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Secret Weapons
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Sep 1, 2016 @ 2:57pm
Feb 9 @ 5:10am
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Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons
WW2 themed aviation addon.

Intended Use:
Stand alone flight sim mod for aviation nerds like me, for Eden SinglePlayer.
May work to some extent with other Mods, Zeus, MP and Dedicated Servers, or not.

Short Credits/Thanks to
Emmanuel Barranger (Helijah), [Dust]Sabre and Manilov.ap for aircraft 3d models.
Scripts, Functions and Effects by hnchmc, [Dust]Sabre, Tetet and ANZACSAS Steven.
Gnat for the float plane magic, Weapon safety by John_Spartan and Saul (F-18), Aircraft Gunsight courtesy of Kju.
Mod compilation and config by [Dust]Sabre, Thanks to TeTeT and Reyhard for suggestions how to manage Tail Drag physX, Thanks to Alwarren for the pivotal Blender Toolbox, no mod without this!

The authors of this addon give no warranty.
You may make and share separate config/texture mods, missions, use on your non-monetised server, make and share art/screenshots/videos/movies as long as they are non-commercial.
You may NOT modify or extract the source files, no use in a monetised environment and no reupload to steam! Any kind of commercial use is strictly prohibited! (that includes commercial videos/add revenue/sponsoring).

Weapons don't work?- disable sound mods
Exhaust effect is too strong? Flak looks strange? -disable Blastcore
Naval artillery not working?- elevation is controlled with page up/down keys

This mod is not going to be developed any further.
The spiritual successors to this mod are my new projects flying legends and naval legends.