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Praxis Kits Location
By Elite
The sole purpose of this guide is to provide details regarding the location of Praxis Kits in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. The Praxis Kits mentioned in this Guide will be the ones that are either Hidden or require a specific action/mission to complete. There are 20 Locations covered in this Guide.
Praxis Kits Location
This guide will cover 20 Praxis Kits locations. Incase of any problems i'll post a link of the video covering this whole topic.

Prague City

1) Zelen Apartments: This is the Area where you start of in Prague City. There will be a merchant here by the name of Tars. You can purchase upto 4 Praxis Kits from him. He will restock them after each visit to Prague City.

2) Zelen Apartments: Head to Room/Apartment 32. There will be Praxis Kit hidden underneath the floor.

3) Visit Vaclov Koller's workshop/ inner sanctum. After exhuasting all dialogue/event, look for a Painting that gives you access to a hidden passage. Be cautious as the room will be filled with gas. Access the safe to acquire a Praxis Kit

4) Limb Clinic: As soon as you enter Limb Clinic there will be an area on the ceiling that you can climb. You will require the Klipspringer Jump Mod to be able to get to that area. Make sure to look around to Find a Praxis Kit hidden with Crafting Parts

5) Palisade Bank: The Bank contains 3 Praxis Kits hidden inside different areas. Firstly head to the room on your right as soon as you enter the Bank (Tomas Account managers room). There will be a switch hidden underneath the table with will give you access to a hidden safe. In that very safe their is a Key Card which will allow you to go The Executive B safe room in Lower level. Watch out for security!. Locker B07 and the code is 0310.

Secondly head to the CEO office upstairs in LVL 3. Their will be Mechanical Puzzle in the Office. The solution is Raise>Turn>Raise>Turn>Turn>Raise. Enter the hidden passage and look for a painting on the right. There will be a hidden safe which contains another Praxis Kit.

Thirdly the last Praxis Kit can be obtained after meeting certain conditions. Complete side mission 03 The Mystery Augs (after returning from Golem City). You will have to visit the Scientist apartment in order to obtain a Tai Yong Medical Vault Card. Head back to the Palisade Bank's Parking Garage. Look for a Ventalation Fan on the Left and use Remote Hacking or an Emp Gernade to disable it. Keep Following the path and you will reach an Underground Vault. The Tai Yong Medical Vault safe will contain the Praxis Kit.

6)Side Mission Fade to Black: Complete the Side mission Fade to Black by successfully helping out Olivia. Talk to her again to obtain a Praxis Kit as a Reward.

6) Task Force 29 Base/ Praha Dovoz:
Head to the Infirmary Room. There will be a Medical Box on the Left at the top of the Shelves. Inside is a Praxis Kit waiting for you.

7) Libuse Apartment No 96/Stanek's Apartment

As soon as you enter the room jump up the shelves near the kitchen. You will find a Praxis Kit hidden in a Box. (Klipspringer Jump Mod Required)

Golem City

1) As Soon as you enter Golem City Head straight and passed the doctor up stairs. Then go straight till you reach the Far end. You will see a sign reading SVOBODA NARROWS. Head up the stairs, on your left there will be 2 wooden boxes blocking an area to nearby Vent. Keep following the path until you end up in a Restricted area and you enter a Room with Locked Doors. The Room on the right will contain 2 Medical Boxes, one of which contains a Praxis Kit.

2)The Golden Rookery Achievment. Please refer to this achievment incase of any trouble. This will require you to obtain a Golden Penguin and carry it all the way to the ARC Headquartes. There will be several other Penguins in that specific area. Place the one you are carrying in that specific area to unlock a small safe in the same location. I will place a link of the video to make things easier for you guys.

3)M07 The Rucker Extraction: There are 2 Praxis Kits that are obtainable during this mission. Firstly, once you reach the ARC headquarters look for a Door with the numbers labelled 350401. It will be on the right side(Observe the First screeshot). Inside there is a cleverly hidden Praxis Kit in the cabinets covered with a Blue Sheet. Make sure to carefully look on the right side of the cabinet/shelves to find a way to access it.

4) The Rucker Extraction: After you encounter Talos Rucker, head to the room on the left in his office. A Level 5 Safe will contain the Praxis Kit.

Returning To Prague City

1) Confronting the Bomb Maker/After Versalife Mission(Main mission): The quests may contain spoilers so I will not disclose the essential details of the Mission. You will require access to the Church of The Machine God in Prague City. You will eventually gain access once you progress towards a certain point in the Game. The Praxis Kit will be hidden inside Room 96 where you will encounter a cutscene. After the event search the Upper portion of that room which seems like an attic (Klipspring Jump Mod Required). There will be a Medical Box hidden at the far end containing a Praxis Kit.

2) Mission 14 Hunting the final Clues: Head to Dvali Territory/Theater. Head to Radich Nikoldze's Office. You will find a Hidden Safe behind the Red Colored Sound System near the left corner. The Safe contains a Praxis Kit

3)Final Praxis Marchenko will be carrying a Praxis Kit. Make sure to search him after the boss fight
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vadimm178 Jul 21, 2020 @ 4:04am 
Thank you so much!Really helpful.
Dr.Bobert Jul 1, 2020 @ 6:02pm 
alexendyr Aug 24, 2019 @ 10:10am 
I found two praxis kits in Libuse Apartment No 96/Stanek's Apartment. One was in the box mentioned in the guide, and another was just sitting on the middle countertop.
fishhooks Feb 9, 2018 @ 3:15pm 
Very helpful guide...thanks :freebeer:
Elite  [author] Jan 9, 2017 @ 11:43am 
Thanks buddy. Much Appreciated :)
Elite  [author] Sep 6, 2016 @ 12:14pm 
Thanks buddy :). Yeah i think there are a total of 4 Praxis Kits in Golem City. Will update the description soon. Thanks for the information.
D Λ Я K-S W Λ Я M Sep 6, 2016 @ 11:32am 
Nice guide pall keep it up Sep 6, 2016 @ 7:29am 
There is a praxis kit in the first floor of ridit station in golem city. You can find it in a searchable container behind a blue tarp. Its in the area where you are heading towards an elevator to meet Talos Rucker.
Elite  [author] Sep 3, 2016 @ 4:10pm 
Thankyou. I have updated the description with the title Libuse Apartment 96 or better known as Staneks apartment.
Cinderkin Sep 3, 2016 @ 2:18pm 
Can confirm the praxis kit in Staneks Apartment (M8). It's in the kitchen in a small box on top of the cabinets.