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Secret Weapons
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Sep 1, 2016 @ 2:57pm
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Secret Weapons

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Making these mods is my style of playing the game.This is for my own entertainment and not to for some imaginary community. Still, sensible ideas or suggestions are ok if posted in a polite(!) way.
I grew up with Battlehawks 1942 and Their Finest Hour, both by LucasFilm. My aim is to recreate the feeling of these games. Fun fact: I never owned Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe - the third part of the series.

Secret Weapons

WW2 aviation addon. It features a number of ported Flight Gear aircraft made by Helijah and some of my own as well as various other assets.

by Helijah: B-17, B-24, B-25, C-47, TBF Avenger, T6-Texan, F6F Hellcat, F7F Tigercat, P-26 Peashooter, P-38 Lightning,P-61 Black Widow, Gloster Meteor, Gloster Gladiator, M.B.5, S510, D510, IL-2, I16, La-5, Bf-110, Me-262, Ho-229, Do-335, BV-141, He-111, W-34, G.55, B5N Kate, D3A Val, M6A Seiran, Ki-61 Hien (most of these have been modified somewhat and some textures were simplified to make them match)

by Sabre: P-51 Mustang, SBD Dauntless, F4U Corsair, A6M Zero, Bachem Natter, FW-190, B.534, Ju-88, Model 53 and 39 scooters and A5M and Ki-100 (= mods of Helijah's P-26 and Ki-61).

Credits/Thanks to:
Special thanks go to Helijah (most of the models and textures if not mentioned otherwise -,, Alwarren for the pivotal Blender Toolbox, no mod without this!
Hnchmc for push and fire scripts, suggestions and testing, da12thMonkey for pylon pod config help, Feint for Track IR compability, TeTeTe for his help with the carriers, for the Carpet Bombing and formation module and help with the Flak scripts, for the weapon safety of the F-18, TeTeTe and Reyhard for pointing me in the right direction for Tail Drag physX, Kju/IFA for the aircraft gunsight reticle, [Dust]Sabre for the mentioned aircraft, most of the current default textures, scripts, configs & mod setup, Brett Harrison for some of the textures bases,
Many others for various suggestions and ideas. Finally the Battleship (Tirpitz), Submarine (VIIc), Cruiser (HMS Lion), Destroyer (Fletcher Class), Patrolboat (Pt109) and Rubberboat are from Blendswap, by splatypi, Cannonfish, Schmitzzzz, Alexdark and monomorph (all ships are uv remapped with very simple textures and heavily modified to reduce polycount and thus do not represent the original work of these authors). The M2 is from emilevdb, the Flak 18 is from bear17 and the searchlight from Arkikon (also simplified and poly reduced). Many thanks!

Requirements: None
This addon for Arma 3 is released under APL
The authors of this addon give no warranty

No modification, monetisation and/or reupload!
Separate Config/Texture mods are allowed and encouraged! Making videos/movies allowed and encouraged as well. Feel free to put it on your server for your friends/communities without asking.

All of this is work in progress. Use at your own risk. This mod is not suitable for rivet counting. The contents of this mod are subject to radical changes. Do NOT binarise your missions so you can edit them and remove classnames eventually!!

FAQ: "Why don't you...", "You should...","Can you make...","Please add itemXY..."
"- I don't want to/Not possible/..", "- oO...", "- Maybe, but I have other plans...", "- Eventually..."

TeTeTs guide for the bomber module:

Additional liveries and factions mod:
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Mr. Rogue Ace 4 hours ago 
that's true and I have made a mission that did what I wanted, have 10 c47s air drop around 15 dudes, but I've had major issues with multiple things
[Dust]Sabre  [author] 8 hours ago 
that's something you would rather do by mission scripting than by making it part of an addon/function
Mr. Rogue Ace 21 hours ago 
a cool feature for the bombing module I would love to have is a fake bomb that's just a parachuting person for c47s to drop so that way I can easily have 30 c47s air dropping dudes without actually having the dudes nor worrying about placing and making sure the c47s are going in the right direction
LurKatWurk Apr 20 @ 6:49pm 
that's understandable, boss. Thanks for all your hard work!
[Dust]Sabre  [author] Apr 20 @ 5:15pm 
There will be some refinments to some interiors. It will take a while... like a few years probably
LurKatWurk Apr 20 @ 3:30pm 
thanks! the video was very helpful. looking forward to the texture mod and refinements to the interiors.
[Dust]Sabre  [author] Apr 20 @ 10:52am 
for TeTeTs bomber module check the linked video with an explanation on how to use. you need a pathfinder aircraft and some waypoints. I should probably add some info to the description : )
[Dust]Sabre  [author] Apr 20 @ 10:51am 
About the textures: was expecting something like that. Eden saves the paths it seems and now the texture names have changed. I had to change them because handling over 50 textures all called texture1, texture2 is just silly and caused a lot of issues.
vandevoordepa Apr 20 @ 10:26am 
[Dust]'re right, the problem is in the eden editor that turns on all the possible colors for planes. you just have to click on the right color and save the mission ... everything is fine now.:steamhappy:
LurKatWurk Apr 20 @ 5:29am 
The new update is great. Loving the workout on the flak and spotlights. These new planes also offer a lot of great ideas for future games.

A question, though. Is there a specific script that needs to be entered in the init in order to make the AI bombardiers do a full carpet bomb run?