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Better Wall Jumps
Created by SilverDarkBlade
Makes the wall jump tech more useful by allowing you to use weapons while sliding and having the wall jump refresh your air jump.

Incompatible with anything that edits the wall jump tech
Possibly Incompatible with things editing the multijump tech.

Cannedfood Recipes and Stove
Created by Brato
Foodstuff-recipes for long turns and hardcore travelers.

What u need is:

1x empty can ( its new material )
1x paper ( for the "wrapping" )
1x potatos ( "as filler")
1x raw steak ( "mh meeat" )
2x water ( for cooking )

u becomes 1x canned food

Compact Crops
Created by Kave Johnson
"More crops on less land."

This mod halves the required horizontal space for all large crops. If you are tired of the wide spacing of crops in vanilla Starbound, and want to make endless fields of Wheat or Sugarcane, then this is the mod for you!

Enhanced Chat Readability
Created by Eklei
This mod gives chat bubbles a striking transluscent black background for better readability, makes them 50% wider so there is less word wrapping, and makes them last 6 seconds (instead of the default 3 seconds in 1.0.3, or 4.5 seconds in 1.0.4). It also cl...
Enhanced Matter Manipulator
Created by Renamon
Adds a bunch of new upgrades to the matter manipulator and splits the available vanilla ones up a bit more to make progression feel less few and far between.

Power Upgrades
Right now there are 19 [IMG][/img] upgr...
EZs More Ore For Asteroids
Created by EZKatnipz
Adds Iron, Tungston, Titanium and Diamonds into the asteroids ore generation. Copper, Silver and Gold have been reduced a little, Tungston and Titanium have a low chance to spawn, and Diamonds have a very low chance to spawn.
Will work on current installs...
Improved Food Descriptions
Created by Neo
This mod improves the interface of food and medicine descriptions and make it possible to show additional information. It needs to be installed on both server and client.

The new designed tooltips now showing:
  • Amount of food (the pl
Move And Water [+Faster]
Created by Suphax
Tired of having to wait for a second to use the watering can again? Tired of it Not being able to constantly water? This fixes that. Enjoy.
A video showing what the mod does here.[]
This mod doesn't affect the...
Weapon Stats
Created by Tripod
Compatible with Starbound 1.3

Displays item level, DPS and damage per energy (DPE) for swords and guns.

Based only on raw damage. Abilities and combo attacks are not factored in.

For additional stats on other weapons (legendaries, bows, fis...
The Beakeasy Shop
Created by Cpt Geek
This adds the option to buy Dubloons with pixels. Also adds various items to be purchased from the Beakeasy Bar :)

Price is 8k Pixels x1 Dubloon

You can also buy Dubloons With 3 diamonds :)

You must complete the Dredwing Mission before the bar will ope...
Red highlight for critical scans
Created by NanoPi
Critical scans are now red and scanned items have a dark blue outline.

when using the inspect tool, objects that are important for story progression will show as red which may be useful for partial colorblind....
Ooze Race
Created by Gentooze
Originally intended to be a chemical weapon, the Ooze are a race of slime creatures that accidently gained sentience. They come from a derelict factory planet where the entire ocean consists of a single slime mass that all of the Ooze spawn from.

Augment Extractor
Created by Mighty Annihilator
A simple mod that adds an object to second tier of inventors table, which can extract augments, collars and lures/reels.

It works entirely on vanilla items, but it can extract any mod augments/collars/lures/reels as long as they're formatted same way as...
Customizable Shuttlecraft
Created by Boze Hendrik
Build and modify your own custom shuttlecraft. Choose a frame type, customize your paintjob and decals and install special modules. Then weaponize your shuttlecraft with your guns, rocket launchers or other weapons. All shuttlecraft can be operated by a pi...
RPG Growth
Welcome to a brand new way to play Starbound!

This mod adds the ability to raise stats to make your character stronger. Simply go out there and fight monsters, and once some xp drops, you'll learn how to craft the Mysterious Book, which enables y...
The Orcana
Created by Nemasys
A benevolent race of anthropomorphic porpoise-like beings. Theirs is a culture that has risen from conflict to embrace enlightenment through knowledge and philosophy.

The cultural theme for these guys is advanced Atlantean. Think mostly Greco-Roman with ...
Xbawks Character Extender
Created by Kawa
Adds 36 easily-extended species buttons.

Q. How do I add species?
A. Find and install them. This comes with none.
Q. How do I make species?
A. This is not the place to tell you.
Q. When I run it, it looks like crap. How ...
Hive Wasp Race
Created by Mighty Annihilator

TileIDs got changed to a range that won't collide with so many mods. If you want to keep using the mod with the old tile ids, you need to download the [url=
Elithian Races Mod
Created by Aegonian [THEA]
DISCLAIMER: Back up your save files before installing. Characters and other save data, including ships and worlds, may be lost if the mod is uninstalled, so always keep a back-up!

NOTICE: This mod requires a [url=
Starboy Handheld Games
Minor Change: Changed the value of handhelds and arcades to 1500 / 2500.
:ATTENTION: All Starboy crafting has been moved to it's own crafting table: Starboy Crafting Station. This table can be crafted from any Inventor's Tab...
Shuttlecraft Deployment
Created by Boze Hendrik
This is an add-on module for the Customizable Shuttlecraft mod and will not work without it.

Shuttlecraft Deployment adds a new installable module to shuttlecraft called a 'Deployment...
Pixel Goods Store
Created by debugman18
{Credit to Boogy}
{Updates and Fixes by debugman18, mastercookie and teihoo}

This mod adds over 300 new items of various item types. Lights, fridges, safes, tables, beds. Includes potted FrackinUniverse plants as well as boss-themed furniture. The regu...
Fixel Goods Store
Created by Kais
Fixes a few glaring bugs in the Pixel Goods Store mod, as the developers don't seem interested in updating it anymore despite apparently being aware of most/all of these issues. This is not a standalone replacement, it is a patch that must be installed ALO...
Created by Annuschka

This mod adds 275 new hair styles for all races. A lot of them are long (especially for the males) and most of the human male styles have beards too. Human and Apex hav...
Enable Monsters Special Attacks
Created by Xaliber
Bored of seeing monotonous attacks from the randomly generated monsters? Not anymore!

This mod allows procedurally generated monsters to use special (ranged) attacks. Now they will breath fire, vomit acid, spout eyeballs, shoot rainbows,...
More Planet Info
Created by Erisss
This mod is SERVER SIDE since modifies lua files.

More info about planets, moons, and some other system bodies.
Information about the objects on the surface of planets. No more long and fruitless search for the desired settlement.
And even some...
Quickbar Mini
Created by Silverfeelin
A standalone version of the Quickbar from zetaPRIME's StardustLib mod.

If a mod requires this mod, you may also choose to install StardustLib instead. Installing both mods won't hurt eith...
The entire Bee Movie codex
Created by Trappy Tickles
Yeah. This is the entire Bee Movie script into a codex.

It's directly available in the codex library if you are a human. If you're not one, you can craft it in the crafting menu with only 1 pixel.

You can also craft a throwable version to throw at your e...
Rarities Search Is Back
Created by Tremerion
Donation. Help me make more content for this mod and others.

This mod brings back filtering by rarity in crafting windows.

I was mad that devs not implemented this option after launch.

In windows with tabs, rarity filter is pl...
Player Dances and Emotes
Created by Degranon
When emotes are just not enough

Ever looked at these happy dancing npcs and crying out jelously? So, worry no more!

Express your feelings using this simple mod that allows you to dance, dance all night long, wave your hands warmly, comfort your friends....
Legendary Tooltips
Created by Ravnecks2.0
Improved tooltips for 50+ legendary items including bossitems, bows, boomerang, chakrams and many more.
Added stats like damage, rate-of-fire, specials, ... (see screenshot above).

Planetary Clock
Created by Erisss
This mod adds a ability to see the planetary time while in low orbit or planet surface(or under planet surface).
Requires QuickbarMini or StardustLib
Argonian Race Redux
Created by Grimmers
Argonian race for Starbound 1.0. Explore the firmament as a child of the Hist.

This is an update and continuation of the amazing work by Sabboth with the original Argonian Race Mod. The goal of this mod is to get as close to 100% parity with the ...
Created by Green Dune
A race heavily based on the two pokemon Gardevoir & Gallade.

What I have in the Mod :
fitting hair styles (some with Kirlia and Ralts inspired head spike things) and hair colors (duh)
skin colors and eye/spike colors (duh)
unique name generator
4 sets of ...
Phox Race
Created by LeviThePants
Adds the phox race to starbound!

The phox are a race of humanoid foxes, new to the universal stage. Just prior to contact by the protectorate, the phox engaged in a cival war. It was a revolution, freeing the thirteen star-systems from the rule of the pho...
S.A.I.L. chip - Ooze Race
Created by 😺
This mod adds S.A.I.L. A.I. chips out of Gentooze's Ooze Race mod that work with my Custom S.A.I.L. mod.

Full credit goes to the original mod's original author. If you do like this, go give them a thumbs'up!
The Saturnians
Created by Cyan Sky Knight
1.2 : Added wasp moth themed villages, a hat converter, and a table for crafting bonus armor.

Saturnians are moth wizards. For many generations, they have passed down techniques for making "light weaving" wands. Saturnians yearn to explore the unknown and...
S.A.I.L. chip - Draconis
Created by 😺
This mod adds S.A.I.L. A.I. chips out of Notameme / Meme Trash's Draconis specie mod that work with my Custom S.A.I.L. mod.

Full credit goes to the original mod's original author. If you do like this, go give them a thumbs up!
-> http://steamcommunity....
S.A.I.L. chip - Elithian Races Mod
Created by 😺
This mod adds S.A.I.L. A.I. chips out of Aegonian's Elithian Races Mod mod that work with my Custom S.A.I.L. mod.
Has one for the Avikans/Droden and the Trinks.

Full credit goes to the original mod's original author. If you do like it, please go give t...
Draconis Race(Humanoid Dragon Race)
Adds a race of half dragons.
Special thanks to the following:

AnTi for the hair pack,
Cutebound for the colors, (and wing inspiration)
Sergal Race Mod (Fixed 24/06/2018) + Iroaseta Solar Cruiser Ship
Created by LangyX
Omegadrace Adds sergals into your game. (Repaired by langyX)

Iroaseta adds the Solar Cruiser v1.02. (langyX modified for sergals)

Langy X brings these 2 mods together (along with several fixes to the sergal mod) to make the sergal mod playable and ho...
Chat 2.0
Created by Newy
(Lillnex⍟ is the original creator of the mod. I only help her upload the mod to the Workshop.)

I was a bit annoyed by the mess the chat was when played on my ship or something appeared behind the chat or even in ca...
More Expressive Saturnians
Created by Cyan Sky Knight
Gives Saturnians more expressive emotes.
IMPORTANT!: While this mod is active, eye colors are disabled as they interfere with emotes.

Works with existing characters, but they will have different eyes than before. This mod can be safely uninstalled wi...
Curvy Castle for Saturnians
Created by Wakazu
Dark's Curvy Castle recolored and adapted for Saturnians race...
Taehl's Teleport Beams
Created by Taehl
Trippy teleport beam graphics, featuring twice as many frames of animation and cycling colors! Improved beams for everyone, including:
- All vanilla species
- Arachne
- Argonian
- Artificial Intelligence (Race)
- Avali
- Avonian
- Blattra
- Bunnyki...
Tacticool Gear Pack
Created by Artyom Volkov
It's Tacticool Gear Pack.
Welp, you.. can see not tacticool thing. Don't mention it.
You can use over 10+ hats, clothes. most of them is military thing.

You can craft ma' items on my own shop. You can craft shop on inventor's table

This mod including --...
Scripted Artificial Intelligence Lattice (Customisable A.I.!)
Created by 😺

2018-06-14: when using FU (or ztarbound) and a modded specie, please now also install this mod!

Short description:

Pets Are Useful!
Created by Audie
Ever wondered why you let your pet stay on your ship when it invariably eats the food you meant to give to your friend? Why is it always in the way? Most importantly, why doesn't it pay rent??

Lumina took a look at your pet and decided it needed ...
Purchasable Pets
Created by The | Suit
Overview: [ SB Version 1.3 Compatible ]
This mod removes the starting pet and allows you to buy which ever starting pet you wish.
Buy pets at Infinity Express
Use Pet trap to remove unwanted pets.
This mod will remove custom pets of custom races if th...
Shellguard: Starbound Expansion Remastered
Created by Travelling Merchant
Welcome to the Shellguard: Starbound Expansion remaster!

This mod is a remake of my old Shellguard mod, seen here.

We have a public discord here!

This ...
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