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How to play Zombies without internet connection.
By Gorre
Got stuck traveling with no internet connection? Storm has severed your cable? Here's the easiest and fastest way to play Zombies on PC without any active internet connection.
Add console commands in cfg
First off you have to enable console commands which will be done by changing one setting in the config file. Go to wherever you chose to install Steam then steamapps>common>call of duty black ops>players, there should be a file called config open it up with a text editor(notepad/wordpad). If no such file is found run Black Ops Singleplayer once and the file will be generated.

Once you have opened it up press CTRL+F for search bar to pop up; type in monkeytoy and set the value from "1" to "0". This will allow console commands to be executed in the singleplayer executive.

Adding console commands is the easiest part, you're almost here! Copy paste the following into your config file(anywhere):
bind F1 "map zombie_theater" - this will load your game on Kino der Toten, solo of course.
You simply load up the BO Singleplayer menu and press F1 or whatever keybinds you chose. You can also change maps when you're already playing one. Don't forget if you plan to play on a offline device you need to run steam once with "save my password" while being connected to Internet; then steam will let you use offline mode with no active internet.

Keep in mind you need to own DLCs on your steam account to be able to run any DLC map.
Console Commands
Kino der Toten
map zombie_theater
map zombie_pentagon
Dead Ops Arcade
map zombietron
Nacht Der Untoten
map zombie_cod5_prototype
map zombie_cod5_asylum
Shi No Numa
map zombie_cod5_sumpf
Der Riese
map zombie_cod5_factory
map zombie_cosmodrome
Call of The Dead
map zombie_coast
map zombie_temple
map zombie_moon
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JC Denton Sep 3 @ 9:18pm 
step 1) Buy waw
rumpit Jul 7 @ 11:05am 
@"hidden" it's probably is/was a method to stop cracked versions from using it.
kanye west Jun 30 @ 10:50pm 
i dont think so, when trying to launch a map regularly when you're offline, it kicks you out back to the menu, so for now, you're just gonna have to rely on commands to launch the maps because for some stupid ass reason, treyarch had to make it so that if you couldn't connect to their servers you can't launch maps the regular way.
UntalentedGamer Jun 18 @ 9:59pm 
Is there a command that will take me to the solo zombie menu to choose a map?
JFK_360NoScope May 30 @ 10:32pm 
Great for the first three, but all others start with a second of the intro then immediately takes me back to the menu with the notification:

"couldn't find bsp for this map. Please build fast file associated with map/[Whatever the map was].d3dbsp and try again"
CODblackopsfan Apr 7 @ 5:36pm 
⚡Casanova⚡ Mar 30 @ 12:37pm 
or you can you know play solo mode
N68dodgeboy Mar 10 @ 8:17pm 
What's funny is that you need an internet connection to read this guide.
n𝙖td Mar 7 @ 12:46pm 
thanks for the guide
n𝙖td Mar 7 @ 12:45pm 
why did activision have to make this so complicated

shit like this is why sometimes if a game runs at 60fps on console i just buy it there

its not like im too dumb to do this, im techy but PC gaming is such a headache sometimes