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Uber Crafter
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Aug 26, 2016 @ 9:45pm
Jul 4, 2017 @ 4:45am
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Uber Crafter


Added mobility, placeability and general awesomeness.

All settings are on this discussion.

What this mod adds!
All items that include the following have them, some optional via GameUserSettings.
Interchangeable Parts, Color Change, Inventory Size, Pickup, True No Collision, Accept any Surface, Crafting Speed, Fuel Burn Speed, Fuel Switch, Spoiling Rate, Placement Rotation, Inventory First on Radial Wheel, No Powered Particle Beam

Tools and Utilities
-Uber Tool This is a demolish, pickup, color change and part change tool for ease of use
-Uber Cube This placed automatically, one per player, never seen, and saves global settings

-Beer Barrel
-Chemistry Bench
-Compost Bin
-Cooking Pot
-Industrial Cooker
-Industrial Forge
-Industrial Grill
-Industrial Grinder
-Mini Grinder
-Mortar and Pestle
-Refining Forge
-Tek Replicator

-Bunk Bed
-Simple Bed

All structures in this list are 'True No Collision'.
Most main structures conduct water and electricity.
Floors include snap points for Crop Plots, Taps, Tanks, Outlets, Generators, Industrial Cookers, Beer Barrels, Pipes and Cables.
They all, mostly, fit perfectly together, have new and improved snap points and a lot of custom models.

-Adobe (Scorched Earth ONLY)

Not all of these pieces are in every Tier, but they are mostly all there.
-Door Frame
-Floor Corner
-Support Beam Floor & Roof
-Gate Small, Medium & Large
-Gateway Small, Medium & Large
-Railing & Ramp Railing
-Roof Corner Up & Down
-Roof Corner Inside and Out
-Sloped Wall Left, Right and Both Inverted
-Stairs Corner
-Trapdoor Small, Medium & Large
-Trapdoor Frame Small, Medium & Large
-Wall Corner
-Window Frame

Wooden Tree Platform
Each of these parts come in Interior, Main and Exterior parts, they also all have changeable parts through the radial wheel.
-Roof Booster
-Roof Slope In
-Roof Slope Out

All pipes now come in full, half and quarter sizes, they are not squashed, they have been remodeled and they all have more snap points, so you can do anything with them.
Metal & Stone
-Bore Intake
-Water Tank

-Feeding Trough
-Preserving Bin
-Spoiling Bin
-Tek Transmitter

Only needs one Greenhouse piece above it to get 300%.
-Crop Plot Small
-Crop Plot Medium
-Crop Plot Large

All cables now come in full, half and quarter sizes, they are not squashed, they have been remodeled and they all have more snap points, so you can do anything with them.
-Cable Inclined
-Cable Straight
-Cable Vertical

Bulk Crafting
All Consumables and Resources come in x5 and x25. Also includes Scorched Earth Resources. Starting at 10% cheaper & faster then 20%. The Cementing Paste also has a half cost single and the bulk ones are half the usual cost.
If you have any requests I am willing to add things, just ask!


Latest Changes
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Lolek_ups 1 hour ago 
Dead? :(
Breeish Nov 18 @ 1:53am 
Love this mod
Elite-Noob! Nov 9 @ 9:44pm 
If each of the 38000 users donated one euro, that would be more than enough for a restart of the mod, but who wants to pay something in the stingy society ...
jalisar63 Sep 23 @ 5:50pm 
The very first line of the MOD description says "Discontinued" so I am taking that to mean that they are no longer working on it for at least 6 months
Ritoga Sep 21 @ 11:34pm 
Note to the author mod. This mod can become better and more unique if the author thinks and makes it possible to build on the elevator platform. I apologize for my English.
GreatHunter Sep 14 @ 12:01pm 
also electric cableing that snaps to floor for the full size cables atleast the 1/2 and 1/4 may just stay at snapping at other cables
GreatHunter Sep 14 @ 11:59am 
can you make an UC Forcefield with an maybe radius of like 8-10K ?:steamhappy:
BlackKnight Aug 31 @ 8:44am 
Would like to see this reactivated. Would like to see the ability of the wiring and plumbing to have the ability to be hidden. Other than that...killer mod.
Draggleossobuco Aug 4 @ 4:02am 
Amazing mod! working 100% and better than S+!!!:steamhappy:
kakuzan Jul 26 @ 6:18am 
Sorry again. I play in the island.