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Cold War Crisis
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Cold War Crisis

This is the remake version of the OFP campaign "1985 - Cold War Crisis".


Cold War Crisis was the first of the OFP series, developed by BI and published by Codemasters in 2001.

The story is set in 1985 on a group of three islands - Kolgujev, Malden and Everon. The Soviet Union is in turmoil after Mikhail Gorbachev is designated General Secretary of the Communist Party. Not everyone is willing to accept his leadership, including General Ivan Vasilii Guba, leader of a well-equipped army based on Kolgujev. Guba attacks nearby Everon, an independant republic, sparking an international flashpoint. The NATO base on Malden is alerted and the plot progresses from there.

The player begins in the role of Private David Armstrong, fresh from training on Malden and under the supervision of his commanding officer Sergeant Arnold Berghoff. As the missions progress, depending on the player's performance, Armstrong is promoted and can command a squad of his own.

There are other characters which the player controls at various points through the story:

Robert Hammer, a novice tank driver
Sam Nichols, a helicopter pilot
James Gastovski, a retired special forces operative who is persuaded to join the conflict and settle an old score...



CUP Terrains - Core
CUP Terrains - Maps
CUP Terrains - CWA


RDS Civilian Pack

For compatibility reasons, I suggest not to load other Mods which are not listed above.

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Captain Miller
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Formiddable Aqualedge Oct 19 @ 7:54am 
Spoke to soon, I got it ;)
Formiddable Aqualedge Oct 19 @ 7:49am 
Okay I'm definitely loving this campaign so far. But I've reached a spot where I just can't figure it out. Everon Beach assault, when you get BACK to Everon.

That fucking counter-attacking tank can take more than 5 RPGS (3 from me, 2 from the RPG guys in group) it can take 100 rounds on anti air, I HONESTLY Don't know how to get past this? o.o Please help me...
Magic Oct 6 @ 4:01am 
任务简报的时候无法更换装备 装备库是空的 这是bug还是故意这么设定
Sixor Sep 29 @ 12:54pm 
I just tested the camping mission with no issues found, truck or hummer? You are instructed to drive the truck and follow Berghof, in hummer you always just sit and Berghof is the driver.
captainducko Sep 29 @ 12:19pm 
anyone having a problem with mission 3, camping? I need to go on patrol but when I mount the truck as instructed nobody drives it?
koekto1000 Sep 15 @ 4:56pm 
@Cnotk what you think, if I change all models in your campagh to 1985~ year and replace all bildings in scene for new? I do that for myself now (wanna play CWA with true cool 1985 gear), but if you wanned, I can give you version for testing. For now for working need a lot mods and two DLC (Livonia and German Cold War). Look nice and all game change with that. If you wanna know more, can add me and write. Send you screenshots or something more.
Dr.FragensteinM.D. Sep 8 @ 12:28pm 
any tips for beating night patrol, the aim bot absolutely ridiculous in this one, insta headshotted in .0001 seconds of them getting sight of me, lame af
Hotshot Aug 22 @ 9:18am!!!
M3rl1n Aug 22 @ 7:05am 
@Valken this might be a funny question.

But I don't have a numpad (10 keyless keyboard)
Is there some other way to activate the skip mission? rebind '-' didnt work...
CN-Camper F91 Aug 20 @ 1:29am 
满满的回忆啊,当年第一次玩闪点行动就是玩的这代,一下就被这种朴实无华又血腥真实的战斗体验迷住了。印象最深的就是特种部队某关,冒着枪林弹雨抢了直升机就无敌了,满地图的轰炸。希望可以玩到抵抗力量重置版,再次体验被炮决的一幕 :P