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K-9 Hermes
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Sep 1, 2016 @ 10:18pm
Jan 16 @ 8:52am
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K-9 Hermes

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Hermes the K-9 is your dog you can play with or defend yourself with.
Drag and drop the module and sync it with the player and choose your breed, pacifist mode, and respawn.
The K-9 follows the owner around and when enemies are detected, signals (growl) their presence and can attack the enemy when near enough.
The K-9 can even sniff out bombs/mines (when smell ability is enabled).
She has a leash and ball the owner can play with.
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MAJ Thomas - ASOT Jan 28 @ 2:22am 
So I just tested it and no go.
Just confirming though, I've made no changes since the 16th. I didn't add anything to description.ext
If I need to do that can you advise me on what I need to do please.
What I tested was the module linked to a player, options come up, doesn't respond. (Eg: cannot leash)
I also tried the same module/trigger option to no avail. Spawns fine, but no response to commands.
r0dx864  [author] Jan 27 @ 4:12pm 
somehow it didn't accept the steam license so i just hit it and we were good. if you can test it please, just give it a shot as is and let me know what all the effects are so i can try something else.
MAJ Thomas - ASOT Jan 26 @ 10:12pm 
Hey, you're back.
Accidentally made it hidden? :D
I haven't tested it since the the 17th because of your vanishing act. So did you need me to test something now?
r0dx864  [author] Jan 16 @ 8:51am 
i think i found it...isglobal=1 doesn't work for a server script lol.
r0dx864  [author] Jan 16 @ 8:28am 
MAJ Thomas: says to add functions under CfgRemoteExec when added to description.ext file of the mission folder. on a side note, about to try a test that goes around the default BIS functions to get units within the trigger because the list command must not be pulling the units within on a dedi.
MAJ Thomas - ASOT Jan 15 @ 10:27pm 
Just tried adding the trigger to the werthless ignore module to hopefully prevent the dog exchanging to the headless but no go still.
MAJ Thomas - ASOT Jan 15 @ 9:55pm 
Can do. Could you just confirm how to go about that and where I put it. Sorry, tried to work out what you meant but after staring at google for a bit, couldn't work it out. Haha

r0dx864  [author] Jan 15 @ 8:18pm 
could you try adding exceptions to functions for the following:
k9_fnc_leash, k9_fnc_pet, k9_fnc_putawayball, k9_fnc_throw, k9_fnc_fetch
MAJ Thomas - ASOT Jan 15 @ 6:44pm 
Correct. So they walk into the trigger and it spawns the K9, but it cannot be interacted with. (Comes up, but it doesn't work). Again, works fine on my editor multiplayer, but not the dedi. Running a headless client if that means anything.
r0dx864  [author] Jan 15 @ 6:41pm 
trigger is synced to k9 module and players are synced to nothing?