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Peacemaker's Accessories (NOW WITH EVEN MORE CLASSES)
Created by Vomitrocious
"The Peacemaker's accessories"

Play with the enemy's mind and totally enjoy the vibes while kicking their arse.

Classic round "hippie glasses" and a peace sign necklace/badge/pin.
Includes 2 levels of detail and paintable lenses.

Mod release: htt...
Cosy Parka
Who needs an entire winter coat when you can just wear the hood?!

Tags: winter 2013 winter2013 hood all class allclass all-class parka...
Tenotomy Trim
Created by Mikey
The curtains hairstyle for the Medic!

Item name by FaKanza.

Normal map!
Flexes for when the medic's scalp moves.

Pointman's Pride
Created by FiveEyes
"Awarded to those that stood on the point when no one else would"

- All-Class

- Paintable

- Glows



Model, ...
Created by multitrip
Created by crazy-g
Helmet for a space race...
Defender of the freedom
Created by IJCT
Defender of the freedom

Soldier Rocket launcher skin, why using words when you can use ROCKETS to defend what is sacred!...
Uber Reaction
Created by ToxicWeasel
'A few drops of this... and some of that and .... BOOOOM! ... and .. now my face hurts!'...
Response rules fix pack
Created by i-ghost
Fixed Concientous Objector having unfitting responses/taunts for Demoman, Medic, Heavy and Sniper
-- Now uses Grenade Launcher taunt for Demoman
-- Now uses Showdown taunt for Heavy
-- Now uses Medi Gun taunt for Medic
Fixed Wrap Assassin making refere...
Texas Chainsaw Modification
Created by Psyke

Who needs the use of a hand when you have all the might and power of this wood cuttin' beast of a machine at your disposal.

We ain't going to blab if you use it for slicin' up the undead either.

Comes with an Animated Chain

And Team-co...
The Great Old One
Created by Populus
UPDATE: Fixed the texture and made paintable.

An all class headwear item based on the Cthulhu mythos from H. P. Lovecraft's books.

Comes with jigglebones and paintable eyes.
Triboniophorus Gentlemannus
Created by GetGrenade
Approved by Steaky(creator of Triboniophorus Tyrannus).

- All-class
- Paintable

I've uploaded another hidden version with Steaky added as co-creator here -
The Australium Atlas
Created by [m00] Elbagast
Do you like building worlds? Well now you can bludgeon people to death with one!

This could be used as some sort of competition reward like the Saxxy, but I think it would be better suited to being a little extra something for community map makers when a ...
Public Service Announcer
Created by TauVee
UPDATE 2: Download links added.

UPDATE: Now supports Heavy and Soldier.

Not happy with your team's performance? Let 'em know! Command the battlefield with this paintable vocal amplification device and show them all who's boss! Or...just wear it on y...
Created by Radical VEWI
Slightly more difficult than the easy way.

Originally created for the Summer 2016 72hr jam. I've spent additional time since then working on the art pass. thread linked below:
The Skirmish Smoke
Created by Otec
A good and tasty sigar from Cuba. Like a Soldier's one in “Mann vs Machine” video....
The Bomber's Bulwark
Created by boomsta
All that bomb lobbing is going to piss somebody off. This piece is to make sure you can safely continue your job. Part of the Bombardier Set!

I made the shield because I had a neat idea in my head, it wasn't so much because I wanted it to be included. I w...
Engine Failure - Weapon Skin
Created by void~
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then this is a rock hurtling towards them at mach speed.

Breakfast For Guns - Weapon Skin
Created by breadmeat
I teleported breakfast....
Shotgun | Planned Destruction
Created by FUTURE10S
Y'all ain't just some mother hubbard that don't know how life is, y'all're an engineer, and as one, you darn well know how to solve problems. See, you don't need fancy technology to solve them, and you don't even have as much time to plan everything out as...
Cp DegrootCreep
Created by Mimas Torres
Want a scary thought? Brutal medieval weaponry mixed with hellish magic! DegrootCreep is just that. And if that's not scary enough for you, we have portals leading into the underworld where you will be made prisoner and tortured. Only the bravests will mak...
Nacht der Untoten [Survival] (Final)
Created by <2F F> | PJX ☠
"You arrive at a hidden facility, were almost all bodies of dead mercenaries were buried, to retrieve the last few Australium ingots that are left.

But you and your team uncover a dark secret of Australium - long exposure to unprocessed Australium ingot...
Adventurous Kitty
Created by B00scuit
Another Headtop Buddy!
Now with an Adventurous Paintable Scarf!

Remodelled and Retextured version of my origional Headtop Buddy
2 LODs

(All classes maybe-kinda-later)
If anyone knows how to do styles let me know and I'll make a puppy style...
The Assault and Battering Ram
Created by [m00] Elbagast
People gather in large numbers in public places for all sorts of reasons, but it's probably because they like causing trouble. "Free hats" must be code for something illegal.

A riot shield.

Mod Version[]...
Flour Power
Created by Rozzy
Nothing strikes more fear into the enemies eyes than a man wielding a bag of Flour. Can be used as a smoke bomb or to make cakes and bread.

Comes in two variaties:-

All-Purpose (Plain)
The Butchers Britches
Created by Ertz™
"Just Because you butcher tiny baby men all day, doesn't mean you can't wear nifty pants."

-team colors...
The Pop Fly
Created by otterwolfy
Coaches use this bat to hit pop flies and line drives for practice, but you can use it to get a line drive to your enemies skull....
The Honorable Japanese
Created by LettuceHairedGuy
A weapon for honorable gentlemen. It combines the class of the exotic Japanese culture with the letality of a tanto knife.
The perfect combination for a stylish spy (ninja), who masters the art of murdering... all this, or just a weapon for someone who li...
Estiferous Earwarmers v2.1
Created by SgtR007
Because it was perfect the first (er, second?) time.

Paintable, all-class. Model updated by Ronin, original model and texture by SgtR007.

Resubmission for gold star, Smissmas 2013!...
[Unusual Effects] Nine Life Terror
Created by Cheesypuff
Spooky cats on your hats

Comes in Orange,Green,Purple

[Unusual Effects] Taunt Nine Life Terror
Created by Cheesypuff
Spooky cats on your Taunts

Comes in Orange,Green,Purple

Doctor Shoe?
Created by FUNKe
People ask me, did you really just make an item for the sake of a pun? And when i'm asked that, i like to kick them in the nads and walk out of the room. Well, now i can do that, but with some nifty sneakers on too....
The Big Bull(y)
Created by Seeaitch

Ye, dat guy is a beast fo' sure!


In-Game Ready! (Gold Star Verified)
3 LODs
Paintable ...
The Badlands Veil
Created by JPRAS
The Badlands Veil returns, and now for Demoman too!

-LOD 0, 1, 2

A mod download is available in our group page. Click here to join our official grou...
The Meatgrinder
Created by Jal
Grind your enemies to bits with this triple barreled shotgun!

The Coat of Heavy Arms
Created by Rozzy
Military coat for Heavy.

Model & Texture: Rozzy
Concept/Design: Metabolic and Mr.Gibbly
SFM Posters: Sasha Dotterkletch...
Great Hero's Helmet
Created by goldenjohnson
"Contains worthy heads"

Serious_Greg - Concept, SFM
GoLDeN - Implementation...
Created by Chemical Alia
Stylish and comfortable, minimalist legwear for the discerning Sniper.

Edit: Re-uploaded with the new TF2 importer tool, along with a few minor adjustments!...
The Ferocious Feet
Created by Merczy
Heavy will crush tiny barefoot men and take ring!


-3 LODs!

Model by Merczy
Textures by Ertz
Rigging by SedimentarySocks
Concept by Gibbly

Click Here for Mod Download![]...
Season's Ghillie
Created by FiveEyes
"During the festive season traditional camouflage won't cut it, you must instead BECOME the holiday to blend in"

- Paintable


Model, Texture, SFM - FiveEyes
Concept: KibbleKnight...
The Pessimist’s Pork Pie
Created by Snubbs
Show your support for Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw - wear this hat and become a charismatic stallion.

-Charismatic stallion not included

Officially supported by The Escapist!

Major edit: new lightwrapping and alround change to the shape

My first hat and mod...
Nature's Gift
Created by un80rn
Well, not really a "gift", but it didn't resist much.

(not Halloween item)

- Paintable
- 3 LOD's...
The Dead Frame II
Created by nano393
"Win a Saxxy? Yeah yeah, but, How about a fantastic recruitment movie to show everyone how REAL men beat REAL hippies? How about that private?"

2 LODs...
Created by Muddy
Fight over a fountain. A really, really nice fountain.

Kemptown is a standard King of the Hill map set in the heart of a war-torn English city. Capture and hold the central control point, perched on top of a fountain, for three minutes to win.

Maniac's Maschinenpistole
Does it heal, or does it hurt?
Who knows what kind of gruesome liquid the Medic decided to stuff into his dad's old submachine gun?
Whatever it is, it's probably bad news for anyone on the opposing team.

- Unique MP40-inspired design!
- 4 ...
Future Flier
Created by Populus
You gotta lick my hat Scout. You gotta - listen *burp* there's no time Scout, you need to *burp* lick my hat. We need to go to the future Scout. It's important.

Populus - Animation, hoverboard model texture.
Sparkwire - Hoverboard Model.
Greg - Promos...
The Daft Draft
Created by Lolon
A quick mock up thats sure to make you stand out from the crowd!


1. 2 LODs

2. Authentic Bluprint (or redprint) look

3. No help at all with your conundrums of philosophy!

Model, texture, idea: Lolon
Idea, concept, the first and sec...
The Full Throttle
Created by CyanPlastic
I'm not puttin' my lips on that.

Click here to vote for it! (note: you need a facepunch account to vote, but its easy to register!)

Made for the Arm...
Point Man's Carbine
Created by Ertz™
Unscoped sniper rifle.

- too many triangles (6141)
- modelled after the mauser98k

sorry for the straps in the second screenshot, they aren't jiggleboned.
update_v1: -jiggleboned now

Created by Vladisvlach
A revolver based around the S&W model 10(the one that after WW2 ended was converted into the victory model)

-the ejector rod is actually attached to the cylinder.
-has bullets and a speed loader, unlike most revolvers(ambassador, big kill, d...
Mr. Tavish
Ah' pity the bloody fool who trips my wire!...
Tectonic Knights Helm
Created by Prof. Neelpos.j2

This is probably my longest running project since I just keep going back and tweaking little problems with it as I improve as a modeler.

I understand there's now a really neat teutonic styled demoman helm on the workshop that's one of the ...
The Beat
Created by <<GT500>> JZ-eerie
"Your World Ends With Me"

* 3 styles: paintable, paintable skull only, and alternate stripe style...
Reaper's own Cowl
Created by Corvalho
A hood and skull covering the Soldier's face.

- 3 lods
- Paintable

Balloonicorn Onesie
Created by Dewzie
Now everyone will know you were too busy trading hats to make your own Halloween costume from scratch....
Private Maggot Muncher
Created by Rozzy
The third Eagle of the month!

He likes war and maggots to go.

Two styles:-

'Armour Up'

Features morphs to allow him to talk along with Soldier's gibbering....
The Cold Handshake
Created by Rotzlöffel
What is better then ultimativ killer fingerless gloves? Yeah, thats right. A pair of robo gloves.

This metal hands are the ultimative weapon for/against pain.
Never hurt yourself while crushing the spine of enemys.

The overlap in the thirdperson vie...
Popped Collar Criminal
Created by Sparkwire
It's business as usual until someone pops a collar.

Hey! Follow me if you want to be notified of my future item uploads, and thumb up and share if you like what I've made![img]...
The Winter Soldier
Created by Bapaul
Keep your head warm and your troops in battle

Model by Bapaul
Texture by Blaholtzen
Promos by Rain

Mod for the coat[]
Mod for the hat[]...
Captain's Scarf
Created by multitrip
Adventures such as stealing this scarf....
The Big Deal V2
Created by Constructor
Minor texture improvements, imported...
The Lumber's Cap
Created by Muazri
Works great for the typical lumberjack.

A rather non festive version of the winter warmkeeper or aka version 2.7

- Paintable!
- New texture!
- New specular map!
- Awesome as hell!

Credits :
Promos / Full model improvment / Textures / Conversion t...
The Vertical Hermes
Created by Cipher
You may run fast, but do you have what it takes to be a god? Probably not. But at the very least, you can deliver their mail for them.

Fully paintable, 3 LOD models....
One-Eyed Bloody Monster
Put that intel back where it came from, or so help me!


This one-eyed monstrosity comes fully flexed, so he talks when you do! He's also fully paintable and completely adorable.

Concept/model/flex: TheHeartsman
Texture/materials: N...
Bird's Eye Bomber
Created by Eedo Baba
A specially designed rocket launcher that allows the user to alternatively shoot downward, without having to look down. This keeps line of sight when rocket jumping, allowing the user to have a strategic advantage for those first few moments in the air....
Warmer Opa
kluge Beschreibung.


Model: The Heartsman
Texture: Gerre...
The Quick Slippers
Created by CoBalt
The early merc gets the weapons.

- Paintable!
- 2 LODs!
- Aerodynamic design!...
The Afterdark Armwear
Created by <<GT500>> JZ-eerie
+ Concept / Texture: Vap
+ Model: JZeeba

* Paintable gloves
* Fingernails NOT paintable
* Tattoo is slightly affected by paint but it remains a dark colour...
The Sharp Shock
Created by Sky
Because there's no point having a pair of ten-inch long blades surgically implanted into your hand if you can't also electrify them.


- Uses the sharp dresser animations.
- Team colours.
- 3 LODs...
The Captain's Coat
Created by CyanPlastic
Show your sailor pride with a coat worthy of Blackbeard himself!

- Paintable
- 3 LODs...
Horsemann's Haunted Hoodie
Created by Sky
Cape for the demoman, loosely based on the headless horsemann's cape. Flaps majestically in the wind as you run away from the actual horsemann, who's less than impressed with your cosplay attempt...

Initial Concept by Bloodfart
Model/texture by SMaster...
[Unusual] Magical / Cursed
Created by FissionMetroid101
Some spooky particles for a spooky season.

FissionMetroid101 : Created the particles
Hydrogen : Lending use of his server for the viewmodel variants
Stachekip : Restoring the beta explosion sprite card

Tesla coil (unusual effect)
Created by Tobbby™
Electrify your foes with this stunning effect. (Do not touch!)

Update (11th December 2015): Decided to contribute the effect to the Iron Gauntlet collection.

Update (29th December 2015): Updated the effect...
The Flying Tort-tress
Oh, the Tort-anity! Don't worry, this balloon isn't filled with hydrogen. It's filled with the souls of the many men this tortoise has killed. Why? Because helium is way too expensive for a tortosie to buy. How much money do you think a tortoise has? Only ...
Eerie Burning Flames
Created by Sir.Grey
i don't claim to be the first, because it's not about being first. It's about doing it right. This is my attempt at doing it right.

Looping gif of the unusual effect:

I can only assume anyone who votes no is vot...
Gear-Savvy Gumshoe
Created by General sTORe
Now updated with 40% extra thickness and more saturated colors! It's almost a different hat! (It's also paintable now!)

As an engineer, you have a lot of detective work to do. Is that pyro a spy? Where are the raining sticky bombs coming from? Who left th...
sad heavy's bear hat [updated]
Created by chosen ONE^^
Based on meme....
the duke v.2
Created by Black Joker
a team color and paintable bandana
this is different style from version 1 but it can work as stand alone or in conjunction with version 1...
ZEMVisor. Style 2
Created by DarkDes
Gift from the FUTURE! (S2)
Paintable(!) Uber Sci-Fi Visor for ALL CLASS !
Zem Visor series, Mark III, Style 2.

See Style-1 - ZEMVisor Mk3 St1

All rights reser...
The Ass Whooper
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
"He’s gonna make holes in you"...
UnHoly Mackerel
I don't know who's more humiliated in this situation. The guy with a fish for a head, or the guy that got slapped by the guy with a fish for a head...

Concept: IF
Model/flex: TheHeartsman
Texture/inspiration: 5p3tch...
Outrun Sunset | Unusual Effect
Created by Aries
Ride into sunset
With team color variants
Feel the aesthetic.


Heart - particle design, promos
Vipes - concept, artwork assets...
Created by KicsiZee
Picture is like that because the posters switch around, so I made it 2 photos of 2 different sets of posters.
FlyingKitty's music plays on autoplay, posters change accordingly.
This is in a really early version.
Made a room for the GTA SA songs.
Tomb Topper
Created by Rain↯
I know its heartless to dig your own uncle's grave, But if your find this fancy headwear with these beutiful things on it. Its hard to say- HELP! THEY MOVE, THEY ARE EATING MY BRAIN! GET THEM OFF ME!

- Paintable maggots!
- All class...
The Swift Straight Tops
Roll up to the club or the combat zone in style!

- Team colors
- Paintable
- 1 LOD...
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
She might be small but that doesn't mean she can't create an impressive exit wound.
Bursting Betty
Created by Sparkwire
A burst fire SMG for engineer.

"From the time when automatic weapons were new, this rare little number was designed to fire in bursts. It did so moderately well, but it did tend to overheat and fall apart every now and then which is why only collector...
The Corpse Carrier
Created by Sparkwire
The only thing worse than your buddy dying in your arms is your buddy killing in your arms...
The Headcrab
body of crab has paintable
jiggle boned (the coolest)...
The Home Away From Home
Created by CyanPlastic
"Mother's home-made vodka is all Heavy has to remember far away home."

- Paintable
- 3 LODs
- Env map
- Jigglebones...
Created by Berry
Welcome to sunny Mochville; beautiful views, hills that do not have bombs being dropped on them, and cheap house costs (for some reason)!

It's a Frontline/Alpine Arena 2CP arena map, currently in beta 4 after a few months testing within the TF2Maps comm...
Eastern Block
Created by #itjustworks
'He needed only a few more kilos to become the heaviest man on the battlefield.'
2nd Slot Item for the Heavy
Decreases the knockback suffered by X%.
Allows the wearer to kill foes by jumping on them. (Basically The Mantreads for the Heavy).
The Sound of Progress
Created by Anomidae
Progress comes in all shapes and sounds - and it takes only the most patient of men to lead the charge of progress. An eloquent composer can make even the most dire battles feel even more dire, because he's not really helping out much to begin with. at lea...
Created by a_slow_old_man
Reliving youth brings unforeseen consequences.

3 Lods...
Xmasvision Goggles
Created by NeoDemonic
All-class misc that lets you see the world in a festive way, Pyrovision style!

In more detail: The ground is snowy, some stuff looks like candy, medkits are replaced with smissmas food and flamethrowers shoot ice. Check the screenshots.

Note that this i...
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