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Misc. Robots++
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Misc. Robots++

Robots? Y u no Robots++ also!?
More Robots!!!
More Better!!!

Contains multi-talented robots to serve your colony. It also adds a research tab, materials, and a new Robotics workbench for crafting the Misc. Robots and Robots++ objects.

R++ was made using the "Misc. Robots Xtension" provided by Haplo. Big shout-out to Haplo for the awesome misc mods, eh!

Robots++ Contains The Following Bots
These four bots combine multiple abilities to perform common colony tasks
  • Kitchen Bot
    A unit capable of cooking, as well as sowing and cutting plants.
    A useful robot both in the kitchen, and on the farm.

  • Crafter Bot
    A unit capable of smithing, tailoring, and crafting.
    The perfect slaves for an automated assembly line!

  • Builder Bot
    A Builder unit capable of constructing, deconstructing, repairing, and mining.
    It will also cut plants that are in the way, but may not be used for farming.

  • ER Bot
    An Emergency Response unit capable of treating patients and fighting fires.
    Don't be scared of the needle; it wont hurt (much).

  • Omni Bot
    The OmniBot is at the end of the techtree
    and requires you to research all of the other robots first.
    The OmniBot can do the jobs of all the other robots.

R++ also changes the Hauling and Cleaning Misc. Robots.

(You can makey the thingies now!)
Research Tier tech (unlocks crafting of robotics matrix), research robot (unlocks crafting of said robot), make the things! wew!

It's important to note that it's cheaper to craft robots and their materials than to buy them from the Robots and Exotic traders. So much so you can actually turn a profit by selling them!

Multiple Tiers of Robots and Research
(Each Tier is generally better than the last!)
There are five tiers of robots:
Tier 1 Simple robots have Amateur skills (4),
Tier 2 Basic robots have Professional skills (8),
Tier 3 Intermediate robots have Master skills (13),
Tier 4 Advanced robots have System-Class Master skills (16),
Tier 5 Anti-Logic robots like the OmniBot have GodLike skills (20).

Each tier has a faster movement speed and more fire resistance than the previous.

Hauler bots conflict (breaks UI?)

(Load misc core and robots)
R++ requires Misc. Core, and Misc. Robots in order to work properly.

Got Bugs??
Please verify your load order is correct (see the picture). If that's not the problem, go here.

Localization / Translation
English (En-us)
Français (French) by amarin972
简体中文 (Chinese Simplified) by duduluu
繁體中文 (Chinese Traditional) by Alane

User-made translations are included. If you would like to translate for R++ please use the /Languages/English/ folder as a template. When you've finished please notify me and I'll include it in the mod.

Load Order
(see the picture)
R++ requires Misc. Robots which requires Misc. Core so it's a fairly simple dependency chain. Misc. Core doesn't need to be at the very top - but the closer to core you make it the fewer problems you'll have. It's advised to only keep large collections of mods, like the Misc. Mods, close together near the top. Single-file mods and other mods should be loaded after them (not a rule set in stone, but it can fix a lot of headaches).

Example Mod Load Order:
  • Core
  • (things that need to be at the very top, like hugslib)
  • Miscellanous 'Core'
  • Misc Robots
  • Misc Robots++
  • (other mods, like Science Never Stops)

Final Notes
I will keep the Change Log up to date with recent changes.
Please report bugs and make suggestions in the designated discussion threads.
Cost and resource balance calculations can be found in this Pastebin[pastebin.com].

Official Forum Thread[ludeon.com]
Current Mod Version: 2.1.0 (MMMs Format = Macro - Meso - Micro)
Made for Game Version: 0.18.1722
int misc_core(int misc_robots){ return misc_robots++; } // lawl :D

Wish vash was included? Well...
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Should ER bots be performing operations?
Mrofefil Modnar
< >
Capnbludd Jun 16 @ 4:54pm 
My robots tab won't open, it's just a sliver in thelower left corner. It just suddenly stopped.
BKBarbee Jun 6 @ 4:24am 
The bots will feed them the food with the best ratio of nutrition to distance from the bot when it checks, so the only thing you can do with that is restrict the bots' access to the kibble via animal zones.
Crimson Jun 5 @ 9:43am 
can i stop my onibots from feeding kibble to the sick colonists. theres legit a fridge with meals in my hospital room, but the bots keep feeding my colonists kibble which ruins their mood
BKBarbee Jun 3 @ 4:22pm 
With a builder colonist selected (or maybe a crafter, can't quite remember), right-click the destroyed robot - the robot, not the base - and if you have the materials you'll be able to repair it.
alcangel_neal Jun 3 @ 2:01pm 
Really enjoying this mod so far! Sadly one of my hauler bots got destoryed during a raid, is there any way to repalce just the bot or do I have to make a whole new repalcement (so I still have the base station but it says Robot Is Destroyed!)
BKBarbee Jun 1 @ 1:46pm 
Fair enough. Useful information is useful.
Therax Zxaourai Jun 1 @ 4:54am 
If you'll notice, there is no opinion on how I feel about these times or resource costs. I'm just putting the numbers of everything you'll need up so people can see the resources they'll require.
BKBarbee May 31 @ 5:50pm 
This may be so, but omnibots are significantly faster than colonists, and level 20 at everything, so making one of them likely far out does any colonist that you could make in 3 hours 40 minutes. Either way, this is a debate of opinion. :)
Therax Zxaourai May 30 @ 5:32pm 
Just to clarify, the times are of realtime, not ingame time. And with 60 ticks per second. Yes that means the omnibot would take over 3 hours 40 minutes unless you speed up.
Therax Zxaourai May 30 @ 5:22pm 
So, I sat down and did some math. These numbers all assume that you are crafting the bots from raw resources, especially the time. (That is, making every component yourself, and not using mods to make them cheaper / faster.). The + for steel is the extra steel it costs to make the components. The second time estimate assumes that components are not crafted but instead bought.
Tier 1: 35 plasteel; 10 silver; 10 components; 2+250 steel; 10.33 or 2 min
Tier 2: 35 plasteel; 10 silver; 2 gold; 25 components; 5+625 steel; 23.75 or 2.92 min
Tier 3: 75 plasteel; 30 silver; 2 gold; 45 components; 9+1125 steel; 41.64 or 4.14 min
Tier 4: 115 plasteel; 70 silver; 6 gold; 115 components; 23+2875 steel; 102.58 or 6.75 min
Omni: 315 plasteel; 150 silver; 14 gold; 255 components; 51+6375 steel; 223.92 or 11.42 min