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Let's Cook - A Breaking Bad Scenario
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Sep 1, 2016 @ 1:12pm
Oct 19, 2018 @ 11:09pm
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Let's Cook - A Breaking Bad Scenario

Two chemists decide to apply their advanced knowledge to the drug trade. They take a bunch of stolen precursor out into a deserted region to start their own Go-Juice empire. They will need to grow and process the natural resources and set up an area to cook the final product. They will need to recruit more people to keep things running smoothly. They will need to negotiate trades and set up distribution. It won't come easy. People will come to steal from the operation, the cooks themselves might get addicted, and they also need to survive the harsh desert elements.

But no one ever said running a drug empire would be easy.

Your faction will be a colony.
Start with 2 people.
Player starting characters have a 50% chance to start with trait: Chemical interest
Player starting characters have a 50% chance to start with go-juice addiction.
Start with research: Go-juice production
Start with research: Drug production
Start with research: Microelectronics basics
Start with research: Psychite refining
Start with research: Hydroponics
Drug Production Stat increased 150%

Start with:
-Silver x1000
-Packaged survival meal x30
-Medicine x24
-Component x30
-Plasteel knife
-Random pet x1
-Steel x450
-Wood x400
-Neutroamine x250

Map is scattered with:
-Ship chunk x3
-Steel x720
-Packaged survival meal x7
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