪 Anna
There are only four fizzlers between you and your freedom (or another test whatever). Good luck on getting your cube friends over there as well!

This map is a puzzle, it does not require any quick action.

Have fun solving this one!...
Puddle of Fun
Created by Audrey2
Cave here,
Now the lab boys tell me that while filling the Enrichment Spheres with Aperture's uwanted toxic waste was clever, depending on it as a test element was not.
Apparently we ran out of toxic waste a while ago, creating a long string of very undead...
Merry-Go-Round of Science
Created by ඞSUSSYඞ
A complex puzzle made with the new In-game Editor.
Be prepared to use your brain in ways you may or may not have thought about and/or actually used.

Actually, the test probably isn't really that hard. I'm just making it sound that way so more people pl...
Concise Logic
Created by corpse
Small but difficult chamber! Involves laser redirection and cube retention....
Anything for Propultion Gel
Created by LDZ4MR
By the name you can guess what you need to do.
01 Bridge Cube
Created by BenVlodgi
BenVlodgi Puzzlemaker Map 01 Bridge Cube
A quick little chamber made with the new P2 editor
My first one, origionally created durring the PTI beta...
A Speedy Solution
Created by Rubycario
My second map made with the editor. It's not entirely difficult, but it does require you think about your next move at times.

Please leave any comment, complaints or bugs in the comment section below, and by all means enjoy the map! :)...
Bouncin' Around
Created by Rubycario
My fourth map made in the editor.

Repulsion Gel
Ariel Faith Plates
Cleansing Gel (Water :P)
and of course, Buttons and Switches

EDIT: Made it impossible to get into the AFP room without the first cube. Thanks to Stric_Matic for finding that bu...
Cinetic energy map
Created by MaXimus
In this test chamber You can use cinetic energy, cubes, hope panels and other....
Created by crowbar
Medium-hard difficulty. Please rate and have fun!

*made it possible to see exit more easily
*removed unnesessary portal surfaces
*lowered the Lightbridge, so you can walk over it
*made testchamber smaller
*increased height of the exit to fix an exploit...
The Faster You Go
Created by Rubycario
My first test in this editor. I'm more used to Hammer. :P

Edited to make the ending a bit more "interesting."

EDIT: Fixed a point where you could skip a part of the chamber at the end. Fixed where the player could trap themself at the end .Thanks to andy...
Lp's Laserfield nightmare
Created by 🍪 Anna
Laserfields are your most dangerous enemy here. Don't touch them, they're lethal...
F6 is your quicksave, he's your friend.

Good luck and have fun!...
Cube in a Cube
Created by Audrey2
Cave here, now my assistant Greg tells me that touching a powered laser will most probably burn off or injure some sort of limb or vital organ.
But in the name of science, I give you permission to risk any limbs you may have previously been attached to to...
Created by Final_Nemesis
This is a two chamber map, that revolves around discouragement beams and aerial tractors.
For experienced Portal 2 players it won't be overly challenging, but should still be some good fun.

As can be seen from the thumbnail this is a destroyed theme ma...
Lp's Enrichment #1
Created by 🍪 Anna
There is one cube to be used for a couple of different buttons. Are you able to get the cube into it's correct position at the correct time?

This is an easy map featuring turrets, hard light bridges, and a funnel. It should take about 5-10 minuets to solv...
Lp's Lazr0s
Created by 🍪 Anna
Prepare for a very challenging test.
With one laser you have to solve a bunch of tests. No obscure angles, but still a challenge!

This map contains the Lp's DeathFizzler, a combined laser- and fizzler field!

Have fun!...
Fizzle Bridges of Faith
Created by Rubycario
My third chamber made with the editor.

A Bridge
Faith Plates
Buttons and Switches.

EDIT: The test subject could trap themselves. This was bad so I fixed that with an added hallway. \o/

If you liked this map be sure to check ...
Interception PeTI
Created by Sync
The solution requires logical planning rather than quick reflexes. Less than 5% of testers are able to solve this challenging puzzle.

If you need some subtle hints to the solution, thi...
Make That Leap
Created by Ryan
Logic and Reflexes needed in this chamber! Recently redesigned to provide more of a challenge in the second half....
Sendificate part 1
Created by HMW
A new invention, straight from the Science department of Aperture Science!

This is the start of a series revolving around a new testing element called the "sendificator".
The difficulty is medium/hard; no ninja-skills required.

==> Next part: "[url...
Laser puzzles, mostly....
One Week Creation
Created by Rubycario
This was made in Hammer, back when it took about a week just to set all this up, detail it and sort out any bugs that the chamber may have had.

On a chamber related note, avoid those red Emancipation Grills. They will kill you.

TWP Description:
I ha...
Rubycario's Second Test Chamber
Created by Rubycario
My second ever test chamber. Made in Hammer, take your time to look around the room and figure out what goes where.

TWP Description:

A new Single Player Map in the "Clean Aperture" Style. This is my first attempt at this style so any constructive cri...
Portal Stories: Past Power
Created by 🍪 Anna
The complete, new, mod Portal Stories: Mel is now available!!!
Check it out for FREE: http://store.steampowered.com/app/317400/

This is a very old version of Portal Stories: Past Power and does not represent the mod anymore in way. It is kep...
Created by elfarmerino
Small-ish chamber of medium difficulty. Made mostly in the PTI editor with a few tweaks in Hammer. No acute angles or anything, but you may need to aim straight... Enjoy!

Thinking With Portals discussion thread: http://forums.thinkingwithportals.com/to...
Deja vu
Created by antalH
These test chambers were designed to understand whether testsubjects became confused if they had to solve the same chamber over and over again.
The test results were highly informative; they did not....
Fizzle Your Way Out of This One
Created by Rubycario
Sometimes the best way to get something out of reach is to create a new one.

Don't forget to rate and comment. :)...
Lp's Funnel Challenge
Created by 🍪 Anna
There is a laser redirection cube on a platform, how are you going to get it?

And when you got the cube: how are you going to get the door open?

Difficulty: Probably medium (feedback please!)...
Layers sewing
Created by Abusfad
4 puzzles in the map, moving between difficult and hard.
You'll need to sew layers.

There was supposed to be an Exile vilify song+videoclip in the first room but I couldn't zip it to the bsp, so just pretend it's there....
Converting Propulsion
Created by Rubycario
A simple map made in the Wheatley style.

I really like the Conversion Gel test element and I wanted to build a chamber that was able to use it without breaking it too much. This test chamber came out pretty well. The Conversion Gel can't be used to bre...
Created by crowbar
Difficulty Level: Medium. When you try to get the cube with reflector cube its a bit tricky, but possible! Just use the marked portal surfaces. I hope you have fun. Please rate and give feedback.

*fixed a bug...
Created by 'Rito
Infinite Apertures; infinite test chambers. This is one of them. In this universe, Soylent Green is made from Avocado. Yep, it's actually green.

Warning: Hard

Made by YM

MapCore Perpetual Testing Challenge...
Created by RealLifePudding
Little puzzle on paper turned bigger in editor, as usual. This should be two little puzzle in one.
If you like, please vote and leave a comment.
Have fun!

#labrat #F4F...
Gentle Drop
Created by 'Rito
The Custard-verse; on this Earth sentient custard controls major shares in Aperture Science.

Made by YM

MapCore Perpetual Testing Challenge...
All for One
Created by Mikel S
The exit is right there, but you need a Cube, a Sphere, and a Redirection Cube to open it. You can solve either wing first, but don't fret when you leave one without one of your 3 goals.

Random Hint: Use the Repulsion gel to make a long pit even longer...
Created by crowbar
Do you make it to the end together with you Companion Cube? If not you need to go to the beginning to get a new one. Difficulty: Hard.
Thanks for playing, please give feedback and have fun!
If u are looking for more challenging maps, checkout my workshop....
Thinking Outside the Sphere
Created by Blazier
A compact test featuring spheres and a light bridge. It should provide some challenge for experienced players, but is still solvable for the rest of us. It was designed with the Puzzle Maker, but most of the work that went into it was done with Hammer.

Created by pythonzen
Part of an old map pack I did last year....
Brave Mr. Cube
Created by ResidentEvil92


Devious Cube Manipulation

There is only one solution....
Created by whypinto
Orange you going to try and solve this puzzle?...
Above and below
Created by Quasarmon
Version : 1.0
Difficulty : Easy / Medium

A test chamber with two lasers and a light bridge....
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