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Touch This! 1.1 - Unlock lots roads
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Aug 31, 2016 @ 3:20pm
Sep 1, 2016 @ 3:19pm
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Touch This! 1.1 - Unlock lots roads

Added shortcut: LEFT SHIFT + 0

Compatible with version 1.7

This mod allows to edit/delete the default roads from ports, international airport and other prefabs which have normally untouchable road/paths segments. For it, just press the "Touch All!" button in the mod options screen after load a city.
You will need to do it every time you add a new building with locked roads.
Works in all assets plopped in the city.

NEW IN 1.1

- SHORTCUT: Use Left Shift + 0 to touch the untouchable. An alert dialog will appear with the quantity of unlocked segments

- QUALITY FILTER: Now, only roads and transport related segments are touched. Pedestrian paths and others still untouchable.


- Due the unlockment removes the path segment from the lot, the segment will not be deleted when the building is bulldozed. Also, on move the building the prefab paths are cloned and locked again, but the old one keeps where it is.
-Bus terminus will have a lot of invisible roads to delete after remove or move the building. The Better bulldozer will help to clean the area easyly

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So I know this mod is deprecated, but I still wanted to come give you a thank you for enabling me to place one way roads by my ports
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Subscribe for the second version of this. Made by the same author.
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