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Uber Crafter
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Aug 26, 2016 @ 9:45pm
Jul 4, 2017 @ 4:45am
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Uber Crafter


Added mobility, placeability and general awesomeness.

All settings are on this discussion.

What this mod adds!
All items that include the following have them, some optional via GameUserSettings.
Interchangeable Parts, Color Change, Inventory Size, Pickup, True No Collision, Accept any Surface, Crafting Speed, Fuel Burn Speed, Fuel Switch, Spoiling Rate, Placement Rotation, Inventory First on Radial Wheel, No Powered Particle Beam

Tools and Utilities
-Uber Tool This is a demolish, pickup, color change and part change tool for ease of use
-Uber Cube This placed automatically, one per player, never seen, and saves global settings

-Beer Barrel
-Chemistry Bench
-Compost Bin
-Cooking Pot
-Industrial Cooker
-Industrial Forge
-Industrial Grill
-Industrial Grinder
-Mini Grinder
-Mortar and Pestle
-Refining Forge
-Tek Replicator

-Bunk Bed
-Simple Bed

All structures in this list are 'True No Collision'.
Most main structures conduct water and electricity.
Floors include snap points for Crop Plots, Taps, Tanks, Outlets, Generators, Industrial Cookers, Beer Barrels, Pipes and Cables.
They all, mostly, fit perfectly together, have new and improved snap points and a lot of custom models.

-Adobe (Scorched Earth ONLY)

Not all of these pieces are in every Tier, but they are mostly all there.
-Door Frame
-Floor Corner
-Support Beam Floor & Roof
-Gate Small, Medium & Large
-Gateway Small, Medium & Large
-Railing & Ramp Railing
-Roof Corner Up & Down
-Roof Corner Inside and Out
-Sloped Wall Left, Right and Both Inverted
-Stairs Corner
-Trapdoor Small, Medium & Large
-Trapdoor Frame Small, Medium & Large
-Wall Corner
-Window Frame

Wooden Tree Platform
Each of these parts come in Interior, Main and Exterior parts, they also all have changeable parts through the radial wheel.
-Roof Booster
-Roof Slope In
-Roof Slope Out

All pipes now come in full, half and quarter sizes, they are not squashed, they have been remodeled and they all have more snap points, so you can do anything with them.
Metal & Stone
-Bore Intake
-Water Tank

-Feeding Trough
-Preserving Bin
-Spoiling Bin
-Tek Transmitter

Only needs one Greenhouse piece above it to get 300%.
-Crop Plot Small
-Crop Plot Medium
-Crop Plot Large

All cables now come in full, half and quarter sizes, they are not squashed, they have been remodeled and they all have more snap points, so you can do anything with them.
-Cable Inclined
-Cable Straight
-Cable Vertical

Bulk Crafting
All Consumables and Resources come in x5 and x25. Also includes Scorched Earth Resources. Starting at 10% cheaper & faster then 20%. The Cementing Paste also has a half cost single and the bulk ones are half the usual cost.
If you have any requests I am willing to add things, just ask!


Latest Changes
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Draggleossobuco Aug 4 @ 4:02am 
Amazing mod! working 100% and better than S+!!!:steamhappy:
GreatHunter Jul 29 @ 4:19am 
is it noral that this mod could crash servers when replacing an UC item with the same on when it snapped to it?
cus i have downed my server 4 times by now maybe more in the future
kakuzan Jul 26 @ 6:18am 
Sorry again. I play in the island.
kakuzan Jul 26 @ 6:12am 
Sorry, the tek replicator dont work. i cant made or repair tek rifle. I did this but it dont work:
1) Unsubscribe
2) Delete this folder "\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\752691369"
3) And delete this one "steamapps\workshop\content\346110\752691369"
4) Subscribe
5) Open ARK and try again.
I play single player., host dedicade.
thugash Jul 13 @ 11:14pm 
Komm doch zurück, S+ ist doch mist!
Tremorous Cawkasaurus Rex Jun 26 @ 9:33pm 
This made S+ and bulk crafting mods look bad 1+ to this man or girl not sure but i dont wanna gender hate.
☢ Grumbledore ☢ Jun 17 @ 11:47am 
some of you might not know it, but kraggle had to start over once allready. well not completly but he had to redo alot of stuff.

when i started modding he was the one teaching me alot of the stuff. we had voice calls going nearly every day over a couple of months for quite a few hours each day. he went to work, came back worked for a couple of hours on the mod, went to sleep got up again and continued to work on the mod till he had to leave for his work.

while working he spent 50-70 hours per week working on this mod. he spent way more then 500 hours creating this mod.

if he decides not to continue this mod because the devkit completly destroyed it, it is his right to do so.
Renesh Jun 17 @ 7:52am 
Azreil, you realize how tacky and A-holeish it is to try to guilt someone into continuing work on something they do in their free time, right? You know how much time modding takes, right? the rest of that post didn't you? The part where they mentioned the 500 hours it would take to get it set up again? 500 hours dedicated entirely to recovering lost ground, not even making something new. "Being an artist means transcending potential gain" No, no it does not. That's the line people use to try to justify not paying artists what they deserve.
AzreilNightsky Jun 16 @ 9:31am 
Quote "I also realized that it was unlikely to make me money, as I did not have enough subscribers to become a paid modder." One might ask....does an artist create solely for anticapated monetary gain? One would hope not. If that were the case, how many treasures would never have come to fruition? Being an artist means transcending potential gain....(that being said, if there is monetary gain, all the better....but it should not be a requirement for continuing ones' craft. Do not offer support any longer for this mod if you so choose....but know that the rest of the world suffers for it. You have created something unique and useful (these days a rare combination)...and we hope you one day pick up the banner again, showing the world exactly what you are capable of. We watch with high hopes.
Doomclaw May 25 @ 12:55am 
I will stay subscribed to this in hopes that one day you will pick it back up because this is a far superior building mod to the rest and I miss is very much!