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Left 4 Dead 2 - Dead Space Pack
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Aug 20, 2016 @ 1:25am
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Left 4 Dead 2 - Dead Space Pack

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Mod replaces the infected with Necromorphs from the Dead Space franchise, adds new survivors and new weapons.

The sounds have been replaced for the full Dead Space experience.



-Electronic Arts and Visceral Games for the original sounds, textures and models as well as the awesome video game franchise (ps. where's Dead Space 4?)

-Xentax and ZenHax forums for providing the tools to extract the sounds, textures and models

-https://www.youtube.com/user/astarothification for providing easy access to some of the ingame music (not part of the downloadable soundtrack you find on iTunes and what-not.)

-http://nic-.deviantart.com/ for providing me the loading icon (I haven't asked for a permission because I don't think he would even respond in the next decade, but I still don't want to get a copyright strike by him in case he notices this)

-Valve Studios for providing the original L4D2 assets (I have merged some sounds and music from Dead Space with the Left 4 Dead 2 audio with Audacity)


!!!Brute and Alien Necromorph do not come with this mod, models are available as a seperate download, you can find the mods in the collection above!!!


IMPORTANT - the sounds do not come with the .vpk, you have to download them seperately from here:

How to install the base mod:

Just hit the subscribe button and you're good to go!

How to install sounds:
(I suggest making a back-up of the entire sounds folder in case you want to revert the original sounds without pressing "verify integrity of games files".)

1. Drag and drop the modded "sound" folder on top of the original sound folder within l4d2 folder.
2. Once it asks you to replace the files, hit yes to all.
3. Let it load.
4. Hop in game.
5. First things you may notice are the broken menu sounds and stuff like that. To fix this, run the console and type in "snd_rebuildaudiocache".

I suggest putting your game into windowed mode so you can do something else while it loads the command, as this takes a long time and will freeze the game. You cannot alt+tab out of the game while it loads.

Once it is done, the console says that it has finished the process.

5. Run "snd_updateaudiocache". Mine took only 8 seconds to complete.
6. Once you have activated the two commands, type in "exit" to the command prompt. This will exit the game. Next time you run the game, the sounds will work properly.

NOTE - These commands may take from 4 to 20 minutes to run, depending on your computer and SSD/HDD
(mine took a bit less than 4 minutes to run the rebuild command, I have an HDD of 7200RPM.)

Currently, the only thing subscribing does is replacing the the L4D2 loading icon with a custom Marker logo as well as the foundation for any updates. You don't need them for the moment but I will add some sounds and all the models and textures there in the future.


If you liked the mod, be sure hit thumbs up and favourite. Or if you didn't like, hit the dislike button :)

Altman be praised.
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crowbarx5 Mar 30 @ 8:21am 
on local server you get buffer error
crowbarx5 Mar 30 @ 7:55am 
on singlepayer offline consistency error
HienChau Mar 26 @ 9:42pm 
Need a Dead space map and Issac suit skin for a real Left 4 Dead Space
Call me Mr Bro Mar 26 @ 8:28pm 
can you have male necromorphs please? Because eveytime the male zombies die they crumple up like paper and overall just ruins the expirence, thanks.
TheGreekSpartan Mar 23 @ 9:09pm 
2 spooky for me
SauceCake27 Mar 10 @ 2:39pm 
hell yeah

DEADPOOL Mar 4 @ 11:55am 
muy bienn aaammeeooooo
jamesjjfly Jan 27 @ 5:57am 
nice nice nice
Mickey (El "Santo") Jan 6 @ 10:42am 
when you are going to remove the skins of the normal infected ones since I love your skins
Azathoth The Nuclear Chaos Sep 30, 2017 @ 7:24pm 
cant launch a game with this mod active it says something about the charger's file consistency